Can Ram Cause a Boot Loop?

Can Ram Cause a Boot Loop

RAM can definitely cause a boot loop. If you are installing RAM that is not compatible with your motherboard, or is faulty, this can lead to a boot loop every time you try to start up your computer.

A quick fix to this issue is by trying to reseat your RAM. Reseating your RAM will make sure that it just wasn’t installed incorrectly.

If everything is installed correctly, then the RAM is either faulty or not compatible with your motherboard. Always double check your motherboards compatible RAM models with your actual RAM sticks to be sure it is a compatible model.

Can Ram Cause Boot Problems?

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Bad or faulty ram can cause a numerous amount of boot problems. Some of the problems you can encounter can be the dreaded blue screen error, boot loops, as well as as your computer not even turning on.

Stopping Boot Up Completely

Bad or faulty RAM can completely cause your computer to not boot at all. Sometimes you will see nothing but a black or blank screen.

Faulty RAM can even prevent your computer from turning on by causing a short or other issue that can prevent your power supply from powering your computer on.

Boot Loop

Another issue is the dreaded boot loop. This is when your computer can not properly boot up. It will get to a certain point, crash, and then restart itself over in this dreaded reboot loop. This issue will not stop until the root cause has been addressed.

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What Are the Symptoms of Faulty Ram?

Faulty RAM can have a number of different symptoms. One of the most common occurrences of failing RAM is the blue screen error. Random crashes, and random reboots are also symptoms when RAM is going bad.

The best way to fix faulty RAM is by first trying to reseat it in your motherboard. If all else fails, you will need to purchase new RAM to install.

What Can Cause Boot Loop?

There are many different issues that can arise to cause a boot loop in your computer. Things from faulty hardware or bad drivers are just a few of the things that can cause your computer to constantly reboot until wits end.

Hard Disk Drive

A faulty or failing hard drive can be a driving factor on why your computer is constantly rebooting. The resolution of this is to first see if the hard drive is indeed causing your boot issues and change it out completely if so.


RAM is another piece of hardware that can cause a lot of different issues ranging from blue screen, your pc randomly restarting, and even boot loop. Some computers have more than 1 RAM stick, it’s always best to try to use your computer with 1 RAM stick at a time to see if only one is faulty.

Another way to check to see if you have faulty RAM is by running a software like Memtest86. Memtest86 is an application that runs tests on your ram to determine if they are functioning properly.


A boot loop cause by a motherboard issue can be a nightmare. If you suspect that your motherboard is causing your boot loop, then it is imperative to thoroughly check your motherboard to make sure that it is operating correctly.

First check all the switches. Unplug any power switches and start your PC by shorting the pins on the MB, or pressing the power button manually on your motherboard if available.

Another thing to check is to make sure your RAM is seated properly. They should be fully inserted and flush in the motherboard. Some motherboards even have clips on the ends the will clicp into place when the RAM is properly seated.

Check your motherboard for any loose cables that can be causing shorts. Lastly, check to make sure your motherboard risers are installed, this prevents the motherboard from shorting against your computer case.

Power Supply

The power supply is another piece of hardware that can cause a boot loop if it is damaged or faulty. A failing power supply can be hard to spot since a lot of the symptoms that occur with this are similar to when many other pieces of hardware are going bad.

A few symptoms of a failing power supply can include issues like your computer freezing, restarting, or random crashes.

How Do I Stop My Computer From Boot Looping?

If your computer is stuck in a boot loop, the best thing to is to start by unplugging all the unnecesary pieces of hardware such as your graphics card, all your ram sticks except for one, your keyboard, mouse, etc.

After unplugging all these peripherals, go ahead and perform a hard reset to see if the issue continues.

Final Thoughts

RAM can definitely be a cause for boot loop. This usually happens if the RAM you installed is not compatible with your motherboard, or your RAM is starting to fail/is faulty.

This will lead to your computer not being able to boot up properly and get stuck in reboot.

The fix for this is to trying reseating your RAM. If this does not work, you will need to replace your RAM altogether.

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