How Long do Synthetic Bowling Pins Last?

how long do synthetic bowling pins last

Bowling pins like the 100% synthetic Twister Pin, made from granulated plastic, are revolutionizing the bowling industry due to their longevity. These pins can last upwards of three competitive seasons and save buyers thousands of dollars because of their lifespan and consistent scoring. 

There is no definite answer on how long bowling pins last since it all depends on your wear and tear. However, synthetic bowling pins are known to have a longer lifespan than traditional, wooden pins because of their durability. Unlike traditional wooden pins, synthetic pins and built to last and they can withstand repetitive heavy impact without the need for rest.  

Because synthetic bowling pins do not need to rest, you will not need to purchase an additional set of bowling pins. Instead, you can use your synthetic pins year-round and yield the highest possible value for your dollar. 

Twister Pins vs Wood Pins

Since wooden pins have been around for generations, some bowlers are apprehensive about making the switch to synthetic pins like the Twister. While there are many reasons that wooden pins have reigned superior, you may also want to consider why so many people are choosing synthetic pins nowadays. 

Synthetic pins have a great economic yield, they are built to endure heavy force, and they are more consistent than wooden pins. 

Synthetic Pins Are Durable

Durability is the main reason synthetic bowling pins are such a great choice compared to wooden pins. Their force-resistant design makes them able to withstand heavy impact much longer than wood. 

The lifespan of synthetic pins is massively elongated and since they do not take damage like wooden bowling pins, they retain their consistency as you play. Maintaining consistency means every bowler is going to have a fair game 100% of the time. 

Synthetic Pins Do Not Require a Rest Period

Twister bowling pins are the only synthetic bowling pins with USBC approval, and they are also the only bowling pins that do not require a rest period to maintain their certification.  

Since there is no rest period for synthetic pins aside from their cleaning time, there is no longer the need to invest in multiple sets of pins. In the long run, this can save you thousands of dollars. 

Wooden pins must typically be set aside halfway through the season so they can pass USBC inspection standards for competition season which means alley owners will need to purchase additional sets to accommodate for their absence. 

Because of their intense durability, synthetic pins do not require rest periods to pass USBC inspection. That means, once you invest in pins like Twister, you will no longer need to regularly shelf your pins or purchase additional sets which will save you heaps of money! 

Alan Downs, the Proprietor of Cherry Grove Lanes, attests to this claim exactly. He says by using the synthetic Twister pins specifically he has saved upwards of $3000 per year. 

What Are Twister Pins Made Out Of?

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The 100% synthetic Twister Pin is made through a molding process using granulated plastic. The Twister pin is the world’s only USBC-approved synthetic pin with a stripe of solid red around its bottled neck. 

Each Twister pin is machine-made and analyzed to confirm they meet USBC standards. So, even if you do not plan on using these pins in a competitive circuit, you can still expect to receive competition-grade pins.  

Unlike the wooden bowling pin, which can be seen on How It’s Made going through a handmade process, synthetic pins are crafted with a machine that calculates their measurements precisely. 

To check the current price and availability of Twister Pins, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Signs Your Bowling Pins Should be Replaced 

There is no definite answer for how long bowling pins last since it all depends on wear and tear. So, when deciding whether to send your pin to its last set-off, you should reference your USBC guidelines and use your best discretion. 

According to the USBC tenpin specifications, if a pin is going to be considered USBC legal, then it needs to fit a list of specifications. Even when using synthetic pins, you should keep a close eye on your bowling pins to check for expiration. If there are any breaks and cracks, changes in sound, or difficulties balancing then that is a sign you should retire your pin. 

Evaluating your pins regularly will help you identify which pins are ready for retirement. After going through your cleaning routine and shining your pins, you should always look for: 

  • Abnormal Markings 
  • Scratches and Cracks 
  • Difficulty Balancing 
  • Visible Fading of Stamps 
  • Discoloration 
  • Changes in Sound 

If you notice any of these pin deformities, it might be a key sign that you should promptly retire your pins. While a synthetic pin has a longer lifespan, you should always remember that pins will eventually die so do not be surprised if your pin happens to need replacing! 

Final Thoughts

There is no exact measurement for how long the average bowling pin is supposed to last but with proper care, the lives of synthetic bowling pins can be prolonged for multiple competitive seasons. This can only be done if you are willing to take the time to clean your pins and perform consistent inspections. 

Synthetic pins are built for longevity which means they will not need as frequent replacing as your typical wooden pin. So, you should ditch your old mentality and get ready to fill the pin resting shelf with something else. Synthetic pins do not need resting so while other people are storing their pins for winter, you will be getting your money’s worth! 

This mentality to “keep the good pins” for competition season is now behind you. Synthetic pins make it possible to have competition-grade pins year-round!  

Remember, you should always conduct routine maintenance on your bowling pins and use your best judgment to declare whether a pin should be discarded. Synthetic bowling pins may last longer than others but because there is no definite lifespan, you should always be wary and maintain a watchful eye on your equipment! 

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