Best Shuffleboard Table – 7 Options from 3ft to 22ft

Best Shuffleboard Table

Best Shuffleboard Table – 7 Products from Entry Level to Super Premium

If you’re looking for an exciting new way to have fun with your friends and family, a shuffleboard table is a perfect way to do it! But with so many different tables, how can you tell which one is the right for you? Read on to find out about the best shuffleboard tables available today!

What Are the Specific Features You Need to Consider for a Shuffleboard Table?

When choosing a shuffleboard table, there are several specific features you need to take into account. These features include:

  • The Surface of the Table

If you’re considering a shuffleboard table, one of the most important factors is the table’s surface. The playing surface should be made of material that can withstand the elements, like tempered glass or marine-grade polymer, especially if you think of bringing the table outdoors. It’s also essential to ensure that the surface is level and even, without any cracks or divots that could affect gameplay.

  • The Size of the Table

Size is an important consideration when looking for a shuffleboard table. You want to ensure that the table is large enough for your needs and will fit in your available space. There are a few sizes of tables available, so you must take measurements before purchasing.

The table’s weight is the other thing you need to consider when it comes to size. If you move the table around, you must ensure it is light enough. Some tables can be cumbersome, so you may need help from someone else when it comes time to move them.

  • The Material of the Table

Another essential feature is the material used. Some typical materials used for tables include aluminum, plastic, and wood.

Aluminum tables are typically the most affordable option, but they may not be as durable as tables made from other materials. Plastic tables are also reasonably cheap and often more durable than aluminum ones, but wood tables may be more sturdy. Wood tables are usually the most expensive option but the most durable and sturdy.

  • Price of the Table

There are a variety of shuffleboard tables on the market, and the price can be a significant deciding factor for which table you ultimately choose. Consider how much you’re willing to spend on the table and any features or add-ons that may affect the price.

Some shuffleboard tables come with built-in scorekeepers, while others have unique weatherproofing treatments that help protect the table from the elements. Other factors like size and weight can also affect the price, so be sure to take all of these things into consideration before making your final decision.

  • Climatic Adjusters

Another feature to look for is climatic adjusters. These allow you to adjust the table’s playing surface slightly to account for temperature and humidity changes. Without these adjusters, your table could become warped or uneven, making it challenging to play on.

7 Best Shuffleboard Tables Summary

Do You Put Salt or Sand on a Shuffleboard Table?

The short answer is that it depends on the type of shuffleboard table you have. For example, a tournament-style table generally requires sand, while you can play a home table with either salt or sand.

If you’re using salt, the key is to ensure that the crystals are small enough not to scratch the table’s surface. You’ll also want to use a brush to spread an even layer of salt over the playing surface.

Sand, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be as finely ground and can be poured onto the playing surface. Once again, you’ll want to use a brush to ensure that the sand is evenly distributed.

So, which should you use – salt or sand? Ultimately, it’s up to you and what type of shuffleboard table you have. If unsure, ask a professional or consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Much Is a Good Shuffleboard?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a Shuffleboard, such as size, quality, and features. The price will also vary depending on the brand and where you buy it from. However, a good rule of thumb is to budget at least $500 for a quality shuffleboard table.

Size is an important consideration when choosing a shuffleboard. You’ll want to ensure that the table is large enough to accommodate your needs. You’ll need a larger table if you plan on playing with a large group of people. Conversely, if you only plan on playing with a few people, you can get away with a smaller table.

The quality of the shuffleboard also plays a role in the price. Higher-end tables are made from better materials and will last longer than cheaper models. If you’re looking for a table that will last for years, you should be willing to spend more money upfront.

Finally, the features of the shuffleboard can also affect the price. Some tables come with unique features like scoring systems or storage cabinets. If these features are essential to you, you should be willing to pay more.

What Is the Powder on Shuffleboard Tables?

The powder on shuffleboard tables is a mixture of corn meal and dried silicone beads. This combination provides a smooth, fast surface for the puck to slide on.

Corn meal is an essential element on shuffleboard. This substance is applied to the surface of shuffleboard tables to provide a smooth, fast-playing surface. Without cornmeal, the puck would not slide as quickly, and the game would be less enjoyable. In addition to its role in the game, cornmeal helps keep the table clean and debris-free.

On the other hand, dried silicone beads are often used on shuffleboard tables to provide a smooth, fast-playing surface. The beads help to reduce friction between the puck and the playing surface, which results in a faster, more enjoyable game. In addition to their function on shuffleboard tables, dried silicone beads can be used for other purposes, such as arts and crafts projects.

This combination of corn meal and dried silicone beads makes for a faster, more consistent game of shuffleboard. It also helps prolong the table’s life by preventing moisture damage and wear and tear.

What Are Table Shuffleboard Rules?

Table shuffleboard is a game that people of all ages and skill levels can play. The game’s object is to score points by sliding weighted discs down a long, smooth table into a scoring area at the other end. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Here are the rules of the Table Shuffleboard:

  1. All players must follow a few basic rules to play the game correctly.
  2. Each player must have their own set of discs that are different colors from their opponents.
  3. Players take turns sliding their discs down the table, one at a time.
  4. Once all the discs have been played, the player with the disc closest to the scoring area receives one point for each disc closer to their opponent’s nearest disc. If both players have discs in the same scoring area, those discs cancel each other out, and no points are awarded.
  5. Finally, if a player knocks another player’s disc off the table, that player automatically loses two points.

You can play table shuffleboard with anywhere from two to four players at a time. If you are playing with four players, it is best to divide into teams of two so that you can keep track of your team’s score. If you are playing with only two players, you can keep track of your score.

When starting the game, each player must choose which end of the table they would like to play from. To decide this, each player must shoot one puck from their end of the table toward the other end.

The player whose puck is closest to the far end of the table gets to choose which end they would like to play from. Once both players have chosen their ends, they may start shooting their pucks toward the other player’s end of the table. The first player to score 15 points wins the game.

Shuffleboard Table Size

A regulation shuffleboard table is nine feet long, but you can find tables as short as seven feet and as long as 22 feet. More extended tables allow more players and more shots per game, but they may be more challenging to control.

Shorter tables are easier to manage but limit the number of players and attempts per game. You’ll also find different widths available, from two feet up to six feet wide. More comprehensive tables provide more space for shots and help keep the puck in play longer, while narrower tables may be more challenging.

Best Overall Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

The Georgetown shuffleboard table by Playcraft is our pick for the best overall table. It features a 12-foot playing surface ideal for casual and competitive play. The solid wood construction and classic design make it a beautiful addition to any game room. The table has everything you need to get started, including pucks, wax, and a rule book.


  • Large playing surface – plenty of room for multiple players
  • Smooth, fast playing surface – ideal for competitive games
  • Well-constructed – sturdy, and built to last
  • Classic design – will never go out of style
  • Attractive – will be a focal point in any game room.


  • Pricey – this is a high-end shuffleboard table
  • Requires regular maintenance – must be waxed and polished regularly to keep the playing surface smooth.

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Best Entry Level Shuffleboard Table

GoSports Shuffleboard 2-in-1 Board


The GoSports Shuffleboard 2-in-1 Board is the perfect entry-level board for anyone looking to get into the game. This board features a sturdy build that can withstand heavy use, and it comes with everything you need to get started, including pucks and wax. It’s also easy to set up and take down, so you can enjoy a game anywhere.


  • Two-in-one design is versatile and convenient.
  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some parts are plastic and not as durable as other materials.
  • It can be challenging to keep the playing surface level.
  • Not suitable for advanced or competitive play.

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Best Premium Best Shuffleboard Table

The Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Urban Collection - Billiard and Shuffleboard Game Table Combination Set

The Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table is one of the best premium outdoor shuffleboard tables on the market. It features a 12′ playing surface, making it perfect for competitive play. The table also has a powder-coated aluminum frame and legs, making it highly durable. Additionally, the table comes with all the necessary accessories for play, including 4 pucks, 2 chalk pieces, and a rule book.


  • The sleek, modern design 
  • Built with quality materials, making it a durable option for long-term use
  • A large playing surface is perfect for competitive games or family fun
  • Scoring system and other accessories
  • One-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction


  • The price is on the high end
  • Some assembly is required

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Best 9ft Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway Daulton 9-ft Shuffleboard Table


The Hathaway Daulton 9-ft Shuffleboard Table is one of the best on the market for several reasons. Firstly, it is made from high-quality materials, including a scratch-resistant laminate playing surface. Secondly, it comes with everything you need to start, including pucks and wax. Thirdly, it has a sleek design that will look great in any home. Finally, it is straightforward to assemble and comes with clear instructions.


  • It is a full-size table that can accommodate up to eight people
  • It has a smooth, fast-playing surface
  • The table is made of high-quality materials and construction
  • It comes with everything you need to play, including pucks and wax
  • It has a storage drawer for easy access to game accessories


  • The price may be too high for some people
  • The table is very heavy and difficult to move around

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Best 12ft Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Extera 12” Outdoor Shuffleboard Table


If you’re looking for a top-quality shuffleboard table that will provide hours of fun and entertainment, the Playcraft Extera 12″ Outdoor Shuffleboard Table is a great option. This table is made from durable materials and features a smooth playing surface so that you can enjoy competitive games with friends and family. The table also includes a storage cabinet for storing game accessories, making it a convenient option for your home or office.


  • Robust and durable construction
  • Large playing surface
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price


  • The playing surface may not be completely level
  • It may not be suitable for very competitive play

Check the Playcraft Extera 12″ Outdoor Shuffleboard Table’s latest prices on Amazon

Best 16 Ft Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Columbia River Chetnut

Playcraft Columbia River chetnut pro-style Shuffleboard Tabla, 16

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a shuffleboard table, and the Colombia River 16 ft model by Plycraft is one of the best on the market. This model is made from high-quality materials and construction, which is evident in its solid build. It also has a nice set of accessories, including pucks, wax, and a scoring device. The playing surface is smooth and level, providing an enjoyable experience for all players. Additionally, the price point is very reasonable for such a high-quality product.


  • Stable and well-built
  • Good value for the price
  • It can accommodate up to 8 people
  • It comes with a canopy and storage cover


  • The boat is not self-bailing, so it can take on water in rough conditions
  • The boat is not particularly fast or maneuverable

Check the Colombia River 16 ft model by Plycraft’s latest prices on Amazon

Best 22 Ft Shuffleboard Table

Dakota Shuffleboard Table 

The best Shuffleboard Table 22 Ft is the Dakota Shuffleboard Table. It’s a classic design that has been around for centuries and is still popular today. This table is an excellent option for those who have the space to accommodate it.

A 22′ Dakota Shuffleboard table is constructed from solid maple wood and has a smooth, laminate playing surface that is easy on the discs. It also features gutters on both sides to keep the discs in play and prevent them from flying off the table. The legs are adjustable so you can level the playing surface, regardless of where it’s placed in your home.


  • The table is made of high-quality materials
  • It is an excellent size for family gatherings or game nights
  • The table has a classic design that will never go out of style
  • It is easy to assemble and can be enjoyed for years to come
  • The table comes with all the necessary accessories for hours of fun


  • The table is expensive
  • The table is heavy and difficult to move


When choosing the best shuffleboard table, consider size, materials used, and other features. It would be best if you also determined what gameplay you plan on doing with the board to narrow down which is suitable for you. With these tips in mind, we are confident anyone can find the perfect shuffleboard table for their home or business entertainment setup.

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