Are Reaper Miniatures Any Good?

are reaper miniatures any good

Reaper Miniatures is a popular source for metal and plastic miniature figurines. The American-based company is the leading source for hobby and adventure miniatures. Hobbyists of all kinds can purchase figurines in a variety of fantasy characters which can then be painted with paints that Reaper Miniatures also sells. Reaper miniatures are known to be very good due to their affordable prices, durability, and attention to detail.

Some of the Reaper miniatures require a small amount of construction, as some of the larger figures come in a few separate parts. Hobbyists who purchase the Bones line of miniatures find that generally the figures do not need to be primed, and can be easily put together with common super glue and painted.

Reaper Miniatures sells models in metal and plastic. The metal models generally cost a bit more than the plastic models. Customers report that both materials produce high-quality, detailed figures.

What Makes Reaper Miniatures Good?

Bones has become wildly popular frankly due to its affordability, attention to detail, and durability which makes reaper miniatures an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Reaper Miniatures was founded in 1992 in Fort Worth, Texas. Their aim was to provide quality pewter miniatures for the adventure and fantasy community around the world. Since its foundation, Reaper has made an excellent reputation for itself in many countries and has grown rapidly.

Currently, it sells miniatures in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia. On the website you can find miniatures of anything from a Tardis to soldiers to Mrs. Claus.

Reaper makes miniatures in metal and plastic. The metal figures average about $8 a piece, Bones figures are around $2-3 each. The metal figures are known to be excellent quality. The plastic line of miniatures is known as the “Bones” line, and is more affordable than the metal line.

Beginners to the hobby can find that painting metal figures can be intimidating, so the line of unpainted plastics is perfect for those who are just starting out. Bones is rapidly expanding as the company adds more and more figures to its collection. Some customers report that the Bones line loses a bit of detail, but for the price and quality it’s well worth it.

Do Reaper Miniatures Need to Be Primed?

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A common question from hobbyists who are looking into buying Reaper Miniatures is whether or not the figures need to be primed before being painted. This question applies in particular to the Bones line.

If you’re painting metal or plastic for the first time you will most likely find that the paint you use may bead up and not adhere to the surface properly. In such cases, a primer is needed. Primers allow paint to adhere to any surface. Primer is applied directly to the surface and acts as a go-between for the paint and the material.

Most people who use Reaper Miniatures find that they do not need a primer before painting. Some people have success with just applying the paint to the figure without using a primer beforehand.

Customers report that the Reaper Bones models are a bit hydrophobic, meaning that applied paint beads up and does not adhere.

Many have reported that they have success with first washing their models before painting them, as there may be dust and oils from your hands on the surface that will keep paint from adhering. You can use dish soap and a toothbrush to clean your model.

It’s recommended to use paint that has not been watered down. It is a common report that watered-down paint just beads up instead of adhering.

One downside of using a primer on miniatures is that you lose a lot of detail with the extra layer of paint. Customers recommend that if you are going to prime use a brush-on primer to avoid losing any features.

Reaper also offers a great beginners painting kit. This reaper miniatures learn to paint kit comes with 3 bones miniatures, 2 brushes, 11 paints, and an easy to follow guide for basic miniature painting.

How Do You Assemble a Reaper Miniature?

While most of the models that Reaper sells come already assembled, some of the larger models may require a little bit of assembly. For example, your dragon model may come with his wings de-attached. Reaper recommends using Super Glue to attach the pieces together.

To assemble a Reaper Miniature follow these steps:

  • Snip the part from the sprue (the channel through which the plastic is poured into the mold) using metal snips
  • file down the nub with sandpaper or a small file
  • use a small dab of Super Glue to attach the parts together

Final Thoughts

Reaper miniatures are a very good choice whether you’re a beginner or a professional. They are high quality, durable, and easy to paint.

Many people find that reaper miniatures do not need to be primed which helps simplify the painting process. This makes the painting process a lot more beginner friendly. If you’re brand new to painting miniatures, then the reaper miniature painting kit is an awesome way to learn.

Assembling reaper miniatures is also a fairly easy process. just cut the pieces off of the sprues, file down the leftover nub, and use super glue to attach the parts together.

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