Does Gamestop Buy Beats?

Does Gamestop Buy Beats

Gamestop has one of the most infamous trade-in programs in the world. It started off with Gamestop accepting video games and consoles as a form of trade-in for store credit and cash. Today, that program is still available but they now accept a wide variety of different electronics.

Does Gamestop buy Beats? Unfortunately at this time, Gamestop is not accepting any Beats headphones as an acceptable form of electronic for trade-in. Although headphones are listed as a category on their website, Beats are not found on the list.

Even though Gamestop does not buy Beats, there are still many other online marketplaces where you can sell your headphones. Selling your headphones on these other platforms will also yield the most money for them as Gamestop’s trade-in program does not pay as much if you were to sell your items yourself.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Beats?

There are many different marketplaces where you can list your Beats for sale. Here is a list of a few of the best marketplaces to get the most money out of your Beats.


eBay is one of the largest ecommerce platforms on the market right now. They have millions of searches per day which means you will be able to sell your Beats in no time, especially because they are a highly sought after electronic.

To take advantage of eBay’s marketplace you will need to create an account. You can opt in for just a free account, but a paid account comes with perks that are worth it if you are thinking about selling on eBay long term.


Mercari is a somewhat new player as it was originally started in Japan. It made its way over to the states and has been increasing in popularity ever since. It’s design on mobile is pretty flawless and is one of the easiest platforms to list and sell items on with a phone.


Offer-Up is a well known marketplace that grew its popularity by connecting local buyers and sellers. Buying locally has quite a few advantages. You are able to barter with the price, you will avoid shipping fees and costs, and other nuisances like waiting for your item to arrive in the mail.

Offer-Up is very mobile friendly. You can take pictures, write a description, set the price, and list your item in as little as a few minutes even if you are brand new to using their platform.


Amazon is probably the largest platform to sell your items on. There are millions of searches per day on their platform, and tons of people are buying lots of items everyday. Signing up for an Amazon Seller account is also free, but Amazon will take an additional fee for every item that is sold on their platform.

The main downside to selling on Amazon’s platform is that you will be restricted from selling almost every name brand, including Beats. In order to be unlocked or ungated in these categories you will need to purchase items from a recognized distributor and provide Amazon with the receipt of your order.

The harsh restrictions when selling on Amazon’s platform is simply too keep their marketplace as clean as possible from fake or counterfeit items. This help’s give customers an overall better buying experience.

How Much Can I Sell My Beats For?

There are quite a few factors you have to take into account when trying to sell your Beats. A new pair of beats will fetch a much higher price than a used or open box pair. The main deciding factor on the worth of your Beats is the model. More recent models and premium models will go for a higher cost than older less sought after models.

Below is a chart showing some real price estimates that were taken off the eBay platform of sold Beats:

Beats ModelPrice
Beats Solo 3 WirelessNew: 120$

Used: 70$
Beats Studio 3 WirelessNew: 170$

Used: 110$
Beats Fit ProNew: 170$

Used: 120$
Beats Studio BudsNew: 90$

Used: 40$

Can I Sell My Used Beats?

Beats can definitely be sold as used. A few things to consider when selling used Beats is that presentation is everything. If your Beats are dirty or not presented very well in your photos, then you will have a harder time selling them for a good price.

Always be sure to clean your Beats as best you can and use proper lighting when taking photos. Always have a thorough description so the buyer knows of any flaws or imperfections to help reduce the chances of a return.

Where Can I Sell Unused Beats?

Brand new or unused beats can be be sold on any of the platforms that we listed above. Even if your Beats are factory sealed, do not expect to get the MSRP. You will only be able to sell a new pair of Beats for MSRP or higher if the supply is lower than the demand.

A good example of this is gaming consoles. New gaming consoles are usually sold out everywhere and can only be found by third party resellers that are selling them at insanely high asking prices. People will pay for them because of how difficult it is to pick them up at retail price.

Final Thoughts

Although Gamestop is widely known for the broad range of electronics they accept for their trade-in program, Beats is unfortunately not on that list. However, even if Beats were on this list, you would most likely get below market value for you beats because that is just how Gamestop’s trade-in program operates.

We recommend selling your Beats on a local platform like Offer-Up. You will avoid shipping costs and sales fees associated with selling an item online. You are most likely to receive the biggest payout as well since the platform will not be taking their cut.

If you are wanting to get the quickest sale, then we highly recommend eBay. With the amount of daily users and searches they get, you will be able to sell your Beats in no time. Beats are a highly sought after electronic and are not hard to sell.

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