How Often Does Dollar Tree Restock Pokemon Cards?

How Often Does Dollar Tree Restock Pokemon Cards

Ever since the start of 2020, the trading card industry has had a strange shift in consumer behavior. While online sales increased with a marked uptick in trading card interest, in-store supplies and sales plummeted. Finding Pokémon cards is becoming a daunting hunt for enthusiasts.

So, how often does Dollar Tree restock Pokémon cards? Some people say Mondays or Tuesdays. But they receive a shipment once per week and continually stock daily. But, you will have to check your local store since each one is different.

Even though the 2020 incident affected stock availability at Dollar Tree, it didn’t start here. This is because Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar and chose to keep Pokémon cards with them. That said, you can still find Pokémon cards at some Dollar Tree stores.

What Days Does Dollar Tree Restock Pokémon Cards?

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It’s not certain what days Dollar Tree restocks Pokémon cards. They don’t list a schedule, make their shipments public or any such thing. So, this is not a corporate-level thing.

However, if you peruse the sea of online forums, some people state that Dollar Tree restocks Pokémon cards on Tuesdays. And yet there are other sources that claim they restock these every week on Mondays.

Regardless, they seem to restock throughout the week after they receive their weekly shipment. The frequency and on which days will vary by location. So, you’ll want to check with your nearest Dollar Tree stores to see what their stocking schedules are. Some are very specific about it and others couldn’t tell you for the life of them.

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What Company Stocks Pokémon Cards at Dollar Tree?

In 2015, Dollar Tree acquired the other famous dollar store, Family Dollar. Ever since, it’s Family Dollar that stocks Pokémon cards online. Not all Dollar Trees stock Pokémon cards nowadays. While Dollar Tree does still stock them in store, they slowed down and have sparse availability. It really depends on the store and location.

However, you should be able to find them at almost all Family Dollar stores. But, it’s common for people pick through them faster than they can get them onto the shelves. That said, there are some that don’t stock them.

Did Dollar Tree Stop Selling Pokémon Cards?

Technically, Dollar Tree didn’t stop selling Pokémon trading cards. It’s since the merger with Family Dollar that they’re stock shifted. So, when you go to their website, they direct customers to buy Pokémon cards from their “sister store.”

When you click on the banner, it takes you to the area on Family Dollar where you can make a purchase. But this is for online purchases, which are fine, but sometimes people want to buy them in person.

Manual Hunting

For this, you will have to do some foot work and hunt around. Trading card sales at all major retailers went down. Even some, such as Target and Walmart, halted the sale of all trading cards. But now, these things are coming back full swing.

However, it’s still like finding a needle in a haystack. Make a list of all the Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores in your area. You will either have to call or go into each store and see if they have Pokémon cards in stock. Also inquire about what days and times they restock their cards so you can get to them right away.

What Types of Pokémon Cards Does Dollar Tree Sell?

When you buy Pokémon cards in person at Dollar Tree or Family Dollar, it’s not certain what you’ll find. Some locations will have everything from single packs to booster boxes and everything else in between. There are other stores that will only have a few single packs on hand while other franchises will only sell booster boxes.

Buying Them Online

Online, however, you can only buy single packs of 10 cards each. Plus, there’s a limit. You can only buy 24 packs per order. The other downside to buying them blind online is that you won’t be able to inspect the pack until you receive them.

There are many online reviews, even directly on the website, that talk about receiving resealed packages or that some of them are missing cards. Other complaints go as far as saying they don’t even look legitimate to missing a card or two from the whole pack. And yet others say they never get a good pack with desirable cards.

Also, Family Dollar clearly states on the website that they don’t guarantee particular sets, series or other features avid collectors usually look for. So, keep this in mind when deciding to purchase them online.

In-Person Is Better

Therefore, it seems its best to actually go to a brick-and-mortar store so you can have a tactile experience. This way you won’t waste your money and you can decide if they’re worth buying or not. It just seems too haphazard to buy them online and trust you’ll get what you’re expecting.

Final Thoughts

To recap, Dollar Tree and/or Family Dollar restock every day, usually in the afternoon. But some hobbyists claim they put Pokémon cards on the shelves every Monday or Tuesday. However, it’s best to check with your local store to see what they say about their stocking schedule.

Regardless, Pokémon cards are becoming a difficult commodity to come by. So, even if you can find some at a local store that offers them, it will be slim pickings. While it may seem like a good idea to buy them from Family Dollar online, there are some risks involved with it.

This means you may have to do a little hunting and leg work to find a decently priced steady supply. Since Dollar Tree’s acquisition of Family Dollar, their available stock of Pokémon cards leaves collectors much to desire.  

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