Are Pre-owned Consoles From Gamestop Good?

Are Pre-owned Consoles From Gamestop Good

So, your PS4 crapped out on you and it’s time to buy a new console. You’re looking around on GameStop and they offer a wide range of refurbished and pre-owned ones that look pretty good. But all the questions begin to surface. Well, are pre-owned consoles from GameStop good?

On the whole, yes! Pre-owned consoles from GameStop are very good and work just fine. Of course, there is always going to be a console that comes along which makes you cringe with buyer’s remorse. However, by all accounts, you can trust pre-owned consoles sold by GameStop.

Besides, it wouldn’t serve GameStop’s bottom line by offering questionable consoles, regardless of their condition. Because of this, they also refurbish ones in bad shape with rigorous testing to ensure it works. In the event you get a bummer console, you can always return it.

What Does Gamestop Do With Used Consoles?

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GameStop buys used consoles from the general public for a lower price than market standard, depending on the condition of the console. There are several ways they accept devices for refurbishment. These include consoles used, returned or returned for repair.

Before the store accepts the item, they use a diagnostic tool to give a preliminary read. It will give an overall evaluation about the item’s condition and any other things that might be wrong. If all is a go, they look over the console and do some simple tests to determine functionality.

They then turn the device back out for sale labeled in two categories: pre-owned or refurbished. They handle each a little differently, but they resell both at a lower price than a brand new one.

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What Are Gamestop Pre-owned Consoles?

Pre-owned, per GameStop, means someone else owned the console prior to their selling it. The company didn’t fix, adjust or do anything else to the device, except clean it. In most cases, this doesn’t go to their repair technicians, but rather right back out onto the floor.

First, a store staff employee uses compressed air to pre-clean the system. If massive amounts of pet hair, dust and other smoky debris come out, the console undergoes a thorough cleaning. They then bundle everything up, box it and label it as a used console.

Pre-owned consoles will usually function perfectly after physically testing it with a controller and game. This also means it passed a diagnostic test. When the store staff discovers something wrong, faulty or defective with the system, they send it to their repair center.

Does Gamestop Refurbish Consoles?

GameStop definitely refurbishes consoles. When store staff sends off faulty and defective systems, they send it to “the Rock” in Grapevine, Texas. There, a certified technician fully examines the console with a 20-point diagnostic system along with a thorough cleaning.

They fix whatever is necessary to make it work almost like new. They then repackage and box up the contents and put it out for sale.

However, there is no indication about the details of the console’s condition prior to refurbishing. Therefore, it could have a defect from a shipping accident or it could have undergone a number of fixes before it comes to you. So, buying one is something of a gamble.

Can You Trust Gamestop Pre-owned Consoles?

You can definitely trust pre-owned consoles from GameStop. This is true for refurbished ones as well. With either a refurbished or pre-owned console, it’s a great way to get a new one without paying full price.


With the refurbished models, they will sometimes offer a warranty, such as is the case with Xbox 360. Although it’s not much and it doesn’t last for a long period of time, it is worth having in case something goes wrong. Each one is different, so you’ll have to look up the warranty details if they have them listed.

Gamer Acclaim

However, many people attest to how GameStop refurbished systems are sometimes better than having one brand new. In fact, several gamers emphatically state they often send their old consoles for refurbishing by GameStop.

Refunds ; Returns

Even if you end up getting a dud, you can always return it for a full refund within a week of purchasing it. If you want a replacement, you have 30 days to make the transaction. It’s pretty simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.

How Can You Tell a Pre-owned or Refurbished Console From Gamestop Will Be Good?

For additional confirmation on the quality of a used console, you will have to use your best judgment. This means inspecting the console before buying it, whether online or in-store.

For online, read all the details that you can. Check to see if there are any warranties and if they list any details about the used/refurbished console along with photos. You can always call or email GameStop if you have doubts, questions or concerns.

For in-store, some retailers will allow you to test the console before you make a purchase. But, you should ask first. Busier and larger stores may not permit such an allowance.

Final Thoughts

GameStop is a great place to buy pre-owned consoles with confidence. There’s no harm in buying one and it’s really not going to be a financial risk on your part. You can always return or exchange the system if you find it is not to your liking.

The same is true for refurbished consoles by GameStop. They have the tools, skills and equipment necessary to fix whatever prevents a system from working well. In many cases, people will prefer refurbished models over brand new ones. That’s how awesome they are in functionality and reliability.

But, the decision will come down to you and how discerning you are. Make sure you can find out every detail about the console you’re looking at. Try to see it in person if you can. They may let you test it out in-store depending on the store. For online purchases, read all the details and tech specs available along with as many photos as possible.

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