Do Bowling Shoes Run Big or Small?

do bowling shoes run big or small

Bowling shoes are part of the get-up when you’re stepping in the alley as a semi-pro or pro bowler. They not only help protect the lanes but, they help you walk and glide easier to throw the ball with much more precision. Though they are a necessity, there is still a lot of doubt as to whether they run big or small. 

Generally, bowling shoes at the lanes run bigger. However, there are brand names that you can purchase that might fit differently. Before purchasing your own, always look at the sizing charts and choose according to the brand’s chart. This will help you choose the perfect size and keep your feet comfy while you bowl. 

When you’re on the hunt for bowling shoes, it can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time buying them. We’ll go over some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect size and share some hints on what you can look for when you’re in the market for a new (or your first) pair.

How Do You Know What Size Bowling Shoes to Buy?

When it comes to shoes for your feet, the best way to choose the size that works for you is to try them on. However, we know that that’s not always a possibility so, what can you look for? The most common method of getting an accurate measurement of your shoe size is to look at your heel-to-toe length. 

Though that’s a good estimate, you should also consider other things like the width of your foot, whether or not you have an arch or instep, and other shape differences you may have with your feet. Different brands have different ways of sizing so always be sure that you check them before making a purchase. 

Bowling Shoes Fitting Trick 

Like with regular shoes, when you fit your foot for bowling shoes, you should stick your thumb in the back to see if you have a little room. It’s standard to look for at least half a thumb’s width in the back, which means that the shoe fits perfectly. You don’t want shoes that are too tight or too loose. 

Another thing to look for is a tiny wrinkle at the top of the shoe when it’s tied. You can check for it by running the thumb across the widest part of the foot. Lastly, the heel should stay inside of the shoe and not slip up or down when walking around. If you buy in-store, a professional can help you but if not, you’re on your own. 

If you find that you’re having trouble finding the perfect size, head over to your bowling alley and try a few on for size. This will help you get a better idea of what fits and what doesn’t, helping you know what to look for when looking for bowling shoes. 

Should I Size Up or Down for Bowling Shoes?

With shoes, it’s a dream to find some that fit just right. While it was possible for goldilocks, in your case, you might spend years trying to find the perfect fit. If you’re in doubt about a shoe and you feel like you’re right in the middle, should you go up or down a shoe size? 

Well, we will tell you that you never want to go down. Squeezing your foot into a shoe is not only uncomfortable but could cause calluses and blisters. Going bigger isn’t always the best choice but, at least you can fill in the extra space with bigger socks or wearing double socks when necessary.  

Are Bowling Shoes in Men’s Sizes?

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For the ladies out there, you might have noticed that your shoe size goes down a number or two when you bowl in the alleys. That’s because, in bowling alleys, shoes generally come in men’s sizes only. That’s not discrimination it’s just easier to have a more standard set of bowling shoe sizes. Some alleys don’t even have half sizes, keeping them all even. 

When you go to purchase online, you’ll find that many brands have both men’s and women’s sizes to choose from. Though you might think it’s just like your regular shoe size, you should always check the actual measurements and compare them to your foot to make sure that they fit correctly.

Most sellers have specialty shoes so keep an eye out for what you need for your feet. Plus, if they only have men’s sizes do a quick conversion (men’s are 1.5 bigger than women’s). 

If you’re an avid bowler, we recommend purchasing and using your own bowling shoes like these from BSI. They are high-quality, come in many different styles, and perform much better than your average bowling alley rental shoes.

Do Brunswick Bowling Shoes Run Big or Small?

Brunswick is a bit name in bowling, putting them on the map for all things from bowling balls to bowling shoes. It’s a reputable brand but, you still need to take your size into consideration so that you’re comfortable when you bowl. It’s been noted by many buyers that Brunswick shoes run a little on the small side, something that you should keep in mind. 

Unlike bowling shoes at the alley, Brunswick has a number of sizes and shapes, some of which include half sizes. As a rule of thumb, it’s suggested to go a half size up, making sure that they fit your foot without squeezing it in too tight. As mentioned above, be sure to keep a lookout for wide or narrow sizes if you need them. 

Do Bowling Alleys Have Wide Shoes?

If you have a wide foot, you’ll need wider shoes. Depending on the bowling alley you go to, you may or may not have a varied selection of bowling shoes. Most of the time, even your most small-town bowling alleys will have wider shoes, making it easy for those that have wider feet. If not, you may need to go up a few sizes and see how they work. 

If you’re somewhere where there are not different widths of bowling shoes, you might need to purchase them if you’re a frequent bowler. You can find your size by checking charts and find a store near you or order online. Though bowling alleys might not have them, you can find any shoe you need online. 

Final Thoughts

A lot of rookie bowlers don’t think about how important their shoes are when it comes to bowling. Bowling shoes protect the lanes and they help keep you from sliding and slipping to throw the ball right where you wanted it to go. Though they are helpful and all bowlers should wear them, many bowlers don’t know how to pick them. 

Before you buy online, check your heel-to-toe size. This is the size that most shoemakers go by and will help you when finding your correct size. Also, if you’re ordering from a company that doesn’t have half sizes or runs big or small, you’ll need to check for that before ordering too. Read comments or ask customer care if you’re not sure. 

If you’re looking for ways to up your bowling game, try investing in a good pair of bowling shoes. Not only will you notice a difference with your feet but you’ll throw the ball smoother and be able to hit the pins you were going for every time. Keep these tips in mind and buy the right size the first time. 

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