Are Citadel Paints Worth It?

Are Citadel Paints Worth It

Citadel paints come with a premium price, but are Citadel paints worth it? If you are looking for a very high quality artist grade paint, then Citadel paints are definitely worth it. They offer a great value for the money and they are specifically formulated to work on miniatures.

Citadel paints offer a wide variety of colors that range from base paints, to layering paints, and even technical paints. There is a paint for just about any project that you can think of. Their lineup of paints look great on miniatures and models and have high consistency and pigmentation

We will be going into more detail about what makes Citadel paints good, how long they last, and if they really are worth the extra premium that you have to pay.

How Good Is Citadel Paint?

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Citadel paint is regarded by many to be one of the best brands of miniature paints on the market. They have been around for over 25 years and is a brand that you can really trust. Citadel paints are very high quality acrylic paints. They are considered to be “artist grade” and are miniature specific.

They have the best washes out of other paints, and are of a high consistency and pigmentation. You can always expect your paint to have the same quality and color, even when painting an entire army. This is especially important i

Using Citadel paint over regular acrylic paint has its advantages. Citadel paint offers better opacity and has a smoother matte finish. The pigmentation also doesn’t fade when it is thinned like standard acrylic paint. This helps you to create detailed textures on small and big models alike.

Instead of purchasing a premade set of Citadel paints, we recommend building your own paint set with this build your own assortment bundle. This allows you to choose only the colors you need or want at a great value.

What Is Special About Citadel Paint?

Citadel paints are made of a very high quality acrylic. They are perfect for miniatures and models due to their distinct formula that is geared towards a smooth matte finish. Citadel also offers a variety of paints to enhance the details of your models. Here is a list of their specialty paints so you can see just how special these paints really are:

Base Paints

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Base paints are made out of high quality acrylic and are used as the base coat. They will give you that smooth matte finish that is highly desired with just a single coat.

To check the current price and availability of Citadel Base Paints, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Layer Paints

Layer paints are used to give your miniatures that extra touch of detail. They are designed to be used directly over the base paints without any mixing. It’s best to use several layers of this paint to give your models an eye-popping finish.


The shade paints are designed to glow into the recesses of your miniatures. These help enhance all the small crevices and recesses on your miniatures.

Contrast Paints

Contrast paints are used to give realistic shading in one application. They are designed to be used over a light contrast undercoat.

Technical Paints

Technical paints are designed to help you add special and unique effects to all your models

Dry Compound Paints

The dry compound paints are special as they are a thicker consistency. This makes them th eideal choice if you will be drybrushing. Drybrushing is used to highlight the raised portions of the models to give them that extra crisp, next level detail.

Airbrush Paints

Citadel airbrush paints are were made to exactly match the existing colors in the Citadel lineup of paints. However, these paints are specifically designed for airbrush use.

Spray Paints

Citadel also has a special line up of spray paints. These were developed to be used as a base coat as well as a primer all in one. This paint works on plastic, resin, and even miniature models.

How Long Does a Citadel Paint Last?

Citadel paints can last a very long time if they are properly stored. There is no guaranteed lifespan on Citadel paints, however there are many hobbyists on forums that claim that they have some paints that have lasted for over 20 years.

This goes to show that when properly stored, your paints can last you a very long time. Your paints will be good as long as there is still moisture in them. To do this, ensure that your paints are properly sealed before storing them away.

If they are stored where moisture can escape, this will dry them out and then you will be left with clumps of paint inside the container. Once they are dried out, it is very hard to restore or revive your paint.

Are Citadel Paints Worth the Extra Cost?

If you have the money to allot to Citadel paints, then we highly recommend them. They will give your miniature projects that extra touch that you just can’t get with regular acrylics. These paints are specifically made for detailing on many of the different surfaces that come with painting miniatures. Metal, plastic, or resin, they do it all.

Not only is the quality of Citadel paints superb, but their lifespan is also top tier. Especially if you store them properly. They will be able to last you for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Citadel paints come with a premium price, but it’s definitely worth it. Citadel paints are high quality artist grade paints which make them one of the best paints you could purchase for your miniatures. They actually offer a great value for their quality and lifespan.

Not only are they high quality, but they also have specialty paints designed to take your miniatures to the next level that you won’t be able to achieve with just normal acrylic paints.

Their color selection is also vast. You will be able to find a color for just about anything. All of their colors also have high a consistency and pigmentation. You will be able to thin this paint without them fading which makes painting entire armies flawless.

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