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Top 3 Best Magnetic Chalk Holders

best magnetic chalk holders

Magnetic chalk holders are an easy and convenient way to store your pool chalk. You can’t always rely on pool halls having chalk readily available, so carrying your own is always a good way to ensure you will always have a properly chalked cue tip.

There are tons of options available on the market when it comes to pool chalk holders. We sifted through the competition and picked out the best 3 chalk holders we feel do the best job at holding chalk.

In our comprehensive guide to the magnetic chalk holders, we’ll show you the best magnetic chalk holders on the market and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. Let’s get started.


NameOur RatingPrice

KAMUI Magnetic Hexagonal Chalk Holder
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Cuppa Billiards Portable Cue Chalk Holder4.5/5
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Mini Portable Magnetic Billiard Chalk Case Box4/5
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1- KAMUI Magnetic Hexagonal Chalk Holder

The first pick on our list is the KAMUI magnetic hexagonal chalk holder. This is a high quality product that is made in Japan.

This chalk holder was specifically designed for the KAMUI hexagonal pool chalk. It features a two magnetic system for superior holding compared to other magnetic chalk holders.

It’s small and compact size is perfect for carrying right on you. It also has a clip on it that can easily be attached to your belt or pant waist. This chalk holder comes in two different sizes, black or brown.

What we like

  • High quality/made in Japan
  • Two magnet system
  • Has a clip attached to it for portability

What we don’t like

  • Only works for hexagonal chalk

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2- Cuppa Billiards Portable Cue Chalk Holder

The next magnetic chalk holder on our list is the Cuppa Billiards Portable Cue Chalk Holder. This is another great, high quality magnetic chalk holder that is made out of an aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is very durable as well as easy to clean.

This model of chalk holder definitely stands out from the rest with its bright anodized colors. It comes in either a red, black, or blue and is exactly 30mm x 30mm x 30mm in a cubed shape.

It features eight magnet pins which are easy to both open and close. Simply rotate the pieces to easily separate them.

What we like

  • High quality
  • Holds square shaped chalk
  • Good color selection
  • Back clip can be tightened to hold the chalk in place

What we don’t like

  • Does not have a clip or keychain

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3- Mini Portable Magnetic Billiard Chalk Case Box

The last magnetic chalk holder on our list is the Mini Portable Magnetic Billiard Chalk Case Box. This high quality magnetic chalk holder is made out of an imported aluminum alloy that is very strong and easy to clean. On the surface level, it is smooth and corrosion-resistant.

This portable chalk holder is very small, portable, and light weight. It also offers a belt clip which makes it easy to carry on your belt or waist at all times.

The chalk holder also comes in a variety of colors. You can purchase it in an anodized red, blue, gold. or purple color.

What we like

  • High quality
  • Square shape
  • Belt clip

What we don’t like

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What to Look for in a Magnetic Chalk Holder

To find the best chalk holder for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.


The majority of pool chalk is square, but there are also other shapes like octagons and circles. When looking for a magnetic chalk holder, be sure to purchase one that has the same shape as your chalk, or one that is compatible with your brand of chalk


This is mostly personal preference, but many brands of magnetic chalk holders will have different colors that you can choose from.


Some magnetic chalk holders may have a clip or keychain attached to it for easy portability. Purchase a magnetic chalk holder based on your preferred method of carrying your chalk.

Best Magnetic Chalk Holder Brands


Kamui is a brand that has been around for over 14 years. They made it their priority to start by producing the best possible products for consumers to buy. Over the years they have been able to product the number one tip on the market in terms of playability and consistency.

Due to their high quality products, they have been able to partner with some of the biggest names in the industry. This has allowed them to be widely known among many pool players all around the world.

As of today, they are still constantly improving on all of their products to continue their ongoing mission of providing the best equipment possible.


How Do You Use a Magnetic Chalk Holder?

Magnetic chalk holders are simply chalk holders that have magnetic closures for ease of access and use. Simply remove the top of your chalk holder, place your chalk inside, and put the lid on.

Some chalk holders have a tightening system to help hold your chalk in place

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best magnetic chalk holder is the KAMUI Magnetic Hexagonal Chalk Holder. Although it is made to be used solely with the KAMUI pool chalk brand, there is no doubting that it is both high quality, and very portable due to its waist clip.

If you do not use or have hexagonal chalk, then our second pick would be the Cuppa Billiards Portable Cue Chalk Holder. It offers a square shaped, high quality magnetic holder that comes in a variety of colors.

Whichever magnetic chalk holder you choose for your pool chalk, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!

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