Do Bowling Alleys Have WiFi?

Do Bowling Alleys Have WiFi

Bowling alleys are a popular spot to meet up with friends or host a get-together. These days, people don’t want to go anywhere if there isn’t a WIFI connection. After all, they do want to capture the highlights of their experience to share with their friends and followers. This leads many people to ask if bowling alleys have WIFI.

While bowling is an old-school hobby, bowling alleys have kept up with the times. Many bowling alleys do have WIFI, however, sometimes it is only available in certain areas of the alley. This means that people can use their mobile devices and favorite apps when they go bowling. Modern technology makes it easier for nearly any company to allow WIFI to their guests.

On this page, we’re going to discuss what bowling alleys have wifi and what you can expect when you connect. Keep reading to find out more about the bowling alley’s WIFI.

Which Bowling Alleys Have WiFi?

These days, most bowling alleys have WIFI connections for their guests.  You should always contact your local bowling alley to confirm whether or not they have WIFI for guests. Many bowling alley operators are aware that guests want WIFI, so they have made it available to attract more people through their doors.

It is becoming more common for public bowling alleys to offer public WIFI to their guests because they know families are more likely to visit. Some bowling alleys will have WIFI available, but only market it as free to use for select customers. In these situations, the WIFI is generally available to the public, but the bowling alley is trying to market to a particular type of customer. 

Pinheads Bowling Alley

A popular bowling alley in Oak Hill, WV advertises free WIFI to local students. They believe that this will attract younger people to the establishment, while also encouraging education. Students can play a game, then work on their homework while they have a bite to eat. Even when the bowling alley is closed, people can access the WIFI from the parking lot. 

How Fast Is the WiFi at Bowling Alleys?

If a bowling alley is using cable as their primary internet service provider, you can expect speeds upwards of 100mb/s. If dsl is their main provider, you can expect speeds at a much slower rate.

Many years ago, WIFI was known to be slow at bowling alleys. There were many challenges that presented themselves in the way of maintaining a fast connection, such as:

  • Space
  • Flexibility
  • Signal control

Now, bowling alleys have the option to get WIFI with more available bandwidth to go around. This creates a faster speed. Many businesses have options with their WIFI to make sure the connection is fast for everyone. They may have the network block guests from visiting websites that require a lot of bandwidth.

In some bowling alleys, guests have noticed signal loss or interruption when they are near walls in the establishment. This problem doesn’t happen as often anymore because many bowling alleys have been able to get greater density from their internet provider to ensure a good connection for all their guests.

Do Bowling Alleys Have Their WiFi Password Protected?

Bowling alleys are privately owned, so every establishment will have different rules regarding their WIFI connection. Whether or not the WIFI is password protected is determined by the establishment. Some bowling alleys will have a password-protected WIFI, but they will have that password listed on a sign where the customers can find it.

While many bowling alleys will have open WIFI to their guests, the guest will be required to log in whenever they visit the establishment. A login page will come up when they attempt to connect to the internet using their mobile device. Once they log in, they will have free use of the internet. 

This log-in feature allows the bowling alley to spread the bandwidth out between the customers who are currently using it. Customers who have their phones on, but are not using them, won’t be borrowing the bandwidth to keep their apps running.

Final Thoughts

Do bowling alleys have WIFI? Most bowling alleys now have WIFI available for their customers. They know that having this available will attract customers of all ages. However, every bowling alley is individually owned so the WIFI policy will be different at every establishment.

If you want to record your next strike to post on Instagram, you can use the bowling alley’s WIFI to show off the big play. Just make sure you log in to the location’s internet before you play so you don’t miss out on recording any great bowling moments to your social media stories.

Bowling may be a hobby from past generations, but most bowling alleys keep up with modern demands. While many bowling alleys have public WIFI for their guests, there are still some locations that don’t have it available. For more information, always contact your local bowling alley to see if they have WIFI. 

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