Are Bowling Alleys Too Loud for a Baby?

Are Bowling Alleys Too Loud for a Baby

A baby’s ears are a lot more sensitive to noise than adults’ and children’s. This means that parents need to be cautious about how much noise they expose their babies to. A noise that is irritatingly loud for an adult’s ears could be far too loud for their baby’s eardrums. This means that there may be some things that parents will have to avoid while they have a newborn.

One question often asked is if bowling alleys are too loud for a baby. After all, this sport involves sending a heavy ball down a lane to knock over a set of pins. Bowling is a noisy sport, but it’s not too noisy for a baby. While some babies are irritated by the loud noises around them, most bowling alleys aren’t too loud for a baby.

On this page, we’re going to discuss everything a parent should know about how the noise of a bowling alley may affect their baby’s ears. If you’ve recently been invited to the bowling alley and don’t want to miss out on the fun, keep reading to find out if bowling alleys are too loud for your baby’s ears.

Can You Bring a Baby to a Bowling Alley?

The bowling alley is a popular place to host get together and birthday parties. Since it’s an appropriate place for people of all ages, new parents and their baby won’t be excluded from any guest lists. However, many parents wonder if the bowling alley is too loud. The good news is, bowling alleys aren’t too loud for a baby.

Many parents bring their babies to the bowling alley. Some babies are even content to be carried while their parents take part in the fun. However, every parent should judge their baby’s reaction to make sure they are comfortable. If the noise is too much for the baby, they will start crying and fussing to let you know. 

A lot of babies seem to enjoy going to the bowling alley with their parents. The music and the sound of the bowling balls don’t bother most infants. Some parents have even been lucky enough to have their baby fall asleep at the bowling alley. However, every baby is different and some infants are more sensitive to noise. 

What Volume Is Too Loud for a Baby?

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Babies have sensitive ears and it’s very possible that a sound that doesn’t bother you may bother them. It’s not recommended to expose your baby to sound levels that are higher than 80 db. It’s important to remember that babies have thinner skulls, so noises will seem louder to them. If they are exposed to high noise levels, it could damage their hearing.

A baby is most comfortable when they are around sound noise levels of 60 db. The average bowling alley is around 78 db to 85 db at peak hours. Since a bowling alley is on the higher end of the noise level scale on what babies can tolerate, a lot of parents are still unsure of whether or not they should bring the baby.

A good rule of thumb is to consider when you will be visiting the bowling alley. If you visit during peak hours when there are a lot of people at the bowling alley and all lanes are in use, you may find the bowling alley to be a bit too noisy for your baby’s comfort.

However, if there are only a few groups of people and many lanes are still free, the noise likely won’t bother the baby. When the bowling alley isn’t busy, the noise levels likely won’t go above 78 db, which means your baby’s ears will be comfortable.

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When a Parent Should Avoid Taking Their Baby to a Bowling Alley

Some parents are on the fence about taking their little one to a bowling alley. As mentioned above, bowling alleys are always louder during peak hours. You may not feel comfortable bringing the baby to a bowling alley if all of the lanes are full. While it’s safe to take your baby to the bowling alley, it’s better to take them when traffic is low.

A Saturday evening isn’t the best time to take your baby to the bowling alley. There will be more serious players on the lanes, the music will be louder, and there will be more people cheering and shouting. However, if you want to meet up with friends on a Sunday afternoon, it’s ok to bring the baby. 

While a bowling alley at certain periods of the day is a safe noise level for a baby, many parents want to be cautious. Baby earmuffs and padded hats can help muffle out the noise. Since a bowling alley could get loud, this may help the baby stay comfortable. 

Final Thoughts

A bowling alley can get loud, but most babies can tolerate the noise level. Always pay attention to your baby’s reactions if the noise level picks up while you are at the bowling alley. A bowling alley is louder than a baby’s comfort level when it comes to noise, but it usually doesn’t get loud enough to hurt their ears.

It is a good idea to avoid taking your baby to the bowling alley on a very busy night. All the commotion when a bowling alley is full is likely to bring the noise levels above 80 db, which is too loud for a baby’s comfort. Peak hours could get too loud. However, when the bowling alley lanes aren’t full, the bowling alley won’t be too loud for the baby.

Since the bowling alley is a popular place for people to meet up, many new parents receive invites. It’s okay to accept the next invitation you get because the bowling alley isn’t too loud for a baby.  While many babies are okay to go to the bowling alley, we recommend judging the situation by your baby’s comfort level. 

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