Can You Have a Pool Table on a Yacht?

can you have a pool table on a yacht

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the water, you might be wondering how you can bring some of your favorite hobbies, such as pool, onto a yacht. Billiards is an enjoyable pastime but requires a lot of precision and stability that could make it complicated to play on open water.

Fortunately, many pool tables exist that are gyroscopically controlled, meaning that they have self-leveling technology that keeps the surface of the table flat even amid the movement caused by waves. Gyroscopically-controlled pool tables are a popular option for yachts.

Keep reading to learn more about the technology behind gyroscopic pool tables that makes them a great fit for yachts and cruise ships alike, as well as some other useful information to keep in mind when you bring your pool table onto a yacht.

What Type of Pool Table Should You Have on a Yacht?

Although yachts can feel more like a home than a boat, they are water vessels and so special considerations need to be made when putting furniture on board. Gyroscopic pool tables are specially adapted for the movements of water, making them ideal for use on a yacht. 

What is Gyroscopic Technology?

Gyroscopic technology relies on a wheel or disk that moves freely and stays stable even when what it is attached to is unstable or in motion. In the past, gyroscopes were developed as a navigational tool, but the technology has grown to be widely popular and is often used in the following areas:

  • Aircraft
  • Computer electronics
  • Furniture
  • Recreational devices, such as bicycles

Gyroscopes are an innovative way to maintain stability and make the most of physics in everyday devices.

How Do Gyroscopic Pool Tables Work?

Gyroscopic pool tables may look like any other pool table, but in actuality, they rest on a platform that is gyroscopic and so can stabilize themselves even amid rough movement.

Regardless of where the platform is within the pool table, its main function is to provide stability. The pool table can then adjust to the waves or any choppiness on the water that may arise.

To see a Gyroscopic Pool Table in action, take a look at the following video:

What to Consider in a Pool Table for Your Yacht

If you’re determined to get a self-leveling pool table for use on a yacht, there are multiple qualities that you may wish to look for. Keep the following criteria in mind when researching pool table options to ensure that you get the best fit for your lifestyle.


Not all pool tables are made alike, and this is true when it comes to gyroscopic pool tables. The self-leveling system may be directly visible or hidden within the table.

Though the gyroscopic technology may be interesting to look at, not everyone may agree that it is something they’d like on display in their game room. Consider your preferences and then choose a design that appeals to you.


A pool table that can continuously adjust to the changing sea does not come at a low cost. Though some designs may cost less than others, be sure to confirm that the pool table falls within your budget and is a reasonable purchase for you.

You can also research various designers to see if you can find the best-priced option on the market that still ensures quality.


Before you buy, research some background on the designer. The following are some questions to consider:

  • Do they have any customer testimonials?
  • How much experience do they have with using gyroscopic technology?
  • Do they have a satisfaction guarantee? If so, how do they enforce this?

If you are investing in something as significant as a pool table, it is wise to ensure that the table you buy is the right fit for your boating needs and stylistic preferences.

Where to Place a Pool Table on a Yacht

Even with its self-leveling technology, a gyroscopic pool table will still need to be placed in specific areas on a yacht. The main thing to consider is that you are placing your pool table in a place where it does not block any doorways or prevent access to safety devices, such as life jackets or fire extinguishers.

You will also want to make sure that the pool table has enough space around it for people to comfortably play pool without the cue sticks scratching the walls or damaging surrounding furniture.

Securing Your Pool Table

Though gyroscopic technology keeps the pool table’s surface level, you will still need to make sure the table itself stays stable.

Your pool table, like any boat furniture, will need to be secured to the floor to prevent any sliding as a result of the boat’s movement.

You can do this through rubber coasters or bolts, or any other technology that is recommended by the pool table manufacturer. Just make sure that the pool table is stationary and secure before you set sail.

Do They Have Pool Tables on Cruise Ships?

Many major cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, have pool tables onboard for passenger entertainment. Much like pool tables for yachts, these tables are also gyroscopically controlled so that they self-level even on the roughest seas.

Gyroscopic pool tables are a relatively new feature for many cruise ships; however, in recent years they have begun to be more popular and many cruise ships now feature them in their game rooms. 

Final Thoughts

Life on the water is exciting and becomes even more so when the yacht has many features for entertainment. A pool table is a popular choice on land, but in recent years, technologies have also made it possible to partake in this hobby on a yacht or ship.

Gyroscopic technologies within pool tables are an increasingly popular way to make this popular game available at sea. The self-leveling technology ensures a reliable and safe experience even amid choppy waves.

Before investing in a pool table for a yacht, do some research on what exists on the market that could work for your needs. With some time and investigation, you will soon be setting sail with a pool table that has its own reliable sea legs.

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