Does Burlington Sell Pokemon Cards?

does burlington sell pokemon cards

With the popularity of trading cards at an all time high, it can be very difficult to find booster packs, booster boxes, and pretty much anything else Pokemon card related. This leads us to search high and low in places we would have never thought would be selling Pokemon cards in the first place.

Burlington Coat Factory is known for their large selection of discounted clothes, home goods, and many other items, but not for Pokemon cards. But does this mean that they do not sell trading cards of any type in their stores?

Does Burlington sell Pokemon cards? Burlington Coat Factory does indeed sell Pokemon cards. They may not have the latest sets available to purchase, but they do indeed sell authentic Pokemon Cards from the Pokemon Company. The majority of the cards you find at Burlington will indeed be from older sets. These packs can be overstock, or have slightly damaged packaging.

How Often Does Burlington Restock Pokemon Cards?

Since Burlington does not have a set section for their Pokemon cards, there is no way of telling when they restock Pokemon cards. At this time, Burlington receives older sets of Pokemon cards that have not sold or have slight defects on the boxes or packaging.

However, most Burlington’s restock will restock their stores two to three times a week. This will vary by location and greatly depends on how fast the location sells out of inventory.

What Types of Pokemon Cards Does Burlington Sell?

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The types of Pokemon cards that Burlington sells will vary depending on what they are given. This means that you can find just about anything. From blister packs, to EX boxes, these are what are most commonly found at local Burlingtons all around the world.

Many users have stated that they have found great deals on EX and GX boxes in the clearance section. Some of these are heavily discounted up to 60-70% of the typical retail cost.

These prices are literally a steal, and we highly recommend picking up these boxes if you run into them as they can be resold for more money or opened if prefer to add some cards to your collection.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

How Much Do Pokemon Cards Cost at Burlington?

The Pokemon cards found at Burlington can actually be heavily discounted. Many users have reported finding 30$ boxes for only 10$. These can usually be found in the clearance section of Burlington. These types of deals may be rare and far and few between, but it’s always worth checking for.

Other times you will be finding booster packs or blister packs at the original price of about 5-6 dollars each. As we mentioned earlier, don’t expect to find the most recent sets in the game, as these packs will usually be the older ones.

Burlington receives old stock that is either damaged or overstock from other stores. This is how they are able to sell these cards at such low prices compared to other retail stores and card shops.

Where to Buy Pokemon Cards at Burlington

Pokemon cards found at Burlington don’t have a specific place. They can be located at the clearance section, or in random bins throughout the store. We suggest searching the entire store yourself for cards as a store associate may or may not know if they have Pokemon cards, even if they do.

If you have thoroughly searched the store, then feel free to ask a store associate if they do indeed have Pokemon cards in their store, just in case you might have missed it.

Final Thoughts

With scalpers and reselling at an all time high for all thing trading card related, such as Pokemon and Sports cards, it can be very difficult to find highly sought after Pokemon packs.

Burlington is widely known for their selection of home goods, clothes, toys, and many other items. However, you may even get lucky and find Pokemon cards in the clearance section or in random bins throughout the store.

Although these packs will most likely be older sets, you may be able to find valuable booster packs or other boxes. Depending on the rarity of the set, they can be worth a lot more money than the retail price that you will be paying for them.

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