Top 5 Best Sports Card Stands

Best Sports Card Stands

Being able to display your valuable sports card is a great accomplishment for any collector. What better way to show off your most valuable cards than with a card stand? Card stands are a great way to show off the best cards in your collection.

With so many different sports card stands on the market, it can be hard to choose just the right one. They all come in a variety of styles, colors, and quality. We’ve looked through the market and picked out what we believe to be the best sports card stands.

In our comprehensive guide to the best sports card stands, we’ll show you the best stands on the market for the money and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. Let’s get started.


NameOur RatingPrice

BCW 2-Piece Card Display Stands
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Ultra Pro Two-Piece Small Stand for Card Holders4.5/5
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Acrylic Card Stands by BCW4/5
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1- BCW 2-Piece Card Display Stands

Our top pick is the BCW 2-Piece Card Display Stands. The reason we selected these first is because they are very cost effective and they fit just about any type of card case. Your cards can be inside of a top loader, a screwdown, or magnetic case and still be able to be properly displayed.

Not only are they cheap and very versatile, but they are a two-piece design which allow some adjustability unlike some other sports card stands on the market.

Most of the customer reviews are overall positive. Many boast how much of a great value these are as well as being packaged very well. Each and every stand has its own plastic wrap around it to avoid any scratching during shipment.

What we like

  • Very cost effective
  • Two-piece
  • Fits top loaders, magnetics, screwdowns, etc

What we don’t like

  • May break easily

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2- Ultra Pro Two-Piece Small Stand for Card Holders

The next stand on our list is the Ultra Pro two-piece small stand for card holders. Ultra PRO is the leading manufacturer when it comes to collectible accessories, and their stands show that in their quality and design. This comprehensive two-piece design allows you to easily mount just about any card holder.

This stand will hold cards that are in toploaders, one-touches, screwdowns, frames, and more. Everything in this stand was designed to be hidden to minimize the disruption of display for your cards. This listing comes with a pack of 5 stands which also makes this a great value.

What we like

  • Two-piece design
  • Holds many different types of card holders

What we don’t like

  • Some users found this stand to be too flimsy

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3- Acrylic Card Stands by BCW

The next stand on our list is the Acrylic Card Stands by BCW. At a quick glance, this is a simple hard acrylic stand for your card holders. It is pretty much basic, but it gets the job done.

It’s made of a high grade and durable acrylic to help withstand cracks and breaks. These stands come in a convenient pack of 10 and are crystal clear to make your displayed cards look elegant and flawless. These are also a great multipurpose stand which can be used for a multitude of different items like name cards, business cards, photos, etc.

Packaging and shipping is also done individually for added protection to prevent any breaks during shipping.

What we like

  • Good Value
  • Multi-Purpose

What we don’t like

  • Basic design

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4- SP Images Small Lucite Stand Card Holder

The next card stand in our list is the SP Images Small Lucite Stand Card Holder. It has a standard design and is able to fit many different types of card cases. It is made out of a clear, hard acrylic plastic. It’s very strong, small, and compact and will barely be noticeable while your cards are being displayed.

One issue with these are that they will scratch and break pretty easily. Some users have even reported that their stands came damaged with scratches and markings on them.

What we like

  • Great value

What we don’t like

  • May arrive broken/poor shipping
  • Basic design

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5- BCW Foldable Card Stand

We added the BCW Foldable Card Stand in black as our last pick due to its unique design. It’s black and foldable which makes this great if you want to change up our display of clear acrylic stands.

The BCW foldable Card Stand will be able to accommodate most card holders and displays. Installation is very easy Simply unfold the stand and place your card holder onto it.

What we like

  • Black
  • Foldable

What we don’t like

  • Pricey

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What to Look for in a Sports Card Stand

To find the best sports card stand for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.


Card stands will come in a variety of dimensions. When purchasing a stand, be sure that it is able to support the type of card case you will be placing in it. Magnetic card holders, top loaders, and other hard acrylic cases will be different sizes and will need a certain sized stand.

We recommend using a two-piece case stand like BCW or Ultra PRO as these will be the most universal stands when it comes to being able to fit a number of different card cases.


Card stands will usually come in a clear plastic or black color. Color is strictly personal preference, but the standard is crystal clear as it blends nicely with just about any collection/display.

Best Sports Card Stand Brands

Ultra PRO

Ultra PRO is probably the biggest name when it comes to the gaming and collectible industry. They have it all. From card sleeves to binders, they have all the bases covered when it comes to providing your collection with maximum storage and protection.

Ultra PRO has been around since the 1950’s and they have no plans of slowing down their production and lineup of accessories. As a top-tier brand, they will always have competition.

Competitors like BCW, Ultimate Guard, and Dragon Shield have all paved their own paths in the marketplace, but Ultra PRO is so mainstream that they can be found in just about every retail or hobby store.


BCW is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to hobby supplies. They may not be as quite as big as Ultra PRO, but they are definitely getting there. BCW was founded back in 1981 in Indiana. For over 30 years now BCW has been creating high quality, low cost products for consumers to store, protect, and display their collections.

Within their 70,000 square foot facility, they have over 3$ million in inventory to ensure that all of their distributors and hobby stores are properly supplied.

In 2015, BCW changed for the better as they released their new line of gaming card storage supplies at GenCon. The demand for new and innovative gaming products encouraged the BCW team to deliver.


How Do I Display My Sports Cards?

Sports cards can be displayed in a variety of ways. One way to display your sports cards is to use a card case to display them in on the wall.

Another way to display your sports cards is by simply using a stand. Using a stand to show off your most valuable sports cards is a nice way to single them out of your collection.

How Do You Display PSA Slabs?

To display your PSA slabs you can simply place them on a sports card stand, or inside of a display case. We recommend displaying your most valuable PSA slabs by using a sports card stand that is compatible with PSA slabs.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best stand for your card holders is the BCW 2-Piece Card Display Stands. These stands are very cost effective and they are shipped with the utmost care as to not be scratched during shipment. They will also fit just about any card holder which makes it very versatile.

The runner up is none other than the Ultra Pro Two-Piece Small Stand for Card Holders. This card stand is very similar to that of the BCW, however the build quality of this stand is a little lackluster and may feel more flimsy. Due to the similar design and price, we think this is a solid second choice.

Whichever stand you choose for your sports cards, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!

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