How Many Candles Does a 10 lb Bag of Wax Make?

So you’ve gotten your feet wet and begun to learn how to make a candle of your own. Now you want to go a little bigger because you’re confident in how to make them. Therefore, you are looking into getting a 10 lb bag of wax. But how many candles can you make with it?

Depending on the type of candle you’re making, a 10 pound bag of wax can make up to 10 candles in jars weighing 20 ounces each. But, if you’re making tea lights, you can create up to 50 candles or more. Tapers will vary depending on the length of the wick and whether you’re using a mold or not.

Because of the variables involved with tapers, we will focus on candles that go into jars. The biggest mistake that’s common for many people to make is thinking you need the same amount of wax that the container can hold. This is not correct and you will quickly run into problems if you try to measure it this way.

How Many Candles Will 10 Pounds of Soy Wax Make?

Determining how many candles 10 pounds of soy wax makes can be tricky, especially if you’re not mathematically inclined. But, once you understand why the amount of wax you measure will not equate to the same amount as what a container can hold, things won’t seem so complicated.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when one pound of wax melts it yields about 18 ounces. It’s this liquid form that you’ll be pouring into containers. But, wax is not nearly as dense as water, so the measurements won’t be the same.

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Wax vs. Water

Candle wax is not as heavy as water and can actually float on top of water. On average, candle wax is around 20% less dense than water. Density refers to how much space something consumes compared to its weight. So, you will have to rely on the weight of the wax rather than the volume it takes up in a jar.

Calculating the Difference

This means you are going to have to do a few calculations to ensure you estimate everything as accurately as possible. Plus, you will have to add an extra ounce of wax to account for the remnants that will stick to the pot and other utensils.

To get an exact calculation for how many candles will come from a 10-pound bag of soy wax, you want to multiply the number of candles by the size of the container per candle. Generally, this measures out in ounces. So, you will have to divide that by 20 to account for the change in water density. The equation will look like this:

Number of Candles x Weight of Container Size in Ounces = Total Ounces / 20 = Total Pounds of Wax


50 candles x 4 oz jar = 200 total ounces / 20 = 10 lbs of soy wax

5 Pounds of Wax Will Make How Many Candles?

To figure out how many candles five pounds of wax will make, take the equation above and divide the whole thing in half.

25 candles x 4 oz jar = 100 total ounces / 20 = 5 lbs of wax

How Many Pounds of Wax Do I Need for an 8 Oz Candle?

There are several ways in which to come up with the right measurement for a single eight-ounce candle. Of course, you can employ the equation above:

25 candles x 8 oz jar = 200 total ounces / 20 = 10 lbs of wax


This means it will take about 6.4 ounces or 2/5 of a pound or 4/5 cup of wax. There are some people who use as much as 1¼ cup of wax for one eight-ounce jar. But this simply shows the variation of different waxes. So, use this information as a starting point and adjust things as needed to fit your situation.

The following is a general guide for how much wax you can put into various sized jars with their measuring cup equivalent:

3 oz2.4 oz – 1/3 Cup  
4 oz3.2 oz – ½ Cup  
6 oz4.8 oz – 3/5 Cup  
8 oz6.4 oz – 4/5 Cup  
10 oz8 oz – 1 Cup  
12 oz9.6 oz – 11/5 Cups  
14 oz11.2 oz – 12/5 Cups  
16 oz12.8 oz – 1 3/5 Cups  
20 oz16 oz – 2½ Cups  

How Much Fragrance Do I Need for 10 Pounds of Wax?

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The amount of fragrance you need for 10 pounds of wax depends on the strength of your fragrance and the wax’s fragrance load capacity.

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Fragrance Load Capacity

On average, though, most waxes have a fragrance load of 10%. But take note that you may end up with wicking issues if you use more than 7% fragrance, even if the wax can hold as much as 10% or even 12%.

Unfortunately, not all wax manufacturers and suppliers divulge or discover the fragrance load. So, you will have to estimate based on trial and error. Plus, some fragrances are going to be much stronger than others and this will greatly affect how much you will need.

Essential vs. Fragrance Oils

For instance, there’s a difference between using essential oils and manufactured fragrance oils. In the latter case, these comprise elements that will be strong, even in the smallest amount used in a candle.

To illustrate, if you’re going for pure essential oil, understand that things like peppermint and clove will be far stronger than things like rose absolute or lavender. That said, if you get the fragrance oil version of things like rose or lavender, they will more than likely be much stronger than peppermint or clove essential oil.

Experimentation Will Be Necessary

This is why you will have to experiment to see how much fragrance will be appropriate to add to melted wax. Many DIY soap making websites instruct starting with one ounce of fragrance per pound of wax. You will be able to adjust this the next time around based on what you think about the final resulting product.

Final Thoughts

When you’re first starting bulk processing of candle wax for an increased yield, the math can get a little hairy. But, once you come up with your formula, you should be able to achieve the right amount of wax and fragrance per candle.

It’s just going to take a little experimentation, so have some patience and take any mistakes as a learning experience. This is why it’s best to measure out your wax using a digital scale. That way, if your wax supply changes from pastilles to bars because that’s all you could get your hands on, you’ll still be able to maintain fairly consistent results.

This will be especially true for how much fragrance you use in conjunction with the wax too, which will require a little more meticulous trial and error. It’s going to very much depend on the strength of the scent(s) in question and how much fragrance load your wax can handle before wicking problems occur.

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