Are Vallejo or Citadel Paints Toxic?

are vallejo or citadel paints toxic

When it comes to painting miniatures and models you want to make sure that you are safe as possible. Some paints can contain highly toxic ingredients and dangerous levels of chemicals. So it is best to ensure that your paints are non-toxic to keep you and your loved ones safe.

So, are Vallejo or citadel paints toxic? The answer is no. Thankfully, these paints are made from water-based acrylic paint, meaning that they are perfectly safe and non-toxic.

The paints are designed especially to work on plastic, resin and metal products. This means that you can rest assured that your hobby is safe.

Are Vallejo Paints Toxic or Non-Toxic?

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Vallejo has introduced a line of paints called “acrylic studio” which was designed specifically for painting and safety. This is because many hobbyists and enthusiasts swear that the paint needed dries too quickly on the tip of their brush for it to be effective. 

So, many people have started to lick the tip of their paintbrush to ensure that the paint does not dry out and stays moist long enough to be able to finish painting a part of their miniature or model. 

Of course, the alternative may seem like a good idea – adding a small amount of water – but many people have stated that this ruins the paints and makes the outcome streaky and patchy. So, instead, they prefer to lick the brush.

Of course, you have to ensure that you are not using a toxic paint if this is your method of choice. So, although it is not a good idea to eat paint by any means, Vallejo paints are non-toxic and will not cause you any harm if you need to rewet your brush with your tongue. 

Instead of purchasing a premade set of Citadel paints, we recommend building your own paint set with this build your own assortment bundle. This allows you to choose only the colors you need or want at a great value.

Is Vallejo Surface Primer Toxic?

Just as you do not want to use any toxic paints on your models or miniatures, you will not want to prepare them with any toxic surface primer. 

Some primers, such as aerosol spray can primers can require volatile solvents, or even harmful propellants, to work. This can mean that you are breathing in toxic chemicals if you do not have, and use, the correct equipment. For example, if you have little ones running around the house then having these chemicals in the air can be very dangerous.

Thankfully, the Vallejo surface primer is a polyurethane (a water-based polymer) that does not require either of these dangerous substances to work. 

Are Citadel Paints Toxic or Non-Toxic?

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Similar to Vallejo paints, Citadel paints are also non-toxic and designed to be perfectly safe for use at home painting miniatures and models. 

The base of the acrylic paint is water and there are no added chemicals or toxic substances. So, if you need to lick the tip of your artist’s brush to rewet the paint, so as to actually be able to paint carefully enough, or you or a family member accidentally ingests a small amount of the paint it will not be a fatal accident.

In fact, many hobbyists claim that the water you use to wash the brush is actually more harmful for you than the paint itself. So, it is a good idea to always make sure that you change your water pot regularly. 

Does Citadel Paint Have Lead?

The simple answer is no. No paints that are sold in the United States or Canada are allowed to contain lead, as this can be a very toxic substance and not one that can safely be used in paints. 

However, this confusion may come from the fact that some older shades of red from Citadel paints used to contain cadmium, which is considered to be toxic and harmful.

Cadmium is a heavy metal that can be very dangerous when sprayed. However, this was only found in older paints and is believed to have been removed from more recent versions.

Despite this, the rumor that Citadel paints have contained, or do contain, lead is simply not true. In fact, Citadel paints all have the ASTM D-4236 stamp of approval which means that they conform to health regulations. This also means that if any of the paint colors contained harmful substances then they would have to be obviously and clearly marked on the paint’s container.

Do Citadel Paints Have Fumes?

As we have already said, Citadel paints are water-based, which means that they will have no fumes. They are entirely non-toxic so you will have nothing to worry about health-wise when using them.

If you prefer to be on the cautious side then you can wear a mask or open a window to ventilate the room, although this is not strictly necessary.

However, if you do plan to use them in an airbrush, and hence atomize them, then you will need to invest in the proper and appropriate safety equipment. This can involve a decent mask and gloves. Although the paint is non-toxic these safety measures will ensure that you do not breath any of the paint in accidentally. 

Final Thoughts

Painting miniatures and models can be a very rewarding hobby. It takes a lot of time, skill and patience. However, you should always make sure that you are using the best and safest materials and products that you can. This will ensure that nothing in your house can accidentally cause health problems down the line.

Choosing safe products also means that you will not need to worry about having to possibly water down your paints to keep them moist for use. Instead, you can copy many other enthusiasts and lick the tip of your paintbrush in order to keep the paint usable.

If there are any harmful chemicals within the product that you want to use then typically they must be clearly labelled on the product’s packaging. If you are unsure then you can always ask online to the brand or on a forum. However, keep in mind that Vallejo and Citadel paints are free of any toxic chemicals and are completely safe to use.

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