Are Legos Safe For Hamsters/Guinea Pigs?

Are Legos Safe For HamstersGuinea Pigs

Lego is generally not considered safe to give to hamsters or guinea pigs in their cages. These tiny rodents may chew on the Lego, get their claws stuck in the Lego, or hurt their feet walking on the Lego, which could cause a severe condition and result in an amputation of their foot. 

When thinking about giving your hamster or guinea pig a toy, housing structure or living environment, it is best to stick to products specifically designed for those animals.  Hamster’s and guinea pigs are tiny and can be easily harmed. However, Lego could be used if you are not putting it in their cage. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Lego is unsafe for hamsters and guinea pigs in their cages and when and how you can use Lego for your pet.

Reasons Why Legos Are Not Safe for Your Guinea Pig/Hamster


Hamsters and guinea pigs love to chew on anything they can find. Their little teeth don’t stop growing, so they need to have something to chew on. A little Lego piece would be the perfect target for a hamster looking to chew on something. However, Lego is not safe to be consumed by a tiny animal, and even a small amount could cause significant harm. 

Claws Get Stuck

Depending on what type of Lego you are using, the tiny claws on hamsters and guinea pigs could get stuck. This could cause damage to their claws and feet.

Sore Feet

When a hamster or guinea pig walks on a bumpy surface, this can cause harm to their feet. This could cause bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is inflammation of the feet, and if it does not get proper treatment, it could require amputation of the foot. 

You can spot signs of bumblefoot by looking for signs of swelling in the hamster or guinea pigs feet or if they are having difficulty walking. They may seem hesitant to move due to the pain in their feet. Get your pet to the vet right away if you notice any of these symptoms. 

When Could Lego Be Used for My Pet?

Lego could be used occasionally for a play space or maze for a hamster or guinea pig. They should not be left in the cage for longer than 20-30 minutes once a day.

If you decide to make a play area or maze, you must keep an eye on your pet the whole time to ensure they are not chewing on any of the Lego. However, it is best to use other safe, natural materials to create a hamster or guinea pig play space. 

Do Hamsters and Guinea Pigs Like Mazes?

A hamster or guinea pig absolutely love to go through mazes. They are curious creatures who need activity and exercise to keep them busy and prevent them from getting into trouble. A bored hamster/guinea pig can get itself into a surprising amount of mischief!

Please put them in for a short time and give them lots of treats. Take them out and then repeat the process throughout the day for a few days. This process should help them grow accustomed to the environment and associate it with yummy treats!

What Maze’s Are Suitable for My Hamster or Guinea Pig?

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The most important thing to remember for hamsters and guinea pigs is to ensure that the maze is big and wide enough for them. You don’t want your loved one getting stuck! Do not use tube mazes for large hamsters (like Syrian) or guinea pigs. You can purchase mazes specifically designed for your hamster or guinea pig. 

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on what maze to buy for your hamster or guinea pig. You need to consider the size you want, how big your hamster or guinea pig is, what material to use (wood, non-toxic plastic, cardboard), and where you would like to put the maze. 

We recommend a Multi-Chamber Hamster House Maze like this one, on Amazon. It has 2 entrances and multiple rooms to help keep your hamster busy.

Can I Put a Maze In Their Cage?

You can purchase mazes that will fit in most pets cages. These mazes should be made out of material that is safe to chew on, such as cardboard or wood. Anything not labelled as natural or non-toxic should not be a part of their permanent living environment. 

How Do I Build a Lego Maze for My Pet?

There are many different ways to build a maze for your pet hamster or guinea pig. You can find different layouts online, or you can use your own imagination. Be sure to make sure all pieces are secure, use bigger pieces as much as possible, and avoid any sharp pointy pieces.

When your pet is in the maze, you must be watching them at all times to make sure they are safe and not chewing on the Lego. 

How Do I Build a Cardboard Maze?

First, you will need to get a few cardboard boxes and cut the boxes into flat pieces. Next, you will need to cut tall pieces so your hamster or guinea big can’t climb out. Then you can start taping the pieces into large enough alleyways for your pet to turn around comfortably.

Using treats is a good idea to keep your pet happy. Put the treats throughout the maze so that the hamster or guinea pig stays motivated!

What Can I Give My Hamster Or Guinea Pig To Play With?

Hamster’s and guinea pigs can play with anything that is made out of natural material and labelled as non-toxic. Wood, corn husks, or cardboard are all safe for your hamster or guinea pig. 

Where Can I Find Hamster and Guinea Pig Toys?

You can find toys for your pet at your local pet store, Walmart, or you can even order them online. You can also make them from supplies you might already have around the house. Look around for cardboard or other non-toxic materials. 

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