Can a DSL Cable Go Bad?

Can a Dsl Cable Go Bad

A DSL cable can definitely go bad. The DSL cable going from your modem to your telephone jack can go bad, as well as the DSL wiring on the outside of your home from the telephone company.

The integrity of your DSL cable can lead to intermittent service as well as a total loss of service. The DSL cable we will be referring to, also known as an rj11 cable, is the telephone cord that goes from your modem into your phone jack.

There are many reasons a DSL cable can go bad, but the most common occurrence of these cables going bad is by them being smashed by a heavy object.

How Long Do DSL Cables Last?

If proper maintenance is kept with your DSL cable, it can last for years. For the most part, these cables don’t necessarily go bad. They mostly go bad if they become damaged. Excessive pulling, placing heavy objects onto the cord, or even an animal biting the cord can cause it to go bad.

If your DSL cable is not within view or reach, it will typically last you for years to come. If it is out in the open, then it is more likely to be damaged from members within the household or animals.

It is recommended to keep your DSL cable out of reach, or to keep it shielded so that its integrity cannot be compromised.

How Do I Test My DSL Cable?

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The most accurate way to test your DSL cable is by using a network cable tester. These testers are great for testing ethernet cables as well as DSL cables. Simply plug one end of your DSL cable into your telephone jack and the other end into the tester. The tester will notify you if it is faulty or if it is good.

Another method is by calling your internet service provider. They will be able to test your line to see if there are any issues somewhere along the loop. This could be an issue inside your home, or outside where the facilities lie.

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Can I Replace My DSL Cable?

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A DSL cable can definitely be replaced. Before purchasing a new cable altogether, you can check around your home for a spare telephone cable because these will do just fine. A DSL cable is simply a telephone cord with two pairs on the inside.

If you do not have a spare cable lying around, than purchasing any RJ11 cable will suffice. This is the standard cable used for DSL and telephones.

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How Do I Fix My DSL Cable?

The only way to fix a damaged DSL cable is to cut off the damaged portion and crimp on a new end. This process involves special tools that require experience or training to use.

This work is typically only done by experienced telephone technicians or people with the understanding of working with copper wire.

In all other instances, it is cheaper and easier to just purchase a brand new DSL cable than trying to fix or repair it.

Final Thoughts

A bad or failing DSL cable can definitely happen, and a series of issues can arise. You can experience unstable internet with constant dropouts, or you can experience working but very slow service. Both of these issues can arise from a bad or damaged DSL cable.

A DSL cable can go bad from being damaged. Excessing pulling, placing heavy objects on top of the cable, or an animal tearing or chewing it apart are some of the most common occurrences of damaged DSL cables.

The easiest way to repair a bad DSL cable is to just change it altogether. Replacing it with a spare phone cord in your home or by purchasing a new RJ11 cord are the easiest ways to repair your internet.

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