Does Gamestop Buy Macbooks?

does gamestop buy macbooks

Gamestop is pretty well known for trading in your old and used video games, consoles, and electronics. Their trade-in program is very extensive and they have come to accept a number of electronics, not just video games and consoles, which is how they started.

This leaves the question, does Gamestop buy Macbooks? Unfortunately at this time, Gamestop is not giving cash or credit for trading in a Macbook.

Although you won’t be able to trade-in your Macbook to Gamestop, there are a number of options you have when it comes to turning your Macbook into cash. Using a third party marketplace like eBay or Mercari is a great way to get the most monet from your Apple Macbook.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Macbooks?


eBay is our marketplace of choice when it comes to selling your Macbook. Not only is eBay one of the largest platforms in the world, but you will also be able to get the most money out of your Macbook in the least amount of time and effort.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of searches that are done daily on eBay. Apple products are very popular and hold their value well which means you will be able to sell your Macbook for its market value.

In order to sell on ebay you will need to make a free account. Once your account has been created, you will need to take pictures of your item, write a short description, fill in the required item lines, and then set the shipping and price.

We really recommend that you price your item similar to what others sellers have been successfully selling their Macbooks for in order to get the most success. To do this, simply search for your item and click on the sold/completed filter to see how often and for what price your item has been selling for.

Once your item sells you will simply need to print out a shipping label, box up your item, and send it to your buyer. If you are new to eBay, you may have a slight hold on your funds until they verify the seller has received their item.


Mercari is another great platform to sell your used and new items on. Although Mercari has a smaller audience than eBay, it is still a great platform to use as buying and selling items on it is very simple. Mercari was created with mobile first in mind and has one of the easiest apps to use.

It’s similar to eBay as you will need to create a listing. To do this, you will need to take a picture of the item you are selling, fill in a few item requirements, and then set the price and shipping.

Your item may take a little bit longer to sell on Mercari so it would be wise to list it on both eBay and Mercari for the fastest results. This is called cross listing, and you will need to make sure to delete your item from the platform that it wasn’t sold on to prevent a double sale of your item and an order cancellation.


Offer-Up is a good platform if you want to avoid any type of shipping and selling fees as you will be able to sell your item locally. With local sales, you will meet up with the buyer to deliver the item in person with your preferred type of payment. Whether that’s cash or through an app, that is totally up to you and the buyer.

One of the main downsides to selling items on a local marketplace is that your audience is severely limited to just the perimeters that you set within the app.

Offer-Up also has a user friendly interface and everything can also be done within their app. You simply take a picture, set a description, and list it with your set location. Once your listing is live, potential buyers will be able to message you and offer on your item or purchase it outright.

How Much Can I Sell My Macbook For?

How much you get for your Macbook will solely depend on the make and model. Obviously for newer Macbooks you will be able to get a lot more than an older version Macbook.

The condition that your Macbook in will also affect its price to potential buyers. It’s important to take into consideration and dents, scratches, dings, or other marks that will negatively affect the value of your Macbook.

Having all the original accessories, the box, and instructions will also help you get a more premium price as you will be able to set the condition of your item on the marketplaces you will be listing on. You will be able to set the condition as acceptable, good, very good, like new, or new.

Below we went ahead and provided a list of some Macbook models along with their recent sold prices on eBay. This will give you a nice starting point on how much your Macbook may be worth before looking up the sold/completed listings for yourself.

Macbook ModelPrice
Apple Macbook Pro A1708Used: 450$
Apple Macbook Air A1466Used: 190$
Apple Macbook Air A2337Used: 400$
Apple Macbook Pro M1Used: 2600$

Final Thoughts

Having one of the largest and most popular trade-in programs around, it makes sense to think that they would accept Macbooks. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case. Gamestop is currently not accepting any Macbooks as a form of acceptable trade-in.

However, this doesn’t mean that in the future Gamestop won’t change their views on the Macbooks. They are constantly adding and removing items from their trade-in program which means that they can start accepting Macbooks at any time.

As of right now, selling on a third party platform like eBay or Mercari will yield the greatest amount of value when it comes to selling your Macbook.

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