Top 20 Highest Atk (Strongest) Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh

highest (strongest) attack yugioh monsters

As every duelist should know, most of the Yu-Gi-Oh duels end when one of the player’s life points reaches 0. Players will accomplish this by dishing out their strongest monsters that are then used to demolish their opponents life points.

There are also spells and traps that help change the game-play and pace of the game, but nothing compares to summoning that 4500 attack monster that forces your opponent to gather their best defense tactics available or be smashed into a thousand pieces.

With hundreds of thousands of cards available in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, which ones are the most strongest? Here’s a list of the top 20 highest attack point monsters in the game that can be used to pummel your opponent’s life points to 0.

20- Quintet Magician

ATK: 4500 DEF: 4500

The Quintet Magician is the first card in our top 20 highest attack card roundup. This monster is a Level 12 Dark Spellcaster Fusion. Its stats are nothing to laugh at even if it isn’t a 5000 attack Five-Headed Dragon, this is still an awesomely good card.

The summon requirements of this card are that you need to use any 5 Spellcasters, and must be fusion summoned. If you use Spellcasters with different names, a bonus effect is activated that allows you to destroy all of your opponents cards.

This is very powerful which makes sense why you need 5 unique Spellcasters for the effect to work. This face-up card on the field cannot be tributed, used as Fusion material, or be destroyed by card effects.

19- Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon

ATK: 4500 DEF: 3000

The next monster on our list is Tachyon Dragon. This monster is a Rank 9 Light Dragon Xyz. It’s a very powerful Xyz monster that can really create some powerful attacks. Xyz’s are awesome cards because they are so easy to summon.

The only requirement to summon this card is 3 level 9 monsters of any type or attribute. Once per turn you can detach one Xyz material from this card to negate the effects of all other face-up cards currently on the field.

Your opponent also cannot activate cards or effects on the field. As a bonus, if this card has a Tachyon Dragon as an Xyz material, it gains a special effect. You can tribute 2 monsters, and this card can make up to 3 attacks on monsters during each battle phase this turn.

18- Number 22: Zombiestein

ATK: 4500 DEF: 1000

Next up on the list is Zombiestein. This monsters is a Rank 8 Dark Zombie Xyz. A very powerful card to add to any Zombie deck due to his high attack and special effect. Its requirements are a little bit more strict than some Xyz monsters, but with good reason.

In order to summon this monster you must use 2 level 8 Dark monsters. Once per turn, during either players turn, you can detach 1 Xyz material from Zombiestein and send 1 card from your hand to the graveyard.

Then target 1 face-up card that your opponent controls and change it to defense position. That face-up card also has all of its effects negated until the end of this turn.

17- Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

ATK: 4500 Def: 3500

Photon Dragon is our second Dragon Xyz monster in this list. It’s a Rank 8 Light Dragon Xyz. In order to summon this card, you need to use 3 level 8 Monsters.

This is a great card to play to counter your opponents Xyz monsters due to its special effect. If any of the materials used for this card are Photon Dragon, then all other face-up cards currently on the field have their effects negated.

Once per turn you can detach 1 material from this card. Detach all materials from monsters your opponent controls, then this card gains 500 attack for each. This card can also attack that many times during this turn.

16- Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon

ATK: 4500 DEF: 3000

Cipher Dragon is our third Xyz monster we are featuring today in our top 20 countdown. Very similar attack and defense stats as the previous two. This is a Rank 9 Light Dragon Xyz. To summon this beast onto the playing field, the card bearer must have 3 level 9 monsters on the playing field.

The main difference is that this monster has a pretty sick Xyz material effect. For the effect to work, there must be a Cipher card as Xyz material. Once per turn, you can detech up to 3 Xyz materials from this card and monsters you control cannot attack your opponent directly except for this card.

You then also take control of one of your opponents cards which then becomes Cipher and their attack also becomes 4500.

15- Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

ATK: 4500 DEF: 3800

This is the first Blue-Eyes monster in our 20 card mashup. It’s none other than Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. This is a Level 12 Light Dragon Fusion monster. The classic Blue-Eyes White Dragon Fusion monster. You need to fuse together 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons in order to summon this monster.

This monster has a compounding effect that can potentially end the game instantly. At the end of the damage step, if this is the only face-up card you control, and this monster attacked, you can send 1 Blue-Eyes from your extra deck to the graveyard to attack again. You can use this effect up to twice per turn.

During either player’s turn, when a card or effect is affected that targets a blue eyes monster you control, you can banish this card from your graveyard and negate the activation. If you do, destroy that card.

14- Crimson Nova Trinity the Dark Cubic Lord

ATK: 4500 DEF: 3000

Crimson Nova is our next heavy hitter and it’s a Fusion monster. This is a Level 10 Dark Fiend Fusion Monster. In order create and play this beast, you need 3 Crimson Novas.

If you manage to get this card on the board, it will just stick. This card cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponent’s card effects. When this card declares an attack, you immediately halve your opponents life points. When this card destroys another monster on the field during battle, you can activate an additional effect.

This card can make a second attack during this battle phase. If you take effect damage, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the same damage that you took.

13- Chaos Ancient Gear Giant

ATK: 4500 DEF: 3000

Chaos Ancient Gear Giant is the next behemoth we will be looking at in this list. This monster is a Level 10 Dark Machine Fusion. We had to add a little variety and throw a machine monster into this list.

The summon requirements for this monster is 4 Ancient Gear monsters. It cannot be summoned any other way. This card cannot be affected by spell or trap cards. Your opponent also cannot activated their effects during the battle phase.

The cool effect of this monster is that it can actually attack all the monsters on your opponents side of the field once each. If you run into a monster in defense position, you will inflict piercing damage to your opponent.

12- Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

ATK: 4500 DEF: 3800

This is our second Blue-Eyes monster in the list. This is a Level 12 Light Dragon Fusion monster. The requirements to summon this attack monster is to fuse 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

This card is a classic and is one of the first heavy hitters to hit Yu-Gi-Oh. As you can see, there are no special effects because the attack of this monster was crippling enough in the earlier days of Yu-Gi-Oh.

There are way better picks out there now than this standard Blue-Eyes Ultimate, but it made the list none the less.

11- Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

ATK: 4500 DEF: 3800

It’s time to take it up a notch with the third Blue-Eyes in this top 20 roundup. Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon is a Level 12 Light Dragon Fusion Monster. Now this is what I’m talking about. To let this monster walk the earth, you need to fuse together 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

On top of the gnarly attack and defense stats, this monster also has a gnarly card effect. This card is completely immune from card effects. Also, once per turn you can target 1 card your opponent controls and destroy it.

If this card was Fusion summoned with Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, then you can target up to 3 cards on your opponents field instead.

10- Machina Force

ATK: 4600 DEF: 4100

Away from the Fusions and on to the first Normal monster. Machina Force is a Level 10 Earth Machine heavy hitter. This card cannot be normal summoned. It can only be special summoned by Commander Covington.

Every time you attack, you must pay 1000 life points. You can send this face-up card to the graveyard in order to target 1 Machina type monster in your graveyard and special summon them onto the field.

9- Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer

ATK: 5000 DEF: 2000

This is the first 5000 attack monster. Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer is a Rank 10 Light Machine Xyz monster. The summoning requirements for this tank is 3 Level 10 monsters.

Once per turn, you can detach 1 Xyz material from this card to destroy all the spells and traps that your opponent controls. Your opponent cannot activate any spell or trap cards due to the effect of this card.

8- Rocket Arrow Express

ATK: 5000 DEF: 0

Rocket Arrow Express is the second normal monster in our list. This is a Level 10 Earth Machine monster. It cannot be normal summoned. It can only be special summoned from your hand by controlling no cards.

This card cannot attack the turn it is special summoned. You also cannot activate any card effects or set any cards. During each of your standby phases, you must destroy this card or throw your entire hand in the graveyard.

I have to admit. This is probably the worst card on this list when it comes to the card effect. This is the only card you can essentially control and use, otherwise it is destroyed.

7- Malefic Truth Dragon

ATK: 5000 DEF: 5000

Malefic Truth Dragon is the third normal monster in this lineup. This is a Level 12 Dark Dragon monster. It cannot be normal summoned. The only way to special summon this monster is by its own effect. If a Malefic monster you contol is destroyed by battle or effect, you can pay half your life points to special summon this card from your hand or graveyard.

There can only be one of these monsters on the field at any point. If there is no face-up field spell card on the field, destroy this card. If this card happens to destroy an opponents monster by battle, you can destroy all face-up monsters that your opponent controls.

6- Flower Cardian Lightflare

ATK: 5000 DEF: 0

Finally, the first Synchro monster in this list. This is a Level 10 Dark Warrior Synchro. In order to summon this monstrocity of a monster, you need 1 Tuner and 4 non-Tuner monsters.

If your opponent activates a spell or trap card you can negate its activation and destroy it. If you are battling a monster with effects, negate all the effects. If this card gets destroyed by battle or leaves the field due to an effect, you can special summon 1 Flower Cardian Synchro monster except for Lightflare.

5- Five-Headed Dragon

ATK: 5000 DEF: 5000

Next is the infamous Five-Headed Dragon. This is a Level 12 Dark Dragon Fusion Monster. It must be Fusion summoned with 5 Dragon monsters. It has equal attack and defense of 5000.

This card cannot be destroyed by battle with a Dark, Earth, Fire, Water, or Wind monster. This is pretty much just a brute force Dragon card with no other special effects.

4- Dystopia the Despondent

ATK: 5000 DEF: 5000

We are coming to the top monsters left on our top 20 list of the strongest attack monsters in the game. The next monster is a Level 12 Dark Fiend by the name of Dystopia the Despondent. It cannot be normal summoned.

It can only be special summoned by sending 4 face-up level 1 monsters you control to the graveyard. Any other monsters you have cannot attack. During either players battle phase, you can banish 1 level 1 monster from your graveyard to negate all effects and prevent this monster from being destroyed by battle.

Basically this means that as long as you have level 1 cards in your graveyard, this card is indestructible.

3- Dragon Master Knight

ATK: 5000 DEF: 5000

This is the best of the best when it comes to Blue-Eyes. This is a Level 12 Light Dragon Fusion monster that needs Black Luster Soldier and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

This monster can only be fusion summoned. For every additional dragon monster on your side that you control, this card gains an additional 500 attack.

2- Don Thousand/Monster B

ATK: 10000 DEF: 10000

The last two monsters that made it to our list are actually quite special. They are semi-official cards that are used in unique Boss Duels at special events. These cards are not allowed to be used in normal decks or at tournaments.

They were specifically created and designed for the unique 3 vs 1 mechanics of a Boss Duel where players team up together to destroy a boss monster deck. Don Thousand/Monster B is summoned using a unique spell card, and automatically destroys all of the opposing monsters at the end of the battle phase.

It then revives the destroyed monsters to the field. This card can also prevent its own death by destroying an allied monster instead. This monster has the capability of deducting your life points to zero with a single strike.

1- Don Thousand/Monster C

ATK: 100000 DEF: 100000

Yep. That’s not a typo. Don Thousand/Monster C has a whopping one hundred thousand attack and defense points. That’s many times more than the 8000 life points that each player starts a duel with. If you manage to defeat Don Thousand/Monster B, this monster card is special summoned as the last standing monster in the boss duel.

Although this monster cannot attack, he also cannot be destroyed by other card effects and prevents you from attacking other monsters on the battlefield. If that isn’t bad enough, he also make you automatically lose the duel if you end a turn without attacking. Don Thousand/Monster C essentially forces you to obliterate yourself under his massive power when you battle.

However, there are a few cards that you can use to defeat this beast. Amazoness Swords Woman or Honest can use Don Thousand/Monster C’s attack value against itself to end his reign once and for all.

Final Thoughts

This brings an end to our top 20 highest atk monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh. Whether its a normal, Synchro, Xyz, or Fusion monster, godly stats come in all shapes and sizes. Some of today’s modern monsters can maintain a better competitive edge than others, but there aren’t many that share a threatening attack score that will shatter your opponent in one or two hits.

There aren’t many monsters that go above 3000 attack points which make these titans stand out that much more. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget that the best way to create a custom deck is to add variety with both defense and offense.

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