Best Apps for Magic the Gathering Prices

best apps for magic the gathering prices

People always like to keep tabs on their Magic: The Gathering cards. It is always a good idea to have a rough idea of how much your collection is worth. So, what are the best apps for Magic: The Gathering prices?

Our favorite is MTG Manager, but MTG Familiar is a close second. Both of these are wildly used mobile apps, and they will introduce you to great features that should make price scanning easy.

Let’s detail some of the most popular apps for Magic: The Gathering prices, shall we?

Is There an App to Scan Magic: The Gathering Cards?


There are plenty of apps out there for scanning and cataloging Magic: The Gathering cards. Not only do these apps allow you to keep tabs on your MTG collection, but many of them will have extra features such as allowing you to check current pricing, etc.

Throughout the rest of this page, we are going to list some of our favorite apps for scanning and checking the prices of your Magic: The Gathering cards. There are a few apps out there, and it made choosing the best apps hard.

However, we can assure you that each and every one of these apps is great. We have listed them from the best to worst (based on our opinion). However, we are positive that you will fall in love with any of these. Check them all out. See which ones gel with you the most. 

MTG Manager

MTG Manager is the ultimate MTG app. Not only does it have a card scanner and a price search built into it, but you can also consult the rules for the games (including any errata for the cards). You also have a whole host of features that make playing the actual game a lot easier too. This includes a life counter and in-built dice.

If you want to keep tabs on your collection, then you can just scan the cards in and build up a database. It is a great way to start keeping tabs on your card collection.

On top of all of this, every single MTG card ever printed is listed, so you can browse through at your leisure. 

MTG Familiar

MTG Familiar is an app that is very similar to MTG Manager. This means the same feature sets. We recommend that you check out both apps. You may like one more than the other. We like both of them.

In our opinion, MTG Manager is better for searching for prices and deck management, while MTG Familiar works a little bit better for everything else e.g. searching for rules, creating a database of your cards, etc.

TopDecked MTG

Topdecked is one of only a few MTG card browsers that allows you to browse the database offline. Sadly, you can’t browse for prices offline. However, if you download the offline database, you can build up a wish list of cards that you want, and when you have an internet connection again, TopDecked MTG will give you the list of prices.

There are other features here too. It is an MTG companion app. You have plenty of tools that allow you to browse through cards, just in case you are looking for something in particular.

You also have a database of rules and errata for the cards. You can even see which formats the cards can be played in. Most of this information is available offline, if you download the database first.

MTG Card Scanner Delver Lens

MTG Card Scanner Delver Lens is a very basic app. It has one job and one job only. It allows you to take a photograph of your cards with your phone. Once you have taken that photograph, the card scanner will do a deep dive into the pricing history for that card and give you a rough idea of how much it is worth.

You can build up a database of your cards. This way, you can always check what the latest pricing is.

MTG Unofficial

MTG Unofficial one of the most popular MTG pricing apps around. We didn’t include it higher in the list, mostly because it is a little bit bloated if you are looking purely for a price checker. it is a complete companion app with a whole host of tools that will allow you to find the cards that you want prices on.

MTG Unofficial also includes tools to make your gameplay easier (the typical life counters, dice, etc.). On top of this, you have a wealth of tools for doing a deep dive into the years of cards that MTG has ever produced.

Sadly, since this is quite a bloated app, it doesn’t work perfectly on those older phones.


Alright. It isn’t actually a dedicated MTG app, nor does it have a card scanner built in. However, we do suggest that every MTG card collector gets eBay installed on their phones or tablets.

eBay has some of the best prices for MTG cards, and if you are after something in particular, it is always worth tapping the name into eBay to see whether you can find it at a good price. You will be surprised at how few collectors use this site for checking prices, and you may be able to save a few dollars here and there.

Of course, beyond this, the app has little in the way of use for MTG players.

Final Thoughts 

If you want the quickest way to find out the prices for your cards, we suggest that you download an app.

Many of these apps will allow you to take a photo of your card, and it will give you the latest pricing history for it.

If you are looking for the best apps for Magic: The Gathering prices, we suggest that you get started with either MTG Manager or MTG Familiar. You may also want to give eBay an install too. It isn’t a great app for scanning cards, but it can provide some extra pricing information. 

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