Best Places to Buy Candle Making Supplies

Best Places to Buy Candle Making Supplies

The art of candle making can be either a hobby or a business opportunity. It can be a creatively rewarding process to watch a bunch of different materials turn into something that can warm up a home and transport you somewhere else with its scent. There are ample places to purchase candle making supplies both in-store and online, regardless of your budget. 

You might like to pick up things here and there to slowly build your inventory for when the inspiration strikes to get creative. It is also possible to buy supplies in bulk if you have the space to store the essentials. You will definitely need wax, wicks, candle tools such as scissors and scoops, as well as containers to bring it all together. 

Candle making kits can be a great place to start your collection if you are considering candle making for the first time. Regardless of if you are a seasoned candle maker or are hoping to learn the craft, and regardless of where you live, you can find candle making supplies at some of the highly recommended places below. 

Candle Science 

Candle Science is an online store that allows you to purchase a variety of candle making supplies, among other things, at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities. You are also able to receive discounts on larger volume orders, which is a bonus. 

Candle Science is a favorite among small businesses, hobbyists, and everything in between for candle supplies, and they also work to minimize their environmental footprint as much as they can with their shipping practices. 

Shoppers can find scents, different types of wax, containers, and wicks, as well as candle making kits and molds. 


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Amazon is one of those online stores where you can find just about everything. Candle making supplies in small or bulk orders is also on that list of things Amazon offers. 

Amazon offers everything from entire candle making kits to large quantities of typical candle making supplies, including wicks, containers, and wax. It’s a good destination for just getting started, and is perfect for people who want to pick up candle making as a hobby

To check the current price and availability of candle making supplies, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Village Craft and Candle

Village Craft And Candle ships an extensive collection of candle making supplies, available in bulk orders if needed, throughout Canada and the United States. There are many scents to choose from, with one of the best selections of fragrances in various forms that can be found in candle making stores.

They also sell different types of wax and wicks, as well as containers to create your candles in. They also have molds and dyes, as well as candle making kits if you are just starting to stock up on your candle making supplies. 


Michaels is a popular craft and hobby shop in Canada and the United States. You can shop online or in-store for craft supplies for just about any craft you can imagine, including candle making. 

Supplies that can be found at Michaels include different types of waxes and wicks, as well as a few candle making tools. There is also a small selection of candle making accessories and candle making kits, as well as fragrances and molds. 


Wal-Mart can be found just about anywhere, and what’s more, you can find just about anything there. This includes a plethora of crafting supplies, and of course, candle making supplies. 

You can buy bundles of candle making supplies within kits or on their own, including waxes, wicks, containers, and tools. Wal-Mart tends to be organized pretty well in store, meaning you won’t have to do a lot of searching for the candle supplies you need. You can also shop online from the comfort of your home. 

JoAnn Fabrics

JoAnn Fabrics is a favorite for craft lovers, and unlike their namesake, they don’t only sell fabric. They also have a small selection of candle making supplies within their crafty repertoire. 

Shoppers can find wax, fragrance oils, and candle making tools, as well as candle making kits with a variety of supplies. You can also find a few different styles of containers and wicks. If you don’t have access to a physical store, they also offer online shopping. 

Thrift Stores

You would be hard pressed to find candle making supplies at your local thrift store, but it is an excellent place to find creative candle containers for a low cost. 

You don’t have to just stick with the classics, like mason jars, votive holders, and glass jars. There is an opportunity to get really creative without spending a lot of money. Consider items like mugs, teacups, small vases, and vintage metal tins and jars as a blank canvas for a truly unique candle. 

Lone Star Candle Supply 

Not only can you purchase candle making supplies from Lone Star Candle Supply, but you can also up your game when it comes to candle making. They have their own Candle Making University, where you can find guides and how-to practicum on different aspects of making candles. 

You can also purchase candle making kits if you’re just getting started, or stock up on supplies like wax, wicks, and dyes. They also stock labels and containers in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as fragrances and so much more. 

Final Thoughts

Candle making requires a lot of precision and patience, but it can be a therapeutic experience. It’s rewarding to make something from scratch that offers serenity and beauty to a home. With the rise in popularity of candle making, as well as the love of candles in general, the demand for homemade candles will only grow. 

You can simply get started with a kit and go from there. You can keep the candles for yourself or consider starting a small business or sell your wares at markets. The opportunities are endless for where candle making can take you. No matter where you live, you can find one of the best places to buy candle making supplies to get crafting as soon as inspiration strikes.

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