How Does Gamestop Warranty Work?

How Does Gamestop Warranty Work

The Product Replacement Plan is GameStop’s warranty program that you can claim when your product arrives damaged or suffers internal system failure within the first year.

So, how does the Gamestop warranty work? The product replacement plan is redeemable immediately within the first year of purchase. Exclusions apply to the warranty program, and replacement is at the discretion of GameStop, so you may not always be approved.

To get covered by the Product Replacement Plan, you must pay a one-time warranty fee. GameStop warranty only covers what they include in the Product Replacement Plan and is valid for the first year.

GameStop only sells product warranty to customers the first time you purchase your product. The prices may range between $5 and $80, depending on the console, accessory, or game’s price.

What Is Gamestop’s Warranty Program?

GameStop warranty program is called the Product Replacement Plan. It is a one-time replacement or repair for damaged and defective GameStop products. This warranty applies to consoles, games, and accessories that are defective or damaged before ownership or due to normal use.

You may only purchase the GameStop warranty plan at the time of check-out during your first purchase of the console or product. It is redeemable once, excluding damage from generic equipment, abnormal wear and tear, or other exclusions.

How Do I Claim My Warranty From Gamestop?

If you have a defective product, you can claim your warranty from GameStop by bringing your console to your local GameStop retail store. Given that it meets the Product Replacement Plan requirements, the GameStop employees will immediately replace your console or accessory. If there is not a product 

You may only obtain the Product Replacement Plan at the time of purchase. 

How Do Gamestop Game Warranties Work?

All GameStops offer the Product Replacement Plan at the time of sale. After purchasing the warranty program, you can redeem it at any Gamestop retailer anytime within the first year of owning your GameStop product.

When you redeem the warranty on a GameStop console or accessory, you need the receipt and manual of the products. 

Console Warranty

Under the Product Replacement Plan, GameStop performs immediate replacements and basic repairs on all consoles. Gamestop replaces items damaged by normal wear and tear, excluding cosmetic scratches and dents. To replace your console, bring it to the nearest GameStop within the first year of owning it. They will immediately replace your console if it falls within the parameters of the warranty. 

The Product Replacement Plan offers repairs on certain devices and accessories damaged within regular parameters. Repairs are limited to incompatible software or damaged cartridges. The repair and replacement are at the discretion of GameStop, which is entirely capable of declining your request.

  • $5 for consoles between $1 and $49.99
  • $15 for systems between $50 and $99.99
  • $25 for systems between $100 and $149.99
  • $35 for systems between $150 and $199.99
  • $45 for systems between $200 and $249.99
  • $55 for systems between $250 and $299.99
  • $65 for systems between $300 and $349.99
  • $80 for systems between $350 and $399.99

Game Warranty

GameStop warranty cover does not cover most games. Games are excluded under the warranty plan unless they are damaged because of the poor installation of GameStop consoles or arrive defective. Otherwise, GameStop excludes games under the Product Replacement Plan, and you cannot get another game if it is damaged.

Accessory Warranty

GameStop will instantly replace any defective or damaged accessories within the first year of purchase. Accessories that arrive damaged, are defective, or have other problems outside the customer’s control will be immediately replaced at any GameStop retailer.

You cannot redeem your warranty on an accessory damaged from irresponsible use, such as water damage. GameStop is specific about its warranty, excluding irresponsible use and owner neglect under the Product Replacement Plan.

How Do I Check My Gamestop Warranty?

You can check your GameStop warranty in two ways: online or by asking a store employee. In both ways, you can confirm the expiration of your GameStop protection plan warranty.

Check Your Gamestop Warranty Online

You can check your GameStop warranty by entering your console serial number into the GameStop website. Check the warranty online to see the exact date and time your warranty will expire. This way, you can remain conscious about protecting your console or other gaming devices.

Ask an Employee About Your Gamestop Warranty

Or, you may ask an employee at a GameStop store, either while visiting or by calling the store during business hours. GameStop employees can look up warranty in their system and tell you how long until your warranty expires.

How Long Is Gamestop’s Warranty?

GameStop has a one-year limited warranty. Consoles can be repaired and replaced for free (after the initial fee). Within the first year of owning your GameStop product, GameStop will replace your device for free if they arrive defective or need repair because of defective installation.

Final Thoughts

The product replacement plan is Gamestop’s warranty program. You are able to use this warranty, or claim it, if your product is damaged or encounters a system failure within the first year.

In order to be covered by this premium warranty, you must pay a one-time fee. Be sure to fully read the product replacement plan thoroughly to make sure you understand what is included.

The price of the one-time fee will vary from $5 to 80$ and will solely be based on the value of the item that you are purchasing the warranty for.

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