Does Gamestop Buy Psvr?

Does Gamestop Buy Psvr

Gamestop is notoriously known for their trade-in program which accepts a wide variety of electronic items. However it wasn’t always like this. They started off only accepting video games and video game consoles and have slowly branched off into multiple different categories as seen on their website.

This leaves the question, does Gamestop buy PSVR? At this time, Gamestop does not accept the PSVR as a valid trade-in. However, they do have the PSVR for sale as refurbished and or used on their website.

Although Gamestop is not actively taking the PSVR as trade-in credits, there are many other third party platforms on which you can sell on. We will go over a few of the best places to sell your PSVR on for the most amount of money possible.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell PSVR?


eBay is our recommended platform if you are looking to sell your PSVR for the best price. eBay has millions of searches per day which means you will be able to list and sell your PSVR within a reasonable time frame.

However, in order to sell on eBay you will need to create a free seller account. Once your account is created, you will need to create a listing. This can be done through their website or through their app from your smart phone.

The best way to price you PSVR is to look at the sold and completed listings on eBay. You can do this by selecting the filter after searching for an item. The completed and sold listings will give you a general idea of the market value for your item.


Mercari is another great online platform to sell your PSVR on. It could be a good idea to list your PSVR on both eBay and Mercari as sometimes one market may be selling your item at a much higher value. Cross listing is also a great way to sell your item as fast as possible.

Similar to eBay, you will need to create a free account before you can list your items on Mercari. Once you have created your account, everything can be done from the convenience of your smart phone. Mercari is one of the first selling platforms that really optimized selling on a mobile device.

Listing an item on Mercari is very easy. Simply take a picture of your item, find a similar listing to yours to automatically preselect characteristics of your item, set the price and shipping, and list it.


Offer-Up is another great option to sell your PSVR on, especially if you don’t want to do any of the shipping and handling. Offer-Up is one of the original platforms for local sales and still receives a lot of attention from both buyers and sellers.

To use Offer-Up, simply create an account and list your item for sale. When selling local, the main setting you will want to make sure that is correct is your location. Once your item is listed, you can receive messages directly from potential buyers where they can purchase your item at full price, or send you an offer.

How Much Can I Sell My PSVR For?

You will be able to get different prices based on where you decide to sell your PSVR. Below we have listed the prices on various components of the PSVR that you will be able to receive on the eBay platform.

The prices that we listed below are from actual completed eBay listings for the PSVR, as well as a few of the various components that it comes with:

PSVR Headset Only110$
PSVR Aim Controller45$
PSVR Processor Unit Only40$
PSVR Complete260$

Can You Trade In Psvr Headsets at Gamestop?

At this time Gamestop is not accepting PSVR or any of its parts like headsets, controllers, or the processing unit. However, previously in the past, Gamestop did accept the PSVR as an acceptable form of trade-in.

Gamestop can modify its trade-in program at anytime which means that it’s always best to check out the website to see if they are currently offering trade-in credits or cash for the PSVR. Items that go in and out of being able to be traded in is usually related to popularity.

If a video game or electronic item starts to get exceedingly popular, even if it’s an older or discontinued item, then it is a good business move for Gamestop to buy those items to resell for a profit.

Final Thoughts

Gamestop’s extensive trade-in program never ceases to amaze. There are tons of different items they will accept such as smart phones, watches, and even tablets. Items can be traded in for either cash or in store credits.

Unfortunately Gamestop is not currently accepting the PSVR as a valid item for cash or credits. However, this can change at anytime and you should always check their website for the latest items that they are accepting.

We highly recommend selling your PSVR on either eBay or Mercari. These two platforms will allow you to sell it quickly as well as get the most money for it. If you prefer to sell your item locally to avoid shipping and fees, then he highly recommend Offer-Up as a local marketplace to sell on.

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