Can I Clean My Bowling Ball During League Play?

can i clean my bowling ball during league play

Many people wonder whether cleaning their bowling balls during league play is something that can be done. The answer to this question varies depending on the type of bowling you are participating in and if your league has specific rules about cleaning equipment while playing.

Players who are taking part in bowling leagues should NEVER clean their bowling balls during gameplay. The cleaning of a bowling ball should be done before league play keeps oils and dirt from contaminating the lane surface.

It’s not generally recommended to clean a bowling ball as oils from skin or other sources may contaminate the lane surface with either dirt or oil residue. This will affect how pins fall, in addition to making balls roll differently than they usually do during play.

When Should You Wipe Your Bowling Ball?

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Cleaning a bowling ball isn’t recommended, but if your league has no restrictions on it, then it’s up to each player whether they would like to do so at their own risk. There are still recommendations for when to clean your bowling ball so it doesn’t affect gameplay.

For players in leagues that allow cleaning balls during a game, you’ll want to first check with your local association as they may have specific rules about what type of cleaning products you can use or how often cleaning is allowed while playing.

The best time to wipe your bowling ball is before you begin playing a new game. You can also clean it if another player touches the surface with their hands or feet and your lane’s cleaning crew has cleaned the lane. This type of cleaning should be done in-between games, not during one.

Did you know that most professional bowlers wipe down their bowling balls after each shot? Oil track is excess oil that is left on a bowling ball after a shot. When a lane is oiled too much, the amount of oil tracked on your bowling ball will greatly affect the way it rolls. Using a bowling ball wipe pad like this one after each shot can help keep excessive oil off of your bowling ball.

How to Clean Your Bowling Ball During League Play

You’re allowed to use wipes specifically designed for cleaning bowling balls, but only when cleaning between games as these products are too harsh on the skin that comes into contact with them while they’re wet, which could lead to blistering or chemical burns. You should always use these wipes when dry so that no moisture would come into contact with other players’ skin. 

You can also clean your bowling ball if another player touches the surface with their hands or feet and your lane’s cleaning crew has cleaned the lanes in-between games. This type of cleaning is only allowed during league play, though, not during one game.

In a perfect world, all players would be polite enough that they wouldn’t touch anyone else’s equipment without asking first, but unfortunately, this isn’t always true! The best way to avoid any confusion about who gets what after league plays each night is for you to designate cleaning gear like wipes specifically designed for cleaning bowling balls between games.

Best Cloth to Use When Wiping Your Bowling Ball

The best cloth to wipe your bowling ball is one with a fine texture, so it will not scratch the surface. Some people choose to use water and soap, while others opt for dry cleaners or wet wipes. Whatever product you are using, make sure not to overdo it because excess cleanings will wear down the material faster than necessary.

Using Cleaning Products on Your Bowling Ball

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As a bowling enthusiast, you know the importance of cleaning your ball often to keep its surface in great shape. There are many cleaning products out there on the market that can help do this job for you when cleaning your bowling ball. 

  • Damp Rid-If you’re looking for an air freshener and cleaner in one, this is an excellent option because it emits fragrances as well! In addition, this type of spray dries quickly to help avoid any potential spills by mistake. It also comes in both liquid and powder forms if you prefer those over aerosols, as most cleaners do.
  • Clorox Wipes-These wipes are very effective at cleaning surfaces without leaving behind any streaks, but they are also great for cleaning the inside of your bowling ball too. The wipes are individually wrapped, so you can just throw them away or put them in a gallon-sized bag to reuse later.
  • USBC Approved Bowling Ball Cleaners – These are cleans that are approved to safely be used on bowling balls. Lane Ghost is a popular bowling ball cleaner recommended by many pros and enthusiasts.

We recommend using Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner. It is USBC approved, and does a great job at cleaning and removing oil, scuff, and belt marks.

When cleaning bowling balls during league play, you want to ensure they stay spotless, so you don’t have any issues with scoring points due to dirty surfaces. Also, it’s best to avoid cleaning after each game night where your hands are likely going to be sweaty from gripping the ball.

Instead of cleaning your ball before every game night, it’s a good idea to clean them after the season is over and then once or twice in-between seasons. Bowling balls are expensive investments, and if they’re not being taken care of properly during league play, they won’t last as long due to unnecessary wear and tear on their surfaces. 

If you’re looking to clean off any excess fuzzies on your finger pads after league plays each night, try using an alcohol prep pad instead. These work well with removing the residue left behind by friction while gripping onto plastic balls during league play.”

When it comes to cleaning, make sure not to overdo it, and don’t forget that dirt is part of the game!

Final Thoughts

If you are taking part in a league, talk to your team captain about the rules and regulations regarding cleaning bowling balls. You should never clean your ball during gameplay. Cleaning your ball is something that you should do before playing starts, so oils from skin or other sources don’t contaminate the lane surface. 

As always, cleaning a bowling ball is essential. But you don’t have to worry about cleaning them in between games – they are automatically dusted by machinery at the beginning of each game! Still, cleaning can be done before gameplay starts but should be done no more than a few times per season. 

Just take care not to overdo it when cleaning, and don’t forget that dirt is part of the game! If you want to clean your finger pads after league play, try using an alcohol prep pad instead.

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