Can a DSL Modem Be Used as a Wireless Router?

Can a DSL Modem Be Used as a Wireless Router

A DSL modem can be used as a wireless router, but it must be able to transmit WiFi in order to do this. Not all DSL modems have built-in WiFi, so you may have to purchase it seperately.

If your DSL modem does not have wireless built-in you will either need to purchase a seperate WiFi router and connect it to your modem, or purchase a whole new DSL modem that comes with built-in Wifi.

Before doing this, you must contact your internet service provider for more information on compatible DSL modems with your service. Not all Modems with built-in WiFi will be compatible with your service.

Do DSL Modems Have Wi-Fi?

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Some DSL modems will have WiFi capability. This solely depends on the router that your internet service provider gives you doing installation. Most internet service providers have an option to pay a little bit more money to have a DSL modem with built-in WiFi.

If your DSL modem does not have Wifi, you can either purchase a third party Wifi Router, like Netgear, or you can replace your DSL modem altogether. Certain internet service providers require that you only use certain brands of DSL modems.

Many DSL modems will also include the list of compatible internet service providers, but it’s always best to check with your carrier first before making any expensive third party purchases.

We recommend using a third party WiFi Router like Netgear to power the wifi in your home. Click here to check the current price and availability of the Netgear R6330 WiFi Router.

What Does DSL Mean on a Wireless Router?

If your wireless router has a spot that says DSL, then this means you have a modem that can both receive your internet service, and transmit it to WiFi. These types of DSL modems are the most common types as WiFi is the dominant source of access for internet users in today’s era.

If you are in search of a new wireless router, but will still be using your existing non-WiFi modem, then you will need to make sure you purchase a router only, and not a modem/router combo. Modem/router combos are one unit that both provide you with internet service and WiFi.

You should only use a wireless router that has DSL on it if you will be using it to replace your existing DSL modem. Before making any changes, always consult your internet service provider to be sure the router you want to use is compatible with their service.

Do All Routers Work with DSL?

All routers should work directly with your DSL modem. A router is simply connected to your modem via an ethernet cable. The internet then flows through the router as a separate entity from your DSL modem. The job of the router is to add additional ethernet ports as well as WiFi.

It’s always best to first consult your internet service provider with any changes you will be making with your internet to assure your DSL modem is compatible.

How Do I Use My DSL Modem as a WI-FI Router?

If your DSL modem has built-in WiFi then you will simply need to connect to your modems WiFi. This is usually done by looking at the back or bottom of your DSL modem. There will be a network name along with a WiFi password. These are the default settings.

To change the WiFi password or network name of your router, you will need to go into the advanced settings of your modem and make the necessary changes. These instructions can either be found on the bottom of the modem, in the user manual, or on the website of your modems manufacturer.

Can DSL Modem Work as Router?

A DSL modem can act as a router. Some DSL modems will have multiple ethernet ports for use between several devices. This is essentially your DSL modem working as a router. If your DSL modem only has one ethernet port, then it will not be able to work like a router.

Instead, you will need to purchase a separate router to plug into that one ethernet port. From here, the separate router will act as your entry point for plugging in additional devices, or for enabling WiFi if your original modem did not support it.

What Is the Difference Between ADSL Modem and a Wireless Router?

A DSL modem is a special router that takes in your internet signal and makes it usable across your devices. It is the entry point where your internet service provider is able to identify your account and network.

A wireless router is usually a third party device that plugs into a Modem to provide you with additional ethernet ports as well as an access point for WiFi. A wireless router is usually only neccessary if you want to add WiFi to your network, strengthen your existing WiFi, or to have multiple ethernet ports available for use.

A DSL modem can work without having a wireless router, but a wireless router will not be able to work without a modem unless the wireless router has a built-in modem.

Final Thoughts

A DSL modem can definitely be used as a wireless router. This solely depends on the type or model of modem that you have. Some will come with a built-in WiFi interface, while others will only supply you with ethernet ports.

If your modem does not have built-in Wifi, you can add WiFi by purchasing a third party wireless router. Simply plug your modems ethernet cable into a wireless router to enable WiFi in your home.

Always be sure to contact your internet service provider, or check the box of your router to be sure that it is compatible with your service. Not all modem/router combos will be able to work with your service.

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