Are Hot Wheels 1/64 Scale?

are hot wheels 164 scale

Since Hot Wheels came out back in 1968, they have been a fan favorite among collectors all around the world. Nobody would have thought that these small scale model cars would have taken over almost every retail store you walk into. Since these are scale model cars, many wonder what the actual scale of the cars are.

Are Hot Wheels 1/64 scale? The answer to this question is yes. Each vehicle in a 10-pack assortment is featured at a 1:64 scale with realistic details, and even real and authentic decals.

Now that you know that Hot Wheels come in 1/64 scale, there are also a few caveats that need to be addressed. Further on we will talk about all the small variances when it comes to Hot Wheels and their scale.

Are All Hot Wheels 1:64?

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Most Hot Wheels cars are indeed 1/64 scale, however not all Hot Wheels are. A prime example would be a monster truck like this one from Amazon. These monster trucks are 1/24 scale. There are also plenty other Hot Wheels cars that are also not made to the 1/64 scale, but for the most part the majority are.

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Are Hot Wheels True to Scale?

When we are talking about being true to scale, are Hot Wheels really at a 1/64 scale? The answer may surprise you. Unfortunately, the Hot Wheels cars are not true to scale. Although they are stated to be 1/64 scale, they are actually not.

The reason for this is because exact scale isn’t the objective that Mattel had for their Hot Wheels toys. If this were true, then all the 1/64 scale cars would look exactly the same. The main issue with this is the cars being able to fit into the standard sized packaging that Mattel has set for these toys.

Many of the Hot Wheels have really big tires, or obnoxious spoilers. These cars have to be toned down just a bit in order to be able to fit into the retail packaging.

How Big Is a 1/64 Hot Wheels?

The exact dimensions of a 1/64 scale would be 1.73 x 12.28 x 10.83 inches. To put this into perspective, a 1/64 is a traditional scale for models and even miniatures alike. This means that one unit on the model represents 64 units on the actual object in question, in which this case it would be Hot Wheels cars.

The 1/64 scale is also most commonly used for automobile and other models, which is why some Hot Wheels actually come in this size. Not only is this a popular scale for cars, but it is also popular for other models such as model railroads, toy trains, and even ships.

Are Hot Wheels and Matchbox the Same Scale?

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Hot Wheels and Matchbox sound like two different brands, but they are indeed both owned by Mattel. Are these two car brands the same size? According to many online resources, Hot Wheels and Matchbox are about the same size, but not exact. They are both around two and a half to three inches long and both go off of the 1/64 scale.

As we have stated earlier, Hot Wheels is not true to scale, so there will be some fluctuation when it comes to the exact size between the two model cars.

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What Is the Difference Between Matchbox Cars and Hot Wheels Cars?

The main difference between the two brands of cars is that Matchbox cars seem to be more focused on looking like exact copies of real life cars, whereas Hot Wheels cars tend to be more exotic and fantasy based. Although Hot Wheels cars are also based on real vehicles, there are also quite a bit of cars that are heavily modified and hot rodded out from the actual cars in real life.

Final Thoughts

Hot Wheels are indeed 1/64 scale, but not in the traditional way that we may think. Unfortunately, Hot Wheels cars are not true to scale, meaning they can be a little bit smaller. This is mostly due to the needs to make the model cars fit into the retail packaging. Some cars have very large wheels, spoilers, or other accessories that can make them very large if they were true to scale.

Hot Wheels have been around for a very long time and is one of the most successful brands of model cars in the entire toy industry. They can be found in just about any national retail store and is a favorite among collectors and kids alike due to their outlandish designs, and high value.

There’s nothing more satisfying then going to the store and finding a very rare car that is worth a lot money.

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