Does Vdsl Need a Filter?

Does Vdsl Need a Filter

VDSL, also known as very high bit rate digital subscriber line, is still a common form of internet even though it derives from a telephone line. This often raises a question, does VDSL need a filter?

The answer to this question is that it depends. If you do not have a landline associated with your internet service then you don’t need a filter. If you have both VDSL and a landline (pots line), then you will definitely need a filter at your NID.

The NID, or network interface device, is the area where your phone line comes into your home and distributes throughout the rest of your telephone jacks.

Is Vdsl Filter Same as Adsl Filter?

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VDSL and ADS are two different services completely. They are on different frequencies, therefore they both need their own unique filter. If you happen to have VDSL or ADSL service with the incorrect splitter filter installed, you can experience issues with your internet like slow browse and dropouts.

A VDSL splitter filter is always installed at the NID (network interface device). An ADSL filter is usually installed at the NID, but the filter can also be installed at the point of entry at the telephone jack of where a phone will be plugged in.

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Are DSL Line Filters Necessary?

DSL Line filters are definitely necessary. However, this doesn’t mean that your service won’t run. Having DSL without filtering the dial tone will work to an extent. You may encounter issues with your internet like slow brose and dropouts, but for the most part the internet will most likely be working.

If you are experiencing any issues with your DSL service, then it’s best to contact your internet service provider so they can run tests on your line to see if there are any issues. If any issues are found, a technician will be dispatched to your home to correct any issues.

Many issues can be resolved by making sure that there is a DSL line filter at every phone location as well as at the modem. You can easily differentiate which port to plug in your phone or modem to as these filters will have a label on each side saying either tel/phone or modem.

Do I Need a Filter on My Router?

If you have DSL service then you will definitely need a filter before plugging in your router. Using a standard DSL filter, plug in a phone cord from your modem into the port that says modem on the splitter. This will ensure that your modem is only getting the frequency from your internet, and not your landline.

If your service is working without a filter, then you can either have a filter at your NID, or no filter at all. If you are experiencing issues with internet connectivity, we recommend contacting your internet service provider to make sure the line is split correctly.

Do You Need a Filter With Fiber Broadband?

If you have pure fiber optic service, then you will definitely need a filter to split your phone line. This filter is different than the above mentioned filters, as this filter is built in to your ONT. The ONT is a device that is installed by a technician in order to convert the fiber signal into a Cat 6 or Cat5E line.

On the ONT there will be an option for a telephone line. From this port or filter, a line must be ran into your phone network or telephone that you will be using.

Final Thoughts

With VDSL still being sold by many of the major telecommunication companies like ATT and Verizon, it is good to be educated whether or not you should be using a filter on your service.

If your service has a landline with internet, then you will most surely need a filter in order for your service to work properly.

If you do not have a landline with your internet connection, then it is perfectly fine to not have a filter. However, it is protocol that every technician should always install a filter in the NID, but that does not mean this is always the case.

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