How to Fix Bent Dart Tips

how to fix bent dart tips

A bent or broken dart tip is an inconvenience that happens to most dart enthusiasts at some point. You can fix bent dart tips by hand, by using a straightening device, or if all else fails you can replace the point entirely.

As it is the most important part of the dart, dart tips do tend to bend slightly or break after frequent use. Luckily, the dart tip is interchangeable, so replacing one is quite simple. Alternatively, depending on what your dart tip is made of, you can straighten it out so it lasts a little longer.

Even the strongest dart tip is vulnerable to a little wear and tear. Below is a simple guide to fixing your bent dart tips, and what to do if it is time to sharpen or replace your dart tip.

How to Straighten a Bent Dart Tip

Dart tips are quite sturdy pieces of material and do not need to be maintained frequently. But like most things, over time they may need a little TLC to get them back into good condition.

Darts as a whole are built for easy assembly, so taking apart a dart and replacing the individual parts is quite easy and means that you save on the cost of having to replace the whole dart if one part is no longer usable.

The Material

Depending on what your dart point is made of, you may be able to bend the dart point back yourself. Soft tips made from plastic, nickel, brass, or tungsten are known as soft tips are most vulnerable to bending, but can easily be straightened by hand.

Hard tips are made from steel and do not often bend. But if they do, you will have to use a dart-tip straightening machine, known as a repointing device.

The Method

Straightening soft tips is quite simple. Just pull the dart tip back to its original shape by hand. However, if you are struggling to get the dart tip back to its original straightness you can use a repointing device for greater accuracy.

A repointing device is a handheld, vice-like machine that will secure your broken dart tip in place and straighten it out with a high degree of accuracy. They come in both manual and automatic varieties and are easy to use and assemble.

Tips and Tricks

Repointing devices are handy tools, but if it is used incorrectly it can lead to your darts getting stuck, rendering it inoperable. Below are a few tips for using a dart repointing device:

  • Repointing devices can be used for soft and hard tip darts.
  • Do not use excessive force. Manuel repointing devices use leverage to straighten the dart and excessive force could break your dart tip.
  • Maintain your device by spraying it with WD40 every few months. This will prevent the device from sticking.
  • Steel darts can only be straightened with a repointing machine, do not use pliers or any other tool or you may do further damage to your darts.

Repointing devices come in a variety of styles, both manual and automated. They vary in price, so even if you do not want to spend much on a repointer, you can get a decent one relatively cheaply.

Especially if you are using hard tip steel darts, it is recommended to have a repointing device on hand as part of your dart-players tool kit. Repointers are specially designed for straightening steel tips.

Dart Tip Maintenance

The best way to stop your dart tips from bending in the first place is to apply proper maintenance.

Prevention is better than the cure, and with a few simple tips, you can protect your dart points from bending, or at least, protect them from bending less frequently.

  • Sharpen your darts regularly. Blunt tips that bounce out frequently can lead to bending.
  • When not in use, always leave your dart tips in a protected casing
  • Invest in hard tip darts. They bend and break less often than soft tip darts
  • Maintain your Dartboard. If your board is in good shape, then so your dart tips will be.
  • Clean your dart tips. Maintaining the material of the tip will help it stay stronger for longer.

Good maintenance goes a long way when it comes to keeping your dart tips strong and straight. Since darts come in a variety of materials and models, always check the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal care tips.

When to Replace Your Dart Tip

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Although there are methods available to straighten your bent dart tip, sometimes outright replacing your dart tip is the best option. The key is to take good care of your darts. If a good maintenance regime is established, your darts can last for years.

The simplest way to replace a steel tip dart is to use a dart re-pointing tool like this one from Amazon. This re-pointing tool will remove the old point and insert the new point with ease.

However, both hard and soft tip darts a susceptible to wear and tear eventually, and will blunt, bend or completely break off. Just like repointing, there are methods and tools to resharpen your blunt dart tips but after sharpening a few times it will be time to replace them.

Broken dart tips are relatively easy to remove unless they break off at the base. In this case, refer to the manufacturer’s removal instructions to avoid damaging any other part of the dart during the removal process.

Final Thoughts

Bent dart tips are a common occurrence for regular dart players, which can mostly be resolved quickly by either bending the darts back in place by hand if you have soft tip darts or using a repointing device if you have hard tip darts.

Repointing devices are the mainstay of many dart enthusiasts’ toolkit, and will easily bend even the hardest dart back to its precise place. Repointing devices are available in all sorts of varieties, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper dart tip straightening.

DIY straightening is not recommended. Using pliers or any other tools can damage your dart tips permanently. If you use the correct machinery and apply some care and maintenance to your dart tips, your dart tips will stay straight and in great condition for longer.

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