Can You Keep a Pool Table in Your Garage?

can you keep a pool table in your garage

Pool tables offer countless hours of entertainment, but they also take up a lot of room, which is something many of us don’t have to spare.  Not having a dedicated game room or a spare room to keep it in may cause quite a few issues.

This often results in pool tables being hauled off to the garage for storage. But is a garage really the best place to keep your pool table?  Can you keep a pool table in your garage?

In fact, you can store a pool table in a garage, but if you fail to take certain factors into account, you might end up ruining it in the process. Read on to learn how to keep your pool table in a garage safely.

Does Temperature Matter When Storing a Pool Table?

As a matter of fact, it does. The temperature inside your garage must be taken into account. One of the most significant issues you’ll encounter when storing a pool table in a garage is moisture damage. If you live somewhere that is highly humid. You’ll run into issues regarding mold and mildew growth, which can cause unsightly discoloration and physical damage to your table over time.

To avoid this, ensure your garage is properly ventilated. Close off or block up any unnecessary gaps in humid air, and consider using a dehumidifier during moist weather conditions. If you can keep the humidity of your garage low, you’ll avoid mold, mildew, and other moisture-related problems and help your pool table last longer.

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Protect Your Pool Table With a Cover

Rodents, raccoons, insects, and many other outside creatures may make your pool table their new home.  Installing a quality pool table cover is a must if you plan on storing your pool table in your garage for any prolonged period of time. We recommend a simple, but practical pool cover like this one which you can find on Amazon.

As with humidity issues, critters can be contained by ensuring no openings exist, allowing them easy access to your expensive possession. Of course, humid air won’t chew through baseboards or infest nooks and crannies the way mice and insects can, so additional precautions may be prudent.

If you have issues with pests, take the time to clean up any food scraps in the area, as this is usually what attracts them in the first place.  Setting out traps might be a good idea as well. If you’re averse to rodenticide, you could try talking them into moving out instead, but traps are typically more effective.

If your pest problems persist even after setting traps and sealing gaps, you might wish to consider professional pest control assistance and chemical spraying.

Store Your Pool Table in a Safe Spot

One obvious factor to consider is what else your garage is used for. If you are storing vehicles close by, you’ll want to ensure you don’t accidentally ruin your pool table late one night. Hopefully, you can arrange things in your garage where this isn’t a possibility. If you can’t, consider putting up some divider or another way to keep your car and pool table apart.

Putting up a simple wall might do the trick if this concerns you. Granted, it won’t be enough to stop your car from blasting through at full throttle, but it will create an initial barrier sufficient for stopping rolling accidents and all but the most-determined bicyclists.

Keeping Your Garage Functional While Storing a Pool Table

Many of us use our garage primarily for additional storage. After all, it’s a fantastic place to put those infrequently-used items out of the way while still keeping them close enough to find and use theoretically. But if you also keep a pool table in your garage, you run the risk of burying it under a mountain of “must-have” kitchen appliances and all the other detritus of modern life.

Assuming you actually want to continue using your pool table, avoid the temptation of stacking boxes of possessions on its surface. Instead, consider using a different area like an attic, storage unit, or adult child’s bedroom so you can host a game of billiards any time you please.

Also, consider investing in storage shelves or storage racks to help keep clutter off of the ground. Having a storage rack with 3 or 4 rows of shelves will do wonders when it comes to storing and stacking items in boxes.

Final Thoughts

While you can keep a pool table in a garage, you’ll want to consider factors like humidity, pests, and your storage needs beforehand. You’ll also want to ensure that it doesn’t get hit by a car at some point.

Choosing a safe spot and keeping your pool table protected with a cover is the best way to keep it protected while it’s stored in your garage.

Rearranging your garage and adding places for storage will also be another must if your garage is not big enough to accommodate the extra space needed for a pool table.

Thankfully, managing moisture, mice, and clutter isn’t that hard with a little preparation, so don’t let these issues stop you from storing a pool table in your garage today.

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