Can You Use Gorilla/Super Glue on Warhammer?

can you use gorillasuper glue on warhammer

Gluing Warhammer miniatures together is all part of the building process, and it’s very important that they are sturdy and won’t break, especially when it’s time to put them into battle. Many newcomers have many different questions, and one of the most common questions is what type of glue to use when gluing together miniatures.

Can you use Gorilla/Super glue on your Warhammer miniatures? The answer to this question is yes. Gorilla/Super glue can be used on your miniatures, but they definitely aren’t the best types of glues to use.

Gorilla and Super glue both have long drying times which means you will be left holding your pieces together for extended periods of time. This usually leads to longer than satisfactory build times and can even cause issues further down the line with accident gluing of your fingers or other plastic parts as the glue is still wet.

What Is the Best Glue for Warhammer Minis?

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The best glue to use on your Warhammer miniatures s a professional grade plastic glue. This type of glue has a very fast drying time and will make building your miniatures very easy and seamless. Most super glues on the market all seem to work in just about the same fashion. They all end up melting the plastic together in order to create a strong bond.

The main difference with using a professional plastic glue like Revell Contacta is how the glue handles when you are using it. The applicator hole is much smaller allowing for much more accurate placing of pieces, and the drying time is a lot quicker as well. Better accuracy and quicker drying times will allow for a better looking model as well as you being able to finish faster.

You will also soon find that having a small applicator hole will allow you save glue in the long run as you will be using less than if you were using a traditional glue like Gorilla or Super glue.

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Can You Use Gorilla/Super Glue for Miniatures?

Gorilla glue can definitely be used on your miniatures. Gorilla and Super glue are both glues that are great at adhering plastics together. They will slightly melt the plastic to create the perfect bond. However, Gorilla Glue and Super Glue are slightly different.

Super glue is a cyanoacrylate while Gorilla Glue is made from polyurethane. Super glue is one of the most commonly used glues all around the world and is used on practically everything. It’s used on stone, metal, most plastics, ceramics, paper, wood, and many other common substances.

This makes Gorilla Glue and Super Glue a perfect culprit for putting together your miniatures. Simply place a drop of glue on the piece you are trying to glue together and hold it for about 10-15 seconds to make sure that it properly adheres.

What Are the Disadvantages of Gorilla/Super Glue?

Although it may seem like Gorilla and Super glue will do the job with ease, there are actually a few downsides to using these types of glues for your miniatures. One of the main disadvantages for using these types of glues is that you will end up using more glue than intended. This is solely due to the large applicator hole that comes with Gorilla and Super glue.

You may be able to find Gorilla/Super glues with smaller applicator tip holes, but it will still be nothing compared to using a professional plastic glue.

Another issues with these types of glues is their drying times. Due to the larger amount of glue coming out, this will also mean increased drying times. Increased drying times can leave you to have more room for error.

What Glues Can You Use on Warhammer?

The first glue that we recommend using for your Warhammer miniatures is the Revell Contact Professional Plastic Glue. We have already stated earlier why this would be our best pick for the glue to use for your miniatures and models.

The runner up glue that we recommend is Gorilla glue. This glue is very good as it has a fast drying time and is prefect to adhere your plastic miniatures together. The one issue we have with this glue is the applicator tip. You will be using a little more glue than you need too causing you to run out faster.

The next glue we recommend is Super glue. This is another great glue to use since it is a cyanoacrylate. It will easily adhere your plastic pieces together permanently. The main downside is unfortunately the drying time as well as the applicator nozzles. Most super glues on the market will have you wasting glue as the hole is just too large for what we need to use it for.

Glue for Terrain

We recommend using a PVA craft or wood glue like this one from Amazon for all your terrain needs. This type of glue does take a very long time to dry, but it is very cheap and effective at what it does making it one of the best picks for your terrains.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely use Gorilla/Super glue on your miniatures and they will turn out just fine as long as you do your due diligence when gluing pieces together. This means applying the right amount of glue, and holding your pieces together until they are properly joined together.

Choosing the right glue for your Warhammer miniatures is one of the best choices you can make, especially early on if you are a beginner. Using a high quality professional plastic glue can help make building your army easier, faster, and more accurately.

All in all, we highly recommend going with a professional plastic glue like contacta. Not only will your accuracy increase, but your drying times will go down as well as how much glue you will be using due to the precise applicator nozzle these come equipped with.

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