Are Dragon Shield Sleeves Good for Pokemon Cards?

Are Dragon Shield Sleeves Good for Pokemon Cards

One of the best ways to do so is to protect your cards through the use of sleeves. Sleeves help defend against wear and tear and help preserve your favorite cards. One of the most notable brands amongst professional players is Dragon Shield. 

Dragon Shield is an internationally renowned brand that produces premium card sleeves. Offering a range of different colors and finishes, their DS100 range provides a level of customization that few other brands can match. Due to their high quality and durability, Dragon Shield is a favorite amongst professional Pokemon players, allowing them to  keep their cards in pristine condition.  

So what is it about Dragon Shield sleeves that make them so special? What is it that makes them stand out from the hundreds of other sleeves out there? Here is everything you need to know about Dragon Shield sleeves and how to use them to protect your Pokemon cards. 

What Dragon Shield Sleeves Are Best for Pokemon Cards? 

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Dragon Shield offers a variety of sleeves in varying sizes. Their DS100 range is deliberately designed to fit the standard dimensions of trading cards (63 x 88mm), making them the perfect fit for pokemon cards. 

But be aware, Dragon Shield also has several products with different dimensions. Their DS60 range is designed for Japanese cards. These are smaller and therefore are not suitable for Pokemon cards.   

If you are unsure whether the sleeves you are buying will fit, check the dimensions. The standard Pokemon card is (63 x 88mm), any sleeves smaller than this measurement will not fit.   

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How Well do Dragon Shield Sleeves Fit Pokemon Cards?

Dragon Shield sleeves are expertly designed to fit the dimensions of standard cards, including Pokemon cards. 

The sleeves have very similar dimensions to the card. It makes for a tight fit, almost too tight. But this tightness helps to prevent cards from clumping together and makes your deck easier to shuffle. 

Why are Dragon Shield Sleeves Good for Pokemon Cards?

Considered to be top of the range products Dragon Shield sleeves offer all the benefits of a standard sleeve, with a few added perks. No matter your purpose for collecting Pokemon cards, whether you are a collector or player, sleeves are always a good way to go.

Like most other sleeves, the general purpose of Dragon Shield sleeves is to protect the card. Over time cards can become damaged, cracked, surface scratches can develop as well as bends and folds. Sleeves help prevent the general wear and tear that comes with handling and playing with cards. 

On the collector’s side of things, sleeves help to keep your rares in pristine condition. If you are a collector, sleeves help prevent the issues that grading card companies look for when grading a card. Sleeves are a great way to keep your cards in mint condition. 

For competitors, Dragon Shield Sleeves offer a way to distinguish your deck from other players. They also play a role in preventing cheating. Thanks to their opaque backs, Dragon Shield sleeves help prevent other players from identifying cards that may be scuffed or stained.  

Why Are Dragon Shield Sleeves Different than Other Brands?

So why are Dragon Shield sleeves better than everyone else? What makes them stand out from the sleeves offered by the hundreds of other brands? 

Highly Customisable 

The most significant factor is the level of customization that Dragon Shield offers with the sleeves. Boasting various colors and finishes, the level of variety in Dragon Shield’s range is unparalleled. They have a color for every type of Pokemon card.

Grass, fire, lightning, psychic, you name it; Dragon Shield has a color to match. By offering a variety of colors, Dragon Shield provides its customers the chance to make their collections stand out and be the envy of their friends and competitors. 

Another nice touch is the box that the sleeves come in. The sturdy cardboard box acts as an excellent storage device for your cards and can fit 75 single-sleeved cards or 65 double-sleeved cards. There is even a label on top of the box that you can use to personalize your box further. 

High Quality and Durability 

Another area that Dragon Shield excels in is its ability to produce high-quality and durable sleeves, which is achieved through the thickness of its cards.

If you measure the thickness of your average Pokemon card sleeves, cheap penny sleeves typically measure 40 micrometers in thickness. Most premium card sleeves range from 80 to 100 micrometers in thickness. Dragon Shield’s sleeves, on the other hand, clock in at 120 micrometers.

These few extra micrometers not only make the card well more weighty and luxurious, but they also prevent scratches, surface damage and protect against spillages.  

Dragons Shield’s products are made from the highest quality polypropylene sleeves and are PVC-free and considered archival safe.

Do Perfect Fit Sleeves Fit Inside Dragon Shield Sleeves for Pokemon Cards?

Yes, perfect fit sleeves do fit inside Dragon Shield sleeves. Perfect fit sleeves are designed for this exact purpose. Perfect fit sleeves, or inner sleeves as they are otherwise known, are an added layer of protection in addition to the protection offered by a standard sleeve. 

Dragon Shield has their own range of perfect fit sleeves. Like their standard sleeves, if you are collecting Pokemon cards, it is the DS100 range that you are after.

Where Can I Buy Dragon Shield Sleeves? 

Dragon Shield distributes their products globally. For a detailed list of Dragon Shield’s licensed distributors and where you can get your hands on some Dragon Shield sleeves, visit here.

Final Thoughts

There you have it a comprehensive guide on everything about Dragon Shield Sleeves and why they are the ideal choice for any Pokemon card collector.

Offering high quality and durability and a degree of customization that few other card protectors offer, Dragon Shield is a great option for anyone who collects Pokemon cards.

Whether you are a collector looking to preserve their rares as an investment, or an avid game lover who enjoys playing with friends, Dragon Shield Sleeves are excellent at keeping your cards protected. 

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