Are Pokemon Vhs Tapes Worth Anything?

Are Pokemon Vhs Tapes Worth Anything

Are you curious about the prices of your old Pokemon VHS tapes? Do you want to know if your Pokemon VHS tapes are worth anything? 

Pokemon VHS tapes sell for between $5 and $25, depending on the condition and specific movie or series. They may also be worth more if you sell them in complete collections.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the prices of Pokemon VHS tapes, including how much they are worth, how rare they are, and more.

Are Pokemon Vhs Tapes Worth Anything?

Some Pokemon VHS tapes can be worth good money, and thers will not be worth a lot. The price your Pokemon VHS tape sells will vary based on the specific tape, its condition, and its rarity. Some VHS tapes go for higher prices because their demand is higher. In comparison, others will have a low selling point because there are many of them on the market.

What Makes a Pokemon Vhs Tape Worth Money?

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Pokemon VHS tapes can vary in price based on their rarity, demand, and condition. The amount of money you get in return for your VHS tapes can also depend on where or to who you sell your tapes.

The best way to determine how much a Pokemon tape is worth is to check eBay. eBay has the fairest prices for individual and complete collections of Pokemon VHS tapes, making it easy to set your price point no matter where you sell your Pokemon VHS tape.

It also makes it easy to check the price point of a VHS tape you might buy in person so you do not overpay.

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The Type of Vhs Tape

The Pokemon VHS tape you own may make the tape worth a different amount. Some movies and series are more valuable than others. For instance, the highest amount you will get for Pokemon VHS tapes is roughly $75 for complete collections.

Vhs Tape Rarity and Demand

Rarity can determine how expensive your VHS tape is. A rare VHS tape will cost significantly more than a readily available tape. Rare Pokemon VHS tapes are usually in higher demand by collectors, who will pay higher prices for Pokemon VHS tapes just to have them in their collections. Other people may want to have the VHS tapes to watch them for the first time.

Tape Condition

The condition of your Pokemon VHS tape will determine its selling cost. VHS tapes that are in better condition will sell for more money. Poor condition tapes sell for lower amounts. If you own a sealed Pokemon VHS tape, it will likely sell for the highest amount.

The Buyer

The buyer can make a big difference in the money you get for your VHS tapes. Some buyers may purchase the Pokemon VHS tapes at a higher price because they are collectors. Regular buyers may not be as willing to pay premium prices because they do not care about the collector’s value of the tapes.

Selling Medium

The place you sell your Pokemon VHS tapes can impact the price you get for your tapes. For instance, some online selling platforms take commissions for selling your VHS tapes, and purchasing in-person presents the opportunity to bargain and price.

A collector who desires these tapes might be more likely to pay more in-person than a buyer through an online vendor like eBay, Etsy, or another store because they are interested in receiving the product immediately. 

Immediate satisfaction is more appealing to collectors, especially if they can confirm the VHS tapes work and are in good condition. In other words, in-person sales can usually add value to your Pokemon VHS tapes if they are in good condition.

It can also add value if you bring the sale to your buyers, but you should only do this if you know they will buy the product.

What Pokemon Vhs Tapes Are Worth the Most Money?

Unopened (sealed) original edition Pokemon VHS tapes are worth the most money. These are in the best condition and are in the highest demand by collectors. 

Full Pokemon VHS tape collections are worth the most money. Even purchasing a complete Pokemon VHS tape collection will not get you a significant amount of money. Generally, you will only get around $75 for complete Pokemon VHS tape collections.

What Is the Rarest Pokemon Vhs Tape?

The rarest Pokemon VHS tape is an unopened, original copy of any movie or episode. The prices of the Pokemon VHS tapes vary for each movie. The sealed copy of “Pokemon, I Choose You” (the first movie) is rare and difficult to find. The average price for this movie is roughly $40. The rarest tapes are full collections.

How Many Pokemon Vhs Tapes Are There?

VIZ Media produced 26 Pokemon VHS tapes between 1998 and 2000. These VHS tapes swept the market and are still popular to this day, despite the varying prices and popularity. Many collectors like to display these on their shelves, making it more important to have them in seals rather than confirmed working.

Final Thoughts

If you have asked yourself, are Pokemon VHS tapes are worth anything? You might be surprised by the answer. Pokemon VHS tapes vary in price between $5 and $25, depending on the exact movie or series, amount of tapes, and the condition of your tapes. 

Pokemon VHS tapes in good condition will sell higher than ones in bad condition even though many collectors will like to keep them sitting on display. If you want to sell your Pokemon VHS tape for the highest amount, sell it in a complete collection. Selling multiple tapes at once can get you more money, ranging from $25 to $200 for a complete 26 Pokemon VHS tape collection and upward for sealed complete collections. 

Be conscious of where you list your Pokemon VHS tapes for sale. Depending on where you sell your Pokemon VHS tapes, you may be able to get a higher amount. Selling straight to collectors typically gets you the most money. Selling online can dwindle some profits because of the shipping expenses and cuts from websites.

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