Are Pokemon Figures Worth Anything?

Are Pokemon Figures Worth Anything

If you have TOMY Pokémon figures lying around your house, you might have asked yourself if they are worth any money. 

TOMY scale Pokémon figures can vary in price but are often not worth very much money. Most Pokemon figures are still in production and therefore have little resale value. You will generally get no more than $15 for a lot of 20 Pokémon figures. 

Continue reading to learn about Pokémon figures’ value, including what makes a Pokémon figure worth money and which figures are the rarest. 

Are Pokémon Figures Worth Money?

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Pokémon figures are not worth very much money. The only Pokémon memorabilia worth money is rare, first-edition Pokemon cards like the holographic Blastoise. 

TOMY Pokémon figures are not worth much money because most are still in production. Furthermore, the TOMY Pokémon figures still in production are much better quality than the older ones. Therefore, there are much better versions of them still in production today that you can buy and sell for higher prices. 

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What Makes a Pokémon Figure Worth Money?

Pokémon figures in good condition are typically worth more money than those in poor condition. It is not worth trying to sell any Pokémon figures in poor condition because most figures are still in production, and it is easier to get one in good condition.


The condition of your Pokémon figure can impact how much the figure is worth. Good condition figures are worth high dollars compared to poor condition figures, which can be worthless and unsellable. You should not try selling Pokémon figures in poor condition unless you want to go through a repurposing project. 


Rare Pokémon figures are worth more than common, mass-produced figures. There are few rare figures, given the TOMY figures continue to produce many Pokemon figures today. TOMY makes Pokémon figures from every generation in each evolution so you can collect and play with them. 

There are many different Pokemon figures for sale, including the popular Battle Action Figures line, a modern Pokemon action figure line that continues to produce some of the most popular Pokemon action figures on the market. These newer toys are more popular and expensive than the older TOMY Pokemon figures.

Production Date

The production date of your Pokémon figure makes a difference in how much it is worth. Original Pokémon figures are worth more than newer figures, which have a lower value since they are still in production. 

If you are uncertain how old your Pokemon figure is, look at the bottom of your figure and check the serial number. Enter the serial number from your Pokémon figure into eBay or Google for reference. The results will bring up the exact figure and its current worth in USD or other currency. 


The larger the quantity, the more money. If you sell your Pokemon figures in bulk, the price is higher. You will generally not get a lot of money when you sell your Pokemon figures individually, but if you sell them in a group or as a lot, you can get more for your money.

Which Pokémon Figures Are Worth the Most Money?

Pokémon figures are generally worth the same amount across the board, around $5 and $15 for groups of a dozen or more. You are unlikely to sell your Pokemon figures individually for more than a quarter. Selling them in bulk based on the generations will get you the most money.

Group your Pokémon figures together based on Pokémon generation, game, or region, and then sell them as a lot. Selling in lots increases the value of your Pokémon figures and the chances you will have a buyer since most buyers are interested in purchasing more than one single Pokémon figure. 

What Are the Best Pokémon Figures?

The best Pokémon figures are the TOMY figures. These are the most common figures and are still popular today. Many Pokémon figures of this brand are still in production, with the exception of some, and are used for gaming, play, art, collecting, and much more.

There are other Pokémon figures on the market. However, they are not official Pokémon merchandise. Anything that is not official merchandise is immediately less valuable than official Pokémon merchandise. What Is the Rarest Pokémon Figure?

Original series Pokémon figures are considered the rarest when they are sold in bundles together. Bundling Pokémon figures together and selling them is rare because people usually sell them individually for low prices without thinking about the higher value they could get for full collections. 

Final evolution Pokémon are also considered rarer Pokémon figures, selling for higher amounts than the base Pokémon species. For instance, Blastoise sells for higher than Squirtle. Similarly, Charizard will sell higher than Charmander and so forth. The rules apply to all Pokémon figures and their evolutions, especially Eveelutions.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon figures do not sell for a lot of money since most of them are still in production today. If you want to sell your Pokemon figures, you should sell Pokémon figures in a large group. Selling your Pokemon figures in a bulk lot is the best way to gain the most money because you can increase the amount of money without offsetting your cost for shipping.

You also give the customer good value, so they are likely to return for more. There are not many rare TOMY Pokémon figures since they are all in mass production still. It is always great to collect figures you enjoy but stockpiling and reselling these may not be the best idea if you are looking to overturn a series profit, especially if you want to get a high gain.

Vintage TOMY Pokémon figures are no exception to this fact. Vintage Pokémon figures do not have significant value, despite being in production for over a decade.

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