Top 3 Best Pool Table Score Keepers

best pool table score keepers

Having a pool table score keeper is a must have item for your pool table. It’s an easy and convenient way to keep track of both players scores without losing track of it mid-game.

With all the different options on the market for pool table score keepers, it can be hard to choose the best one for your needs. We sifted through the market and found the best score keepers for your pool table in terms of price and style.

In our comprehensive guide to the best pool table score keepers, we’ll show you the best score keepers on the market and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. Let’s get started.


NameOur RatingPrice

CueStix International Stained Wood Score Board
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BALIKEN Brass and Mahogany Wall-Mounted Scoreboard4.5/5
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Pool Table Wooden Beads Scoring System4/5
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1- CueStix International Stained Wood Score Board

The first score keeper on our list is the CueStix International Stained Wood Score Board. This score keeper keeps it classic with its simple colors and simple design. This high quality, wooden score keeper is perfect for almost any setup.

The two attached sliders are easy to use. Many users actually complained that the sliders are little too easy to slide and that they prefer it if it wasn’t that easy.

Attached to the top of the score keeper is two hanging hooks. Unfortunately, these two hooks are not the best quality, and many users have actually resorted to drilling their own holes on the back of this score keeper to have it mounted on the wall more securely.

What we like

  • Made out of high quality wood
  • Easily adjusted sliders for keeping score
  • Comes with built in hooks for mounting

What we don’t like

  • Pricey
  • Mounting hooks do not work very well
  • Sliders are moved too easily.

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2- BALIKEN Brass and Mahogany Wall-Mounted Scoreboard

The next pool table score keeper on our list is the BALIKEN Brass and Mahogany Wall-Mounted Scoreboard. This is another beautiful wooden score keeper. We believe that this one has a sleeker and more classic look than the previous score keeper. This score keeper is made out of wood and brass to give it that special touch. It will go with just about any pool table setup.

Attached to the top of this score keeper is hooks that can be used to easily mount this to the wall. Unfortunately, these hooks are similar to the first score keeper that we had. Many users have also stated that the mounting for this score keeper is not good and that they went ahead and performed their own way of mounting this by simple modifications that can be done with a few screws and anchors

What we like

  • Made out of high quality wood and brass
  • Has mounting hooks
  • Score sliders are easy to slide

What we don’t like

  • Mounting hooks are low quality

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3- Pool Table Wooden Beads Scoring System

The last pool table score keeper on our list is the Pool Table Wooden Beads Scoring System. This score keeper is different from the other two picks that we had. Billiard scoring beads require a little bit more work to set up properly, but are awesome once they are mounted.

One cool feature about billiard scoring beads is that you can use your pool cue to slide over the beads whenever you or your opponent scores.

What we like

  • Fun and unique way to keep score
  • High quality
  • Low price

What we don’t like

  • Requires extra preparation and mounting

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What to Look for in a Pool Table Score Keeper

To find the best scorekeeper for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.


Choosing a high quality score keeper that is made out of wood would be the best option. A wooden score keeper will last you for years to come and will look great on just about any pool table.

The majority of score keepers that are made out of wood will be made out of oak or another similar style of wood.


The next thing to look for in a score keeper is the style. There are a few types of different styles of score keepers. One style is a simple wall mounted score keeper, which is probably one of the most common.

The other type of score keeper that you will see are called billiard scoring beads. Billiard scoring beads are traditionally placed right over the pool table, but they can also be placed onto the wall.

Best Pool Table Score Keeper Brands


CueStix has been around for almost 30 years. They have a simple philosophy that they live by, and that’s that every order is important, and to treat each and every customer with respect.

CueStix is a family owned and operated business. Their work is built with passion and love for the game of billiards and they strive to have the best customer service out of any company out there.


How Do You Use Billiard Scoring Beads?

In order to properly use billiard scoring beads, they first need to be mounted correctly right above the pool table. Once they are properly hung up, they will have two colors. These colors will represent the players that are currently playing the game.

The tens are noted with big markers, while the fives are noted with opposite-color beads. A single bead represents a single point. Billiard scoring beads were made so that you can use your pool cue to slide over the appropriate score during the game.

How Do You Score Points in Billiards?

Scoring points in billiards is achieved by potting the balls. A ball is considered potted when the cue ball knocks it into a pocket.

English billiards rules and regulations has 3 different ways you can score points:

2 Points: A canon shot where the cue ball hits both other balls.

2 Points: Potting or going in off your opponent’s ball.

3 Points: Potting or going in off the red ball.

Final Thoughts

Having a score keeper for your pool table is a must have accessory. It makes it really easy and convenient to keep score during matches. It can be easy to lose track of score, especially in an intense and fast paced game.

With the options that are available on the market, it really is personal preference if you would prefer to have billiard scoring beads or a mountable score keeper. We recommend going with a basic score keeper that can easily be mounted as they are easier to set up than scoring beads.

Whichever score keeper you choose for your pool table, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!

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