Are PSA Cases Waterproof?

are psa cases waterproof

PSA cases offer some good protection for trading cards. They’re durable and made in such a way as to withstand many mishaps and accidents that can occur. While nothing is foolproof, it does give a modicum of safety from general dents, scratches and other damage. But, what about water?

Are PSA cases waterproof? No. PSA cases aren’t waterproof but they are water resistant. However, even if they were, you still want to give them additional protection. It’s the only way to surely safeguard them from potential disaster.

While PSA cases do offer some water protection, you don’t want to rely on these alone. Therefore, taking extra measures can further waterproof the cards.

PSA Cases ; Water Protection

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When you look around online, you’ll come across a couple videos on YouTube and forums talking about how PSA cases are absolutely not waterproof. However, there is one collector who experienced a flood in his home. The slabs floated around for days and didn’t sustain any water damage.

Alternatively, there’s a video of some kids boiling a PSA slab and you can clearly see the damage that ensues. Yet, there are some in online forums who claimed to boil a PSA case and the card was completely fine.

Therefore, it will really depend on how the slab ends up in contact with water. Regardless, the last thing you want to do is risk your valuable collection to succumb to something as ruinous as water.

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Understanding Water Resistant Versus Waterproof

These videos and discussions illustrate how PSA slabs are definitely water resistant. But, they also prove how they’re not waterproof. Unfortunately, some people are unaware of the difference between these two terms.

When something is “water resistant,” it will repel some water but it won’t guard against something like a deluge or flood. For items advertised as “waterproof,” it means nothing is going to soak that sucker. Intense sprays of water, torrential downpours or any other massive contact with water will not damage the item.

How to Store PSA Cases

So, when it comes to trading cards, to ensure the best water protection for your collection, it’s all going to be in how you store the cases. First, make sure you don’t keep the cards in a room with high amounts of humidity and moisture. At some point, the water molecules will seep into the slab and ruin the card.

This means you shouldn’t put your collection in the basement, under a sink, near a shower or in the trunk of your car. In the case you put them in a closet, make sure there are no major pipes or plumbing systems around it. Don’t display slabs near open windows, especially while it’s raining.

Also, don’t store your cards in the attic. These often aren’t as secure as other areas of the house and it’s not uncommon to notice a leaky roof long after it has already begun. Plus, unless your attic has temperature and airflow control, the fluctuating environment can lower the value of your collection.

Dry, Cool and Even Temperature

Wherever you keep your collection, ensure the area is nice and dry. Make sure there will be little to no chance of them coming into contact with water. If the area around your home is prone to flooding, keeping them up and far away from any floor. This will be regardless of the level of the house you store them on.

Storing Them in Additional Casing

Because you don’t want to totally rely on the PSA case to keep your cards safe from water, you also want to keep them in an additional waterproof case. There are plentitudes of holders, binders, boxes and other types of containers available on the market that are very waterproof.

Such extra coverage can cost quite a bit of money depending on what you get. But, it will be worth the investment, especially if you have a card that’s worth a pretty penny. Consider the following types to give waterproof protection to your collection:

  • Clam Shell Cases: These create an airtight barrier around individual cards. These are good for displaying on a shelf or desk. But, these also make a good storage option.
  • Storage Boxes: There are a host of waterproof boxes specifically designed for trading cards. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and seals. If you go this route, ensure the manufacturer guarantees the material used is waterproof.
  • Binders: If you have a nice collection but don’t have any super valuable cards, a binder engineered for trading cards will be ideal. Ones that come with a latch will offer more protection than those without it.
  • Plexiglas: Although an expensive option, there are some fine custom-made Plexiglas cases you can get. These are for very valuable top-shelf cards. Some of them come with combinations and locks while others use bolts to hold the slab in place.
  • Frames: For cards of lesser value, there are a decent number of frames out there specifically made for trading cards. These are a good waterproof alternative for cards you want to feature but don’t want to spend a lot of money on.

Final Thoughts

While PSA cases aren’t waterproof, they are water resistant. So, if water damage is a concern, it’s important you take extra measure to keep them safe. This will include putting them in an additional container, box, binder or other type of waterproof case.

Even though it’s true that you will spend a little extra money on these things, it’s an essential aspect. If you hope to keep your collection clean and pristine for decades to come, it’s crucial to take these basic steps now. It may seem like a tedious chore. But then again, you never know what life will throw at you.

Sometimes, floods and accidents happen regardless of your best efforts to keep your trading cards safe and dry. So, understand that you should not rely on the PSA cases alone to protect your cards from potential water damage.

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