Does Gamestop Repair Controllers?

does gamestop repair controllers

One of the main issues with video game controllers with the current generation consoles is stick drift. Not only is it annoying, but it also isn’t easy to fix. On top of other issues like Bluetooth not connecting, or buttons not working in general, repairing your expensive Switch, Xbox, or Playstation elite controller might be a cheaper option than replacing them altogether.

Having to send a controller in to the manufacturer for a repair can be pricey and time consuming, but what about Gamestop? Does Gamestop repair controllers? Unfortunately Gamestop does not repair controllers. As a matter of fact, they do not do any types of repairs.

The best option you have to repair your controller is to look for a local fixit shop that works on video game consoles and accessories, or by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Who Repairs Video Game Controllers?

There are many third party vendors that can fix or repair broken controllers. We recommend checking out UBreakIFix. They are a third party electronics repair company by Asurion, which is a very reputable company. You can check out their website to find local vendors near you with a quick zip code search. They fix Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles/accessories.

UBreakIFix offers the lowest prices when it comes to fixing your electronics. They even price match to beat out their competition. If using a third party repair company is offsetting to you, then their are a few other options you have for repairing your controllers.

PlayStation Controllers

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For repairing or replacing your Sony controller, you can click here to be taken to Sony’s hardware support page. From here, you will be asked what type of device you need fixed. You will first go through a series of tests to see if your issue can be resolved with a few well put together guides.

If this does not work, you will have to contact Sony support for further information.

Playstation Controller Warranty

Did you know that in the US, Sony offers a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty? If your controller is still under the limited warranty, you may be eligible for a repair or replacement.

Xbox Controllers

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Microsoft does not offer direct repairs for their controllers, but they do offer controller replacements.

Xbox Controller Warranty

Click here to be taken to Microsoft’s website to see if your controller is eligible for a replacement. Once on their controller replacement page, you will be prompted to find your controllers serial number.

You will then need to log in to check the current warranty status of your controller, as each controller model may have a their own limited manufacturer warranty.

Nintendo Switch Controllers

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Nintendo does offer repairs for their consoles as well as their controllers. Controller drift is one of the most annoying, but unfortunately common occurrences with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. It’s so well known that you can go to Nintendo’s website and request Joy-Con repairs.

Nintendo Controller Warranty

Before opting in for a repair, it would be a good idea to check if your controller is still covered by Nintendo’s limited warranty. As of right now, it seems that your Joy-Con that is included with your Nintendo Switch will have a limited 1-year warranty, while all separately purchased Joy-Cons will have a standard 90 day warranty.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Controller?

Depending on the type of controller and the type of issue it is having, repairing a controller can cost anywhere from 30$-60$. Repairing a controller is obviously the best option if the repair costs is under the new replacement cost.

Some controllers like the Xbox Elite Series are worth fixing as a controller replacement can cost hundreds of dollars.

Final Thoughts

Gamestop does not do any types of repairs for video games, including controllers. Having a broken controller can be very frustrating, especially if it breaks within its warranty window as you will most likely need to send it in to the manufacturer for a replacement. This can take weeks, or in some cases up to a month just to receive your replacement.

If your controller is no longer under warranty, you will either need to have it fixed or purchase a new controller altogether. While it is easier to just purchase a new controller, some controllers like the Xbox Elite Series controllers can run upwards of two hundred dollars!

Taking a look at local electronics repair companies in your area can sometimes be cheaper than buying a new controller outright. We recommend checking out UBreakIfix to see if they are in your local area.

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