How Often Does Pokemon Center Restock?

how often does pokemon center restock

In the United States, Pokemon Center is one of the leading places for people to pick up all sorts of awesome Pokemon merchandise. They have a store online, and in New York City. A lot of people notice that the products they want are out of stock, though.

So, how often does Pokemon Center restock? Pokemon center generally introduce new products every week. Since the place is owned by the Pokemon Company, they have easier access to merchandise than normal. They do try and restock every single day. However, if they don’t have the product, they just don’t have the product.

Let’s go into a little bit more depth. This way, you will know everything there really is to know about the Pokemon Center.

Will Pokemon Center Ever Restock?

Yes. The Pokemon Center will restock.

Obviously, some products do get discontinued. These are never going to be restocked e.g. certain Pokemon cards, or games that have gone out of print. You should be able to find information about discontinued products online without too many issues.

The problem is that it is tough to know when the Pokemon Center will get new products into stock. Because the store is wildly popular, you will often find that products are never listed online. They sell out in the store right away.

We suggest that you check the site every week or so for the product. If it is never coming back into stock, the product will likely be delisted and you will never see it again.

If you are located within New York City, then you could also go into the store and ask if one of their products is being discontinued. They may be able to provide you with a bit of information on when they expect their next restock. However, do bear in mind that a lot of these products are being shipped from Japan, so the information may not be 100% accurate.

How Often Do Pokemon Cards Restock?

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The Pokemon Center will attempt to restock Pokemon Cards multiple times throughout the week. It is tough to know exactly when they will restock them. However, most people find that the cards go up for sale just before the weekend. 

Remember, Pokemon Center is likely to only be restocking the newest Pokemon Card expansion packs. So, if you are expecting to get some of the oldest sets in the store, then you will be sorely disappointed. You are better off checking Walmart or Target for those.

If you are after promo boxes then, in our opinion, Pokemon Center is by far one of the best places to pick them up. They always seem to have a greater stock selection than other stores.

Do bear in mind that it is unlikely that they will ever reduce the price on them, though. If you want massive discounts on any sort of Pokemon merchandise, then the Pokemon Center is the last place you want to go.

Did you know Pokemon booster boxes usually sell for more than the suggested retail? This is mostly caused by supply and demand. Click here to check out the current market prices of these booster boxes and you may be surprised at just how lucrative it is to hold onto booster boxes and sell them at a later date.

Does Pokemon Center Restock Sitting Cuties?

Yes. One of the biggest selling items at Pokemon Center will be the sitting cuties. As far as we know, you are not able to purchase these anywhere else in the United States. As a result, a lot of people keep tabs on when the sitting cuties are restocked. They will sell out incredibly quickly.

Trust us, Pokemon Center is always going to restock the sitting cuties. They do sell like crazy. The problem is that you may realize that they restock too late.

If you are in the market for a sitting cutie, then we suggest that you check the website every single day. You can also check out sites like Reddit. The Pokemon merchandise subreddits will give you a rough idea of when the restocks are coming in.

Sadly, we cannot be more accurate than that because, most of the time, Pokemon Center doesn’t even know when the items are being restocked.

How Long Does It Take To Get Items From Pokemon Center?

The Pokemon Center is notorious for having slow deliveries. 

On average, you can expect an item to take about a week to get to you. It may take a little bit more if you are located outside of the continental United States e.g. Alaska and Hawaii.

However, let’s be honest, this is pretty much the only place that you can get many of these items from. This means that you are going to be more than happy to wait for the delivery.

If you are buying something basic e.g. Pokemon cards, then it is probably going to be better to order from another store. The delivery is going to be a lot quicker, and you may even end up saving a bit of cash.

The only real advantage to ordering directly from the Pokemon Center is the fact that you get free shipping on all orders over $20. We don’t think there is another Pokemon-focused store that has free shipping as low as this. Well, assuming that you do not have Amazon Prime.

Is The Pokemon Center Legit?


The Pokemon Center is owned by the Pokemon Company. You really cannot get much more legit than that. All of the merchandise that you find for sale will be manufactured by Pokemon, this means that you know it is going to be official.

Although, do remember that because this is a company closely related to Nintendo, they are not going to drop their prices all that frequently. It is a legit store, but it is not going to be legit if you are looking for a bargain!

Where Is Pokemon Center Located?

The main Pokemon Center is located in New York City. You can go and visit it, and they will often have a ton of products that you can’t find on their website. Although, do bear in mind that the company is no longer branded as Pokemon Center. It is called Nintendo World, and you can find it in Rockerfella Plaza. 

There are also several mall pop-up stores located throughout the United States. These are also legit. However, do bear in mind that they are owned by a slightly different company to the full Pokemon Center. This means that there may be slightly different merchandise available.

Outside of Japan, the Pokemon Center does run a few international stores. However, all of these tend to be temporary stores, which means that you aren’t going to be able to guarantee finding one in your area. Most of the time, when these pop-up stores have opened up, they tend to be found in major cities such as London, Paris, and in Singapore. 

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Center restocks whenever it gets new stock. It just can be difficult to tell when this is. They should restock products every single day, but this is impossible to guarantee.

If you are looking for a sitting cutie, then you will need to check every day as they go out of stock on the site frequently.

Remember, you can visit the Pokemon Center in person. This is in New York City. However, the place now goes by the name ‘Nintendo World’. They stock way more than just Pokemon products in the store nowadays. 

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