Are Crimped Pokemon Cards Worth Anything?

are crimped pokemon cards worth anything

When it comes to collectibles, the strangest things can add value. With coins, for instance, accidents have definitely produced some valuable and rare moneys, but is it the same with cards? Are crimped Pokemon cards worth anything?

Crimped Pokemon cards can be worth money, but it really depends on the collector. When a card is ‘crimped’, it’s essentially damaged, but if there was an official announcement then this puts a timeline association with the card and adds a little history to it. For the right kind of collector, this can impart additional value.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Pokemon cards in regards to crimping to clear the fog a little bit on this subject. Crimping can add or even greatly reduce value, so lets establish what it is, why it happens, and what you need to know to determine if the card is a ‘deal’ or a ‘dud’!

What Is a Crimped Pokémon Card?

The term ‘crimped’ is actually a gambling term and it describes a card that have been folded at a corner in such a way as to make the card recognizable in a game of chance. For instance, a crimped Ace might well make an enormous difference if you were cheating as cards.

With Pokémon cards, while you could crimp the card, you’re generally not going to do this with anything collectible, so what we’re referring to by ‘crimped cards’ today falls into the category of Pokémon ‘error cards’.

In this case, generally a packing error that has caused a card to become crimped. This results in someone opening a sealed deck, to find that one or more cards is damaged, but this is not always a bad thing.

If the crimping was announced, then there might be some additional value to the card for collectors who like to obtain cards with ties to production errors or simply with printing history.

Why Do Some Pokémon Cards Become Crimped?

When cards get crimped, what generally happens is that one or more cards get pushed up during the process of packing and sealing.

When this happens, the raised cards are subjected to a sudden pressure during the sealing process and this can result in the cards getting folded slightly or even dramatically, and then you have a ‘crimp’.

While it’s usually a horizontal crimp, verticals and other types of crimping do occur, which brings us to the next thing to consider – what crimps are rarest and how might that affect their worth?

What Are Crimped Pokémon Cards Worth?

Most crimped Pokemon cards that are sold on eBay will be worth anywhere between $5-20$ on average. Some of the rarer cards are going for about $50-$100, but this is less common.

Unfortunately, with crimping one has a bit of a dilemma. Technically, you are talking about a damaged card, so this means that you’re really going to have to target a collector who is interested in printing history and errors – as most collectors are simply looking for a pristine, mint collectible-card.

There are a few things to look out for to determine the value of a crimped Pokemon card.

Verified Authenticity

The first thing that needs to be done is to establish some sort of authenticity. Whenever there are crimping errors, they will be mentioned on the news or through the Pokémon Training Club’s newsletter, so this will help to set your card apart and this is important because there are a LOT of fakes out there.

One popular tactic that you can see all over eBay is when a vendor takes an old, but common card and gives it a crimp and claims that this was part of the production run.

Since it’s an older card, they’ll claim it’s high value, and if you base your price on this sort of thing then you are not likely to sell it.

So, the first rule is to ensure that there is an official announcement about the card error that produced crimping.

Type of Crimped Card

Next, you’ll need to consider the type of crimp and the actual card’s value, as some are going to be rarer than others. The most commonly crimped card, for instance, is the unlimited Machamp.

The rarest of crimps and thus most valuable are vertical crimps and with cards such as unlimited commons, this has only occurred 3 times in known printing history.

So, one of these would definitely be worth some money, although you’ll have to search info on the known 3 to determine the price to set.

Fully Crimped Cards

Next in rarity are ‘fully crimped’ cards, which basically have a fully cut line or even a cut as a result of a documented printing error.  

With long stem hanging packs, there have been around 10 to 15 occurrences with some partial crimping, with uncommons being the most likely affected cards, while common cards are rarer.

Fake Crimped Cards

Unfortunately your biggest selling problem will be the vendors out there who are crimping the cards themselves, but if you have been vending cards online for awhile and have a solid reputation, then you might well be able to make a little extra on your crimped card.

Just keep in mind that unless we’re talking about an unlimited commons with a vertical crimp, it will likely only be a modest profit boost unless you find a really avid collector of error cards. Most simply prefer their cards to be pristine and it’s a buyer’s market.

Where Can You Buy/Sell Crimped Pokémon Cards?

While you could buy or sell them on eBay, it’s usually a better idea to go with a more recognized forum – especially when buying them, as eBay can be a bit of a gamble sometimes. There are some established sites that are going to be your best bet, with examples such as the following:

As a general rule, go with a trusted vendor with buying, but for selling you can certainly go the eBay route if you like.

The best strategy is to use both when selling, so that you can put a set minimum on the card in eBay and you can post listings on the other, more reputable vendor sites so that more collectors will be likely to see them.

Between the two, you’ll have the best chances of selling your rare and legitimately-crimped Pokémon card.

Final Thoughts

Crimped cards are a bit of a tricky subject, but we hope that the information that we’ve shared with you today will help to clear things up. As they are technically damaged cards, their value is going to be strongly determined by the story behind the cards.

This means you’ll need to establish legitimacy through newsletters confirming the error card status and you’ll need to base your price on the type and rarity of the crimp, as well as the actual card that was crimped.

Be patient with your listing. While these are harder to sell, there are certainly collectors out there who covet them, so be descriptive in your listing to prove that you did your homework and be prepared to wait a bit for collectors to find your ad. With a little luck, you might be very pleased with the results!

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