Does Gamestop Sell Yugioh Cards?

Does Gamestop Sell Yugioh Cards

Nowadays, a lot of people love their Yugioh cards. As a result, a lot of people wonder whether Gamestop sells Yugioh cards. So, does Gamestop sell Yugioh cards?

Yes, Gamestop does sell Yugioh cards. They do not always have a massive collection of products available. However, there should always be a good selection if you are struggling to know where else to pick up the cards from.

Let’s answer some of the more burning questions people often have related to Gamestop and Yugioh. 

Does Gamestop Sell Yugioh Cards?

Yes. Gamestop has sold Yugioh cards for about 7-years now. They introduced the cards when the store started to make more of a push toward collectibles rather than just games.

There has never been a time, since they launched the cards for sale, that Gamestop has not had them in stock. Although, it is worth noting that not all Gamestops may carry the cards, although most of them do seem to do so.

Where Can You Find Yugioh Cards in Store?

Most Gamestop stores aren’t too large, which means that it shouldn’t be too hard to track down the Yugioh cards. You can always ask the staff members if you are a little bit stuck on where to find them.

In our experience, the Yugioh cards can be in one of two places:

  • Alongside the collectibles in the store.
  • At the cashier.

It is more likely that the bigger boxes of cards will be found in the collectibles section, while the booster packs are going to be found closer to the cashier. This is because the cashier products are going to be more of an ‘impulse buy’ for many people. 

What Kind of Yugioh Cards Does Gamestop Sell?

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You aren’t going to be getting booster boxes at Gamestop, sadly. However, most other Yugioh products should be on sale, although the selection can be sporadic.

At the minimum, you can guarantee that you are always going to be getting booster packs from the latest Yugioh card expansions. Gamestop may also go back an expansion or two, depending on whether they have sold out or not.

You may also be able to find any promotional sets released, including tins and theme decks.

However, do bear in mind that because Gamestop is not a trading card game store, they are never going to have a huge selection of products available. You can think of Gamestop as being the sort of place that you would head to pick up your Yugioh cards if you are not able to get them anywhere else.

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How Much Do Yugioh Cards Cost at Gamestop?

In almost all cases, the prices that Gamestop sells Yugioh cards at are going to be the RRP. This means that Gamestop is certainly not going to be the cheapest place to pick up your Yugioh cards, but they are not going to be the most expensive place either.

As you know, Gamestop also runs regular sales for any of the products that it keeps in stock. This means that you may find a discount or two on Yugioh cards every so often. It is highly likely that the discounts are going to come when a Yugioh set is about to be discontinued. However, as we said, because Gamestop never keeps a huger number of products in stock anyway, there is a chance that you will not be able to take advantage of these discounts since the products will sell out very quickly!

Is Gamestop Still Selling Yugioh Cards?

Yes. Gamestop is still selling Yugioh cards. Ever since they brought them into stock back in 2015, there does not seem to be a time when they have not had them for sale.

That being said, no Gamestop store will keep a huge number of Yugioh cards available. After all, they are, primarily, a store for those that play video games. This means that there may be times when Yugioh cards are out of stock temporarily at Gamestop. However, the bulk of the time, they will get them back into stock within the week although, once again, it is unlikely to be in huge quantities. 

Can You Sell Yugioh Cards to Gamestop?

It does not appear as if you are able to sell Yugioh cards to Gamestop. However, honestly, even if you could sell cards to them, we wouldn’t really recommend it. Gamestop is not going to be a trading card game store. They never have been. This means that even if they bought your cards from you, they are not going to be able to give you the full value. Therefore, if you want to sell your Yugioh trading cards, then you should go to a specialist store.

We know that there are some Gamestop stores that may make you an offer on your cards, but we really do not recommend it.

Can You Buy Yugioh Cards From Gamestop Online?

You should be able to purchase some Yugioh cards from Gamestop Online. However, it is worth noting that they may not always have a huge number in stock online. What is sold online may not even match up to the products that you are going to be able to buy from one of their stores either.

If you are purchasing trading cards online, then Gamestop is probably the worst place to purchase them. There are cheaper places that you are going to be able to pick up your cards from. 

Final Thoughts

Gamestop does sell Yugioh cards. They will sell them at RRP, although they may have the odd discount every now and then. You should be able to purchase them online, or by picking them up from your local Gamestop store.

You will not be able to purchase booster boxes from Gamestop, but you will be able to purchase many of the other products sold under the Yugioh banner.

We do not recommend selling your Yugioh cards to Gamestop, even if your selected Gamestop accepts them. You will not get a good price. 

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