Can You Put a Pool Table on Wheels?

Can You Put a Pool Table on Wheels

Pool tables are rather hefty. As a result, many people don’t want to have a pool table taking up a huge amount of space in their homes. They want to play a quick game or two and then slide the pool table into the side of the room. So, can you put a pool table on wheels?

You can put a pool table on wheels, but remember that pool tables are heavy. If you don’t choose a good set of wheels, then there is a chance that you could get end up with a broken pool table.

On this page, we want to give you a bit more advice on how you can get a pool table up onto casters, and a few precautions that you will need to take when you have a pool table on wheels.

Can a Pool Table Be Put on Casters?

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Yes, you can put a pool table on casters. However, we wouldn’t recommend it, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, pool tables are exceedingly heavy. If you don’t find a good set of casters, then that pool table will be sent crashing to the ground. You aren’t just going to end up with a pool table that looks a little bit worse for wear, either.

If your pool table is sent crashing to the ground, then the slate is going to crack. Your floor is going to be damaged. You won’t have a pool table to play on, and you will have an expensive repair job on your own. We can’t imagine that you really want to be dealing with any of these situations.

The second issue is that a pool table needs to be level. After all, if a pool table isn’t level, then the balls are just going to roll about on the surface of the table. You won’t be able to play properly.

If you put a pool table on casters, then it is going to be incredibly difficult to level it every time you move it. You need to ensure that it is always placed in exactly the same location.

Some people get around this by making small marks on the floor, but this can look rather unsightly. You also have to remember that, over time, the casters may sink a little bit. This can mean that the pool table is, gradually, going to get less level.

If the casters start to break down, this causes more issues. In order to level the table, you will have to replace every single one of the casters, and this is going to take a huge amount of time.

Now, don’t get us wrong. You can put a pool table on casters. Plenty of people have. However, it is so important that you do things properly, and if you don’t, then you will probably end up with a broken table.

Our suggestion is that you either have a dedicated place to put a pool table, or you just don’t get a pool table at all. There are just way too many risks associated with this otherwise.

We recommend using heavy duty casters like these from Amazon to move your pool table. They also come with lifters to help assist you with getting the pool table onto the wheels.

How Do You Put a Pool Table on Casters?

If you absolutely must put a pool table onto casters, your first challenge is to actually get the pool table up onto casters. This part can actually be rather dangerous, which is another reason why you should probably avoid placing a pool table onto casters where possible.

You will need to buy a good set of casters. This means checking the weight of your pool table and then checking the rated weight of various casters.

You want the casters to be more than enough to support the weight of the pool table. In fact, it is worth going well over with the supported weight of the casters. This is because people do lean on pool tables, and if the casters are too close to the rated weight limited, they will give way.

The first thing that you should do is level the pool table, as much as you can. However, do bear in mind that once you place the pool table on the casters, the leveling will be slightly off. There isn’t really much that you will be able to do about this.

However, if you level as much as you can do before you place the table onto casters, then you should be able to get the table reasonably flat.

There is no real way to easily get a pool table onto casters. Perhaps the best method is to gently lift up each corner of the table, in turn, with a car jack. We cannot stress enough how gentle you must be here, though. If you raise too much, you run the risk of breaking the table.

The casters should be securely fastened to the legs of the pool table. Ideally, it should be a screw fit. This will stop the casters from being able to work themselves loose.

How Do You Move a Pool Table With Wheels?

Once your pool table is on wheels, we suggest that you mark on the floor where the wheels are. This way you will always be able to roll it back into the same position and get it nice and level.

Moving the pool table should be a two-person job. This is because you need to ensure that somebody is on either side of the table. It will reduce the risk of the table cracking when you move it.

Try to ensure that the table isn’t wheeled over anything too ‘rough’, because that pressure can cause the table to crack.

Final Thoughts

You can put a pool table on wheels. However, do bear in mind that putting a pool table onto casters is dangerous, and it should only be done as a necessity.

A pool table on casters is at the risk of breaking, particularly if you choose the wrong casters.

Remember, a table on casters is tough to get level, so don’t expect a professional standard of play on one.

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