How Much Does 5000 Baseball Cards Weigh?

how much does 5000 baseball cards weigh

The average baseball card weighs anywhere between 1-2 grams. A baseball card in a top loader will weigh approximately 7 grams. 5,000 baseball cards will roughly weigh about 25 pounds.

If you are selling or buying baseball cards then you should know the estimated weight of your parcel in order to calculate the correct shipping.

Here we will tell you everything that you need to know about the weight of baseball cards including the weight of a single card, average-sized collections and mailing accessories.

How Much Does a Typical Baseball Card Weigh?

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Obviously, the exact weight of each baseball card can vary depending on the year that the card was produced, any damage and whether or not it is a special edition card.

However, the typical baseball card weighs approximately 1-2 grams. This is for a base card. If you are looking at a top loader card with a penny sleeve then this can be anywhere towards 7 grams.

Thankfully, the average baseball card is not too heavy. This is ideal as avid collectors can very easily rack up thousands of baseball cards in their collection. It is certainly not an easy task if the cards are particularly heavy. 

This lighter weight for the cards means that collectors are easily able to collect and store their large collections. This allows them to store the cards in any manner that they choose, such as storage boxes or binders, without the worry of straining their back lifting them up!

Another handy reason for knowing the general weight of baseball cards is if you are looking to buy or sell them. You will be able to calculate exactly how much you should pay in postage. The last thing that you will want is your precious and valuable baseball cards being held by the post office or worse yet getting lost in the mail!

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How Many Baseball Cards Are in a Pound?

One pound is roughly equivalent to 454 grams. So, the number of baseball cards that are in a pound can vary depending on the card. You can have anywhere from 227 baseball cards to 454 cards. Although this is a big range it is based on the fact that most typical baseball cards can weigh anything between 1-2 grams.

There is no set weight for baseball cards as they will all vary slightly depending on usage, damage (for example, if they are denser due to water damage) and any other additional features. If your baseball cards are kept in individual plastic protective sleeves then this will obviously add extra weight to your cards and should be accounted for if necessary.

How Much Do 800 Baseball Cards Weigh?

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800 baseball cards can weigh anything from 800 grams to 1.6kg. You can easily find storage boxes from BCW for a collection of baseball cards that 800 cards big. However, when deciding how to store your cards you should consider the weight of all of the cards together.

For example, if you have any problems with lifting heavy items, such as arthritis, then you may want to consider breaking your collection down into smaller categories. This will allow you to split your baseball card collection between more boxes, allowing you to store them in smaller, and hence lighter and more manageable, storage boxes.

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How Much Does 1000 Baseball Cards Weigh?

Just like with a collection of 800 baseball cards, there is no predetermined weight for a collection of 1000 baseball cards. They can weigh anything in the region of 1kg to 2kg, but this is not necessarily exact. 

Some older cards may have been subject to harsher conditions, such as a tougher climate or simply wear and tear from general handling. This will have an effect on the card’s weight as any water vapor accumulated over time can cause the card to become heavier in weight.

So, it is worth keeping in mind that each of the baseball cards in your collection can differ significantly in weight depending on their age and condition.

How Much Does a Bubble Mailer With Cards Weigh?

If you are looking to ship your baseball cards then it is a good idea to know how much everything will weigh in advance. This will let you know how much to expect to pay for postage. 

You should always send your baseball cards using protective packaging, such as a bubble mailer. This will avoid any unwanted and unnecessary bends, scratches or other damages to your card(s). 

If possible you should also consider insuring your parcel, especially if it is a highly valuable baseball card. This will both give you peace of mind and also cover you against any accidental damage or loss.

If you are only sending a single baseball card in a bubble mailer then you should expect the whole thing to weigh either exactly or a little over one ounce. 

Of course, you can send more than one baseball card in the same package (using the same bubble mailer) and this will save you money. However, you should ensure that each card is properly protected within the package. You should consider using individual protective sleeves. This will stop the cards from rubbing together in transit and avoid any scuffing or damage to the ink and/or images. 

If you are indeed including more than one baseball card you should add on the extra weight when declaring the contents. The average baseball card weighs 1-2 grams so add this amount on. 

Usually, there is a class for smaller parcels (e.g. 1-3 ounces) and so you can always declare the larger amount if you are unsure as it will be the same price as a lighter parcel.

Final Thoughts

The average baseball card is lightweight, usually around 1-2 grams. However, this is not necessarily the case for all baseball cards and you may find that you have some in your collection that are lighter or heavier than this range.

There are many things that can affect the weight of a baseball card such as damage, age, if is it in a protective layer and if it is a special edition. You should bear these things in mind when estimating the weight of your cards. 

If you need to know the weight of your collection for storage purposes then consider using smaller storage boxes as this will make them easier to use.

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