Does Hot Topic Sell Pokemon Cards?

Does Hot Topic Sell Pokemon Cards

With the trading card industry as hot as it is today, it makes sense to check every single retail store possible for a chance at finding Pokemon booster packs or booster boxes. With the prices rising due to third party resellers and scalpers, it can be difficult to find cards at retail prices.

Hot Topic is mainly well known for their clothing and accessories. Their primary targeted audience is towards people interested in rock music, and video games. Although they are not a video game or card store it still seems plausible for them to sell Pokemon Cards.

Does Hot Topic sell Pokemon cards? The answer to this question is yes. Hot Topic does indeed sell Pokemon cards. They can be purchased both in store and even online on their website.

How Often Does Hot Topic Restock Pokemon Cards?

Unfortunately, Hot Topic does not have a set schedule when it comes to restocking inventory or Pokemon cards. Some customers stated that the stores restock once a week, usually on Mondays, but this can differ from store to store.

Your best bet at finding Pokemon cards at Hot Topic is by regularly checking their website, or calling their physical store location for updates on restocks or shipments to their store. When you figure out when their restocking is, you can make note of it to make hunting down card packs easier.

Also, remember to keep in mind that even if Hot Topic is restocked, the Pokemon card restocks are heavily determined by the supplier. If their is a shortage on Pokemon cards, then they may not have a restock that week.

What Types of Pokemon Cards Does Hot Topic Sell?

Hot Topic actually has a good variety when it comes to the types of Pokemon cards that they sell. You can find booster packs, collectible boxes, as well as GX boxes. This is mostly controlled by their distributor and could be subject to change at anytime.

Booster Packs

Booster packs are one of the most common forms of packs that you will be able to find at Hot Topic. They will be the same price as retail and will usually be hanging from a display rack towards the front counter.

Each Pokemon booster pack will contain 10 cards and 1 basic Energy card. There will also be a promo code card that unlocks 10 additional cards to play and compete online.

Don’t expect to find older sets as the store will always be stocked with the most current booster packs currently available.

Collectible Boxes

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Another type of pack you will find at Hot Topic is collectible EX boxes. These boxes contain a foil promo, 4 Pokemon booster packs, sometimes a sculpted figure, a Jumbo card, a pin, and a code card. These boxes are harder to find as they are stock in less quantity, so we recommend purchasing them if you can get your hands on one.

These boxes have good resale value. If you are able to buy them and hold on to them, they can sometimes be worth double to triple the amount of retail.

To check the current price and availability of the Mega Tyranitar EX Premium Collection Box, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

How Much Do Pokemon Cards Cost at Hot Topic?

Pokemon cards will cost the same amount as retail at the time. This price can fluctuate and will heavily depend on the MSRP set from the Pokemon Co.

Booster packs will run you about 5 to 6 dollars on average per pack. Collectible EX boxes will be about 30$ – 40$ on average depending on if there is a sale. Sometimes Hot Topic items will be for sale on their online store and they will show you the original vs discounted price.

Always remember to try and take advantage of any deals or promotional discounts to try and get your cards cheaper. Hot Topic occasionally runs different promotions that can get you up to 30% off of your next purchase.

Where to Buy Pokemon Cards at Hot Topic

Pokemon cards can be found in the store. Try to make your way near the front desk. There will usually be a display near the front counter with booster packs hanging from them. If there are collector boxes available they should be in that area as well.

If you don’t see any display box or cards anywhere, it could simply mean they are sold out. Before going into any of the stores always be sure to check their website or give them a call.

Another place you can find Pokemon cards is on their website. You will have the option to either have it shipped to you or do an in-store pickup.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon cards are scarce, hard to find, and are pricey unless you can find them in a retail store. Hot Topic does indeed sell Pokemon cards, but their restocking schedule is not set.

The best chance at obtaining Pokemon cards from Hot Topic is by calling the store or checking on the website for updates on restocks and shipments.

Hot Topic is widely known for their awesome clothing based on rock music, wide variety of accessories, and collectibles which makes Pokemon cards the perfect fit for their store.

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