10 Bowling Drills to Increase Your Skill

10 Bowling Drills to Increase Your Skill

People have been bowling for 5,000 years. In fact, the sport dates as far back as Ancient Egypt. The same question has always been asked. How can I get better at bowling? 

If you want to impress your friends and family at your next bowling match, you should practice slowing your feet, adjusting your grip so the ball sits comfortably in your hand, and keeping your eyes on your target. 

There are also a few drills you can practice that will help you work on your footwork and swing. There are even drills to help you learn how to hone in on your target. 

1. Athletic Approach Drill

The Athletic Approach Drill is great for practicing steady movements and posture. Before you roll the ball toward its target, you should stand with your feet apart and your knees slightly flexed. Keep your head upright, and square your shoulders towards the intended target. Practicing this stance will help you learn how to keep your upper body movements steady. 

2. Footwork Timing Drill

Footwork is key when it comes to knocking those pins down. You should use your natural stride when preparing to roll the ball. Start by stepping with your right foot if you are right-handed and your left foot if you are left-handed. Take a few steps over and over until you feel comfortable. 

As you are taking your steps, you should also be thinking about the pace at which you are walking. Keep a consistent pace while taking those four or five steps to keep you from hurrying into your swing. Some people like to count to four or five when they are taking their steps because it helps them to keep a beat while walking. 

3. Swing Start Drill

The swing before you roll the bowling ball is crucial to where and how the ball rolls down the lane. You can practice your swing by first taking four or five steps forward. After taking two to three steps, stick your arm straight out while holding the bowling ball. After extending your arm, swing it behind you like you are getting ready to roll it down the lane. 

If you are practicing at home, it might also help to set up something you can use as a target, such as a water bottle or a speaker. Be sure to keep your eyes on the target and your shoulders squared while you practice your starting swing. 

4. Swing Path Drill

The next step to perfecting your bowling game is to practice your swing. Your swing will determine where the ball will land and which path it will follow as it rolls down the lane.

Stand with your shoulders squared forward and look at your intended target. While you are looking at your target, practice your swing by moving your arm back and forth while pointing your ball towards its intended target. Start with your arm behind you, and swing it forward until the ball rests farther than your elbow and forearm. 

You should also practice an ending position. See your swing to the end by finding a balanced way to handle the bowling ball. 

5. Hold At The Foul Line Drill

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For this drill, you will need patience. Start by holding yourself in an upright position at the foul line. Hold the ball in your bowling hand and practice swinging it back and forth at least ten times. This will help you build a disciplined attitude toward keeping your form rigid and straight. 

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6. Target Alignment Drill

To help improve your accuracy, you should practice aligning yourself with your target. If you are right-handed, you should stand 5 boards left of your intended target. If you are left-handed, you should stand 5 boards right of your intended target.

Next, hold the ball in the middle of your chest. Step with your right foot if you are right-handed and your left foot if you are left-handed. Practice the four to five steps from above, all while keeping your eyes focused on the target ahead and your shoulders square with that target. 

7. Blind Bowling Drill

This drill gets a little crazy. Start by practicing your entire swing, starting with taking the first step with your foot and ending with rolling the ball by extending your arm past your elbow and forearm. Once you feel comfortable doing this, close your eyes and repeat the above steps. 

The idea of this drill is to focus on your form rather than focusing on your target. By closing your eyes, you will have to concentrate on keeping your balance while you are walking forward and moving your arms while swinging the bowling ball. 

8. Kneeling Drill

Help improve your balance by practicing the kneeling drill. If you are right-handed kneel on your right knee. If you are left-handed kneel on your left knee. While you are kneeling, swing the ball towards the target. If you are practicing at home, you could use a water bottle or a speaker.

Practicing this drill will help to improve your balance. It will also help you develop a more natural swing. 

9. Spare Drill

Now for the best part, actual bowling. Use bowling pins or something that resembles pins, as targets for you to aim towards. Take the bowling stance you have been practicing up until this point. Choose which bowling pin will be your target. 

Start your swing by stepping with your right foot if you are right-handed and your left foot if you are left-handed. Focus on your target and keep your shoulders squared towards that target. While practicing spares, it also helps if you hold your wrist a little looser. It also helps to line your thumb up with the key pin. 

While you are taking your four to five steps forward, focus on your target ahead and release the ball from your hand once it is extended past your elbow and forearm. At the end of your swing, release the ball straight and end over end. 

10. At Home Release Drill

The last drill to practice to help better your bowling game is called the At Home Release Drill. You will need a mirror for this one. 

Start this drill by practicing your swing in the mirror. You should focus on keeping your balance. By practicing your balance, you will be able to accurately and powerfully aim for the target in front of you. You can also close your eyes while practicing this drill to help your body focus on your balance. 

What Is the Best Drill I Can Do to Improve My Bowling?

The best drill to practice to improve your bowling is to start from the beginning with your first step and follow through until you release the ball from your hand once it is extended past your elbow. Focus on the target in front of you, keep your shoulders squared, and take consistent steps while swinging from back to front. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different drills you can do to help you improve your bowling game. You don’t even need to be at a bowling alley in order to practice! You can use your own ball at home and water bottles as your bowling pins. 

By using these drills to practice your bowling movements, you will learn how to keep your upper body rigid and straight. You will also learn how to make fluid and consistent movements that will set you up for powerful and straight swings. 

Practicing these drills will also help you learn how to focus on your target to help you make those strikes every time. Practice using these drills to impress your friends and family at your next bowling tournament!

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