Are Pokemon Stickers Worth Anything?

are pokemon stickers worth anything

The most popular item from The Pokemon Company is hands down their trading card game. However, there are tons of different Pokemon collectible toys, memorabilia, and even stickers. If it has the word Pokemon on it, you can bet it’s definitely worth some money. Vintage Pokemon cards and toys can go for lots of money, but what about stickers?

Are Pokemon stickers worth anything? The answer to this question is a definite yes. Although you won’t likely be able to get much for stickers that you find inside of a coloring book or happy meal from a fast food restaurant, you can definitely get a good amount for old or vintage Pokemon stickers.

You will be able to find an abundant amount of stickers at your favorite party store or national retailer, as well as on eBay. These stickers are common and won’t be worth much money other than their retail price. However, if you have some older stickers from the 90’s, or stickers that are limited edition/print, they can be worth a decent amount of money.

How Much Are Pokemon Stickers Worth?

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Pokemon stickers can be worth a few dollars to about 20 dollars depending on the amount of stickers you are purchasing. These stickers are most likely to be found at your local national retail store. Other places you may find Pokemon stickers at these prices will be either on Amazon or eBay.

Older, vintage stickers are worth a lot more, especially if it is a popular Pokemon or is extremely rare. Old and vintage Pokemon stickers is where you will be able to make the most money. If you have older stickers then it may be worth your time to research them on a third party platform like eBay to see their potential value.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon stickers, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Are Vintage/Old Pokemon Stickers Worth Anything?

Vintage/old Pokemon stickers are definitely worth money. After browsing through the sold eBay sold listings, we have managed to dig up some pretty awesome finds. most of the vintage/old stickers that are worth money come from 1990’s,especially if they are still factory sealed.

Many of the vintage stickers on eBay are going for 30$ – about 75$. The majority of these stickers are of the first series of Pokemon as well which is what started everything.

Are Pokemon Sticker Cards Worth Anything?

Pokemon sticker cards are actually worth more than your average vintage Pokemon sticker. Upon searching eBay, we have found that old/vintage sticker cards are going for over 100$. The majority of these sticker cards are from 1990 and also come from Japan from their vending machines.

These are pretty much as rare as it gets since they were acquired such a long time ago, and outside of the United States. Although these sticker cards can be sold individually, it looks as if they sell better when they are sold in packs or lots, rather than on a per card basis.

If you are planning on selling sticker cards individually, it seems as if they can fetch about 4$-7$ depending on the sticker. Many of the classic favorites like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Mew, Charizard, etc seem to sell the most frequently.

Can I Sell Pokemon Stickers?

You can definitely sell Pokemon stickers. We believe that the best marketplace to sell your Pokemon stickers is on eBay. eBay has one of the biggest audiences that is composed of avid Pokemon collectors. Selling on eBay is fairly simple and straight forward.

You will need to first create a free or premium account based on your selling preferences. We recommend always starting with a free account as these accounts will be able to be upgraded later if you decide to start selling at a higher rate/frequency.

Once you have an eBay account created, you will need to do a quick search for the type of stickers you are selling so you can see similar listings. This is a common method used among many sellers to see the market value of the item they are selling.

Once you see what prices your items are going for, we recommend pricing them at a similar price or better in order to have the best chances at selling your items.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon is one of the most popular and profitable franchises in the world. There are tons of different products to purchase and collect such as toys, trading cards, and collectible memorabilia. Even just having the word or phase with Pokemon on it will make these items worth more than if they did not.

This is no different when it comes to Pokemon stickers. Although it isn’t hard to find Pokemon stickers, it is hard to find those vintage/out of print stickers from the original series in the 90’s. The stickers that you find in retail stores will not hold much value compared to those that were made back in the 90’s

These stickers seem to hold a good amount of value due to them having that nostalgia effect from the older generation of fans still to this day. This is what makes the older games like Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue so popular still to this day.

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