How to Fix a Cracked Pool Cue Shaft

how to fix a cracked pool cue shaft

Pool cues are susceptible to cracking, which can be a significant problem for players. Cracked shafts need to be taken care of quickly because they will continue to crack and become unusable if left untreated. 

Fix a cracked pool cue shaft by drilling a small hole through it, then using glue and clamps to reattach the broken pieces back together.

Read on to discover how to fix a cracked pool cue shaft and some signs to look for that may mean it needs to be replaced. In addition, we will discuss how to straighten a pool cue shaft and some tips for preventing cracks and bends in the first place. 

How to Fix a Cracked Pool Cue Shaft

Cracked shafts can easily be replaced with a new one; however, there is a way to fix cracked ones at home without having the expense or hassle of replacing them. Here’s how:

First, use some sandpaper on the inside edge of the cracked area – this means that you’ll have both pieces of wood sticking out from each side so as not to make any surface contact. This removes any rough edges created by hammering in previous attempts at fixing it. 

Next, use a clamp to put pressure on the cracked area. Take care that you do not tighten it too much, or else there is an increased chance of cracking – just enough so that the wood doesn’t slide out from underneath your fingers and starts sliding back and forth again. 

Leave this in place for two hours before removing any excess glue by sanding off the top layer with some fine-grit sandpaper. 

Afterward, take some paint thinner and clean up all residue left behind from clamps as well as sawdust from when you were working on it earlier; then let dry overnight before applying a clear coat finish over it. This will seal the surface against moisture while also preventing anything else from getting into the cracked area.

How Do You Get a Dent Out of a Pool Cue Shaft?

If your shaft is made of metal, graphite, or some other material besides wood, try returning it to the manufacturer for repair. If you have a wood shaft and the wood fibers are not cut into or damaged severely, two possible repairs can be done with little risk of making the damage worse.

Fold a few pieces to fit the size of the dent, place them against your shaft, and wet them with a bit of water before placing them in an overnight pile with many other pieces so that they’ll all push into the dent to help lift out any air bubbles.

To get a dent out of a pool cue shaft, you’ll first need to create some heat. This can be achieved by using a blow-dryer or even the oven, but if this is not an option you can use boiling water as a substitute. 

Apply droplets of heated water over the dent with a cloth; after about three minutes, press overnight on top of that area until the wood begins to swell up around the cracked shaft.

Can You Straighten a Pool Cue Shaft?

To fix a bent pool cue shaft, you’ll need to soak the cracked or broken pool cue in water for about an hour. Next, stretch it by hand until the wood starts breaking apart and becomes soft; then, use a wire brush to clean off any fragments that may remain on the shaft. 

Finally, take some clamps and fasten them around both ends of the cracked shaft, so they’re pulling inward towards each other and not away from one another

To straighten a pool cue shaft, you can also use a cracked shaft jig. The cracked shaft jig is used to drill holes into the two opposite sides of the pool cue and then reattach them with dowels or splints while maintaining their original shape.

Tips for Preventing Your Pool Cue From Cracking in the Future

Store your pool cue in a climate-controlled environment, like a closet or room with good air circulation. You don’t want the humidity to fluctuate too greatly and break down the glue holding the shaft together. The humidity of a room can cause the wood to expand, weakening the bond of any repairs done on your pool cue shaft over time.

Store it properly by wrapping tightly with a cloth so that it doesn’t get scratched up by other items rubbing against it. 

What Cracked My Pool Cue? 

Pool cues typically develop cracks due to repeated use while playing; however, they can also be caused by mishandling. For example, dropping them on hard surfaces such as concrete floors. The best way to prevent damage is not to drop them.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Pool Cue Shaft

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Examine the cue’s butt for any cracks that may be caused by excessive bending. Your pool cue shaft may need attention if it is:

  • Cracked
  • Crooked
  • Warped shaft

Some players like to use J;J Repair Putty, which you can buy in small tubes separately from your local pro shop. A lot of people are sold on this repair kit because it doesn’t require sanding down.

How Do I Know if It’s Safe to Use My Cracked Pool Cue or Not? 

If the cracked pool cue is still straight and sturdy, then it’s probably safe to use.

However, if there’s a lot of give or pronounced warping at any point on the shaft – even if you can’t see where it cracked, then that could be an indication that something isn’t right with your cracked pool cue and continuing to play may do more harm than good.

How Do I Make My Pool Cue Shaft Smoother?

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If you have one, there are many things that you could do to make it smoother on your hands and more pleasant to use:

  • Take sandpaper or emery cloth and work out any imperfections in the wood by rubbing them against each other (be careful not to wear either down too much).
  • Apply linseed oil liberally all over the split side of the cracked pottery where desired.
  • Scrape away any excess cracked potteries on the top of your pool cue shaft and then coat it in linseed oil or spar varnish

Alternatively, you could discard this cracked pool stick if it’s too damaged to work with. If you’re not comfortable doing anything that will take time to fix yourself, we recommend taking it to a professional for repair.

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Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to fix your cracked pool cue shaft. If you have metal or graphite, try returning it to the manufacturer for repair. 

For wood, if the fibers aren’t cut into and there is no damage other than what caused the crack in the first place (i.e., not bent) it can be repaired. 

Fixing a pool cue shaft is not an easy task, but with the right tools and materials, it can be done. As long as there are no cut or damaged wood fibers in your shaft, you have two options for repair that will likely work well- one of which doesn’t require glue.

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