Does ALDI Sell Pokemon Cards?

does aldi sell pokemon cards

ALDI is a favorite discount grocery store chain. It is a favorite because it offers fantastic weekly specials and some of the lowest prices on all of their food. ALDI also sells various other items, such as toiletries and sometimes toys. What about Pokémon cards?

Last year, some Pokémon cards were found at ALDI, and this was not the first year for the discount chain to sell them. Even though Pokémon cards are not always sold at ALDI, you can look at their Weekly Finds section to see if Pokémon cards and tins are added to their stock week by week.

To learn more about ALDI’s Pokémon card lineup and how you can stay on top of their offerings, keep reading. This article explains ALDI selling Pokémon cards, including what kind of packs they sell, their cost, and their frequency of restocking.

Does ALDI Still Sell Pokémon Cards?

ALDI sometimes sells Pokémon cards in their Weekly Finds section. For example, ALDI sold Poke Ball Tins with XY Evolutions Boosters in 2021. Before that, ALDI sold other Pokémon Tins, such as Specialty Tins.

This tells us that ALDI sells Pokémon cards on occasion, but they do not always sell Pokémon cards. If you go to the store without checking their leaflet, there is a high chance that you will not find any Pokémon cards in stock. They do not restock Pokémon cards on a regular basis or carry them frequently, like Walmart and other grocery chains.

Instead, ALDI sells Pokémon cards as Weekly Finds. Weekly Finds are specialty items that change on a weekly basis at ALDI stores. This makes it tough to reliably find Pokemon cards at Aldi, but it is always worth a shot. You will never know what you will find, especially in times like this where finding Pokemon cards is tough.

What Types of Pokémon Booster Packs and Boxes Does ALDI Sell?

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ALDI primarily has sold specialty Pokémon tins in the past. Most recently, ALDI sold Poke Ball Tins with XY Evolutions Boosters. These boosters were available in 2021, but they have not been resold at ALDI in 2022.

In 2019, ALDI’s sold Pokémon Trading Cards with Specialty Tins. The specialty tins came in three characters: Jolteon, Vaporean, and Flareon. Just like the 2021 offer, this offer expired in 2019 and has not been repeated since then.

Using these two sells as examples, it seems that ALDI primarily sells specialty tins. These tins often sell fast because of their nature, and ALDI does not restock them frequently or repeat the sale often.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Tins, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

How Much Do Pokémon Cards Cost at ALDI?

ALDI Pokémon cards are some of the most affordable around. In 2021, the Poke Ball Tins with XY Evolutions Boosters were sold for about $10.99. This price is cheaper than most other stores, especially if you compare the price to other chain grocery stores.

Likewise, the Pokémon Trading Cards with Specialty Tins from 2019 was sold for $9.99. This price is way cheaper than at the competitors. At many other locations, the specialty tin alone is worth $10, not even including the Pokémon cards inside.

So, the price of Pokémon cards ultimately depends on the special or pack at hand. Still, the ALDI specials tend to be a lot more affordable than alternative stores. This is largely because the Pokémon cards are almost always sold in the Weekly Finds section, which has additional discounts.

How Often Does ALDI Restock Pokémon Cards?

Unfortunately, ALDI does not restock Pokémon cards almost ever. Whenever ALDI does sell Pokémon cards, they’re always sold as a weekly special, not an every week item. This means that ALDI is not a reliable place to purchase Pokémon cards.

Even though ALDI does not sell Pokémon cards frequently, it’s still a good idea to check out their offerings. That way, you can snag Pokémon cards from ALDI whenever they are sold. Luckily, ALDI makes it pretty easy to learn about their weekly specials.

ALDI offers a free weekly leaflet that offers all of their best prices and specials for the week. If you check out this leaflet, the Pokémon cards are almost always listed on the leaflet beforehand. The leaflet will even tell you when they will be stocked. You can find this leaflet online or pick up a physical copy at any ALDI near you.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ALDI does sell Pokémon cards on occasion, but they aren’t frequent items. Most often, they sell the Pokémon cards in specialty tins with specialty boosters. Unfortunately, ALDI does not sell Pokémon cards regularly.

You can learn whenever ALDI puts Pokémon cards on their shelves by using their catalog or leaflet. The Pokémon cards will be underneath the Weekly Finds section so that you can easily determine whether or not Pokémon cards are being offered.

We recommend checking out these leaflets on a weekly basis to get a leg up on the cards. Most weeks, you will have to stick to your regular store locations since ALDI does not regularly offer Pokémon cards in their lineup.

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