Top 5 Best Toploaders for Pokemon Cards

best toploaders for pokemon cards

Toploaders are a great way to keep your most prized Pokemon cards in as mint condition as possible. Toploaders not only offer superb protection for your cards, but they are also a great way to display or showcase your most valuable cards.

With all the different brands of toploaders on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one. We looked through the market and brought you some of the best

In our comprehensive guide to the best toploaders for Pokemon cards, we’ll show you the best toploaders on the market and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. Let’s get started.


NameOur RatingPrice

Ultra Pro 3″ X 4″ Regular Toploader
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TitanShield 3″ x 4″ Toploaders4.5/5
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BCW 3″ x 4″ Topload Card Holder4/5
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1- Ultra Pro 3″ X 4″ Regular Toploader

The number one pick on our list is none other than the Ultra PRO regular sized toploader. Ultra PRO has been a leader in the industry of collectible gaming accessories, so it’s not a doubt that we decided to place them at the top pick.

Each pack comes with 25 individual toploaders. Depending on the amount of cards you plan on putting into toploaders, you may need to look for bulk packs that are larger than 25. The size of these toploaders were made to be able to store cards up to 35 points of thickness.

The main characteristic that makes these toploaders so sought after by collectors is their quality. The plastic is made with a super clear, rigid PVC. This helps protect against scratches and bends. Unfortunately, these toploaders do tend to show scratches easily on the outside if you aren’t being careful.

These toploaders are also highly recommended to be coupled and used with the Ultra PRO Premium Card Sleeves as well as their regular card sleeves.

What we like

  • Standard sized
  • High quality rigid PVC

What we don’t like

  • Quality control issues
  • Pricey
  • Shows scratches on outside

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2- TitanShield 3″ x 4″ Toploaders

The next toploader on our list is the TitanShield 3″ x 4″ Toploader. TitanShield is in our number two spot, and with good reason. They are a newcomer to the game which means that they have a lot to prove, especially with all the veterans like Ultra PRO and BCW controlling the market.

These toploaders come in a huge box of 100 count which puts them a little cheaper than the Ultra PRO toploaders. Now upon first glance, the packaging has an awesome graphic and looks awesome. But, what about the actual toploaders? They are pretty much crystal clear and look great. They are made with an ultra clear PVC plastic which has similar protection to many of the other top brands on the market.

The size of these toploaders are made to be compatible with Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, and most sports cards on the market. Similar to that of Ultra PRO, these toploaders will effectively fit cards up to 35 points of thickness.

These toploaders are also designed to perfect align with the TitanShield premium card sleeves as well as with their perfect fit inner card sleeves.

What we like

  • Great price
  • Good Quality
  • Ultra clear

What we don’t like

  • Quality control issues/inconsistencies

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3- BCW 3″ x 4″ Topload Card Holder

Number 3 on our list is the BCW 3″ x 4″ Topload Card Holder. BCW is another big competitor in the space of gaming collectibles and accessories, and with good reason. BCW is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to storage and protection.

These toploaders come with 25 per pack and are made with high-quality, rigid PVC. They are ultra clear and measure at 3″ x 4″.

These run a little bit smaller than the Ultra PRO and TitanShield toploaders, but should still be able to hold your Pokemon cards just fine. These toploaders are labeled as fitting cards up to 20 points, so these will be a nice and snug fit.

What we like

  • Low price
  • High quality rigid PVC
  • Clear

What we don’t like

  • Tight fit
  • Quality control issues/inconsistencies

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4- Go Delight Topload Card Holders 3″ x 4″

The next toploader on our list is the Go Delight Topload Card Holders 3″ x 4″. These toploaders are made by a private label company that goes by the name of Go Delight. Usually private label companies create products as cheaply as possible and offer bad quality products, and these seem to be somewhere in the middle.

These toploaders offer decent protection and are ultra clear and durable. They aren’t the best in terms of quality if that’s what you are after. One really good trait with these toploaders is that they leave minimal footprint. They are lightweight and easier to use than other brands. Simply separate the side of the toploaders and slide your card inside. This can be both a pro or a con depending on how you look at it.

A toploader that is too easy to use may cause your card to move around on the inside. Having a snug and tight fitting toploader will help minimize the card moving around on the inside.

What we like

  • Easy to use/place cards into
  • Durable

What we don’t like

  • Quality control issues
  • Low quality toploaders

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5- Monster Pro-Tech Premium Top Loaders 3″ x 4″

The last toploader on our list is the Monster Pro-Tech Premium Top Loaders 3″ x 4″. These toploaders come in a huge pack of 100, and the value is almost unbeatable. Usually when you get too much of something for a low price it screams low quality, but is this the case?

Since this is a fairly new brand of toploader, it’s hard to tell how good their toploaders really are. So far, many of the reviews seem to be overwhelming positive saying that these toploaders are very good.

These toploaders are designed to fit all Yugioh, Pokemon, sports cards, and Magic the Gathering. They will fit up to a 35 point thickness card which is what the regular size is for a toploader. They are also ultra clear, and will prevent your cards from being bent, scratched, as well as minimize dust and dirt accumulation.

What we like

  • Very good price

What we don’t like

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What to Look for in a Toploader

To find the best toploader for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.

Best Toploader Brands

Ultra PRO

Ultra PRO is one of the leading brands when it comes to everything gaming. They carry just about anything you can think of from card sleeves and binders, to toploaders and deck boxes. Ultra PRO has been around since the early 1950’s and have definitely earned themselves a top spot when it comes to gaming accessories.

Their brand can be found in just about every retail store around the world. From big name retailers like Target and Walmart, it isn’t hard to find an Ultra PRO product. They market and sell their products through a huge top-tier network of over 120 distributors worldwide. They have distributors and customers in North America, Europe, and even Asia.


BCW is committed to providing exceptional customer support while also providing the best value and quality products. They were founded back in 1981 and have since then been manufacturing high quality products that are designed to protect and store gaming collectibles.

BCW currently serves over 100,000 customers all around the world which makes them one of the largest brands in the industry next to Ultra PRO.


TitanShield was newly created in 2017 by a crew of avid gamers. They started TitanShield with the intent to bring innovative and high quality products to the market as they saw a gap. Many of today’s gaming accessories were either very expensive, or unreliable. BCW’s goal is to make their brand stand out somewhere in the middle of affordable and high quality.

TitanShield started off small by just offering a small selection of card sleeves. They have grown since then and now offer a wide variety of items. Some other products that they offer are deck boxes, storage boxes, as well as playmat tubes.


What Top Loaders Do You Use for Pokemon Cards?

You should be using standard sized toploaders for your Pokemon cards. Anything other than standard size may either be too small or too big to safely house and store your cards.

Standard sized toploaders are also 3″ x 4″ which can usually be found on the front of the packaging.

How to Put Pokemon Cards in Top Loader

It can be easy to accidently damage or bend your card, especially if you have never used a toploader in the past. Using a toploader isn’t that difficult. Simple pry apart the side and slide your card into the middle.

Some toploaders will be easier to split open than others, and we already addressed this previously that this can be both a bad or a good characteristic.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best toploader for your Pokemon cards are the Ultra Pro 3″ X 4″ Regular Toploader. These toploaders have proven the test of time. Ultra PRO always delivers high quality products that can be found in almost any retail store in the entire world. The high quality and ease of purchasing makes this our top pick.

Our runner up is the TitanShield 3″ x 4″ Toploaders. These are the next best pick in our opinion as they offer some of the clearest toploaders you will ever see on the market. They look great, and they are also very durable which makes them a great first or second choice depending on your personal preference.

Whichever toploader you choose for your Pokemon cards, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!

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