How to Get Adhesive Off a Pool Cue

how to get adhesive off a pool cue

There are many safe, non-toxic ways to remove adhesive off of the surface of your pool cue. The easiest and safest way is with heat and warm, soapy water, which is gentle and won’t harm the surface of the cue. For harsher, more stubborn adhesives, we recommend Goo Gone.

Pool cues can cost upwards of $1000. It’s no wonder that you want to make sure you are using the best methods to keep your investment looking beautiful and shooting straight.

Read on to learn best practices for working with the finished surface of your pool cue, how to get adhesive off your pool cue, and products to avoid using.

How to Remove Sticky Residue and Glue From a Pool Cue

Before you try any of these methods, here are a few tips for working with the surface of your pool cue.

  • When using a product on your pool cue, always do a small test spot to make sure there are no adverse effects.
  • If applying heat with a blow dryer, keep on low and do not get too hot.
  • Use cotton, not scratchy cloths, cotton swabs, or cheesecloth.
  • Do not soak, dunk, or otherwise allow water to remain on the surface of the pool cue.
  • Thoroughly clean off any product that you use on your pool cue’s surface.
  • When choosing any commercial product to remove adhesive from your pool cue, always make sure that it states explicitly that it is safe to use on finished wood surfaces.


Before spending any money or using a professional product on your pool cue, try this. 

Gently warm up the adhesive with a hairdryer and wipe it off with a cloth. If it’s working but needs a little extra help, add some warm soapy water to the mix.

Many adhesives can be coaxed off any surface with this basic, safe approach.

Vegetable Oil, Heat, and Warm Soapy Water

Apply a small amount of vegetable oil to the glue and allow it to sit for at least two hours. Gently warm up the adhesive and oil with the hairdryer, then wipe clean the warm soapy water.

Mineral Oil

Apply the mineral oil directly to the affected area, then use a clean cloth to gently massage the residue off the surface of your pool cue. Make sure to remove all of the mineral oil from the surface entirely.

Furniture Polish

Using your cloth, gently rub the furniture polish into the adhesive until it is removed from the pool cue surface. You may need to do a few applications to remove the glue completely.

Note: Avoid furniture polishes that contain alcohol or lemon, as these have been known to damage the finishes on wood surfaces.

Goo Gone

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Apply Goo Gone to the pool cue surface’s affected area and allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes. Wipe away with clean cloth. Then, using a second cloth, wipe the surface a second time to make sure you have removed all of the Goo Gone from the cue surface.

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Simple Green

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Simple Green is a non-toxic degreaser that you can use. Apply to the adhesive, let it sit for a minute or two, then thoroughly wipe away with a clean cloth. 

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What Not To Use on Your Pool Cue

Nail Polish Remover

Isopropyl acetone, n-methyl-pyrrolidone, and methyl ethyl ketone are common solvents used in nail polish removers. These compounds are so strong that they will eat away at the finish on your pool cue.

Rubbing Alcohol

Even in small quantities rubbing alcohol can stain and ruin wood surfaces. 

Lighter Fluid

Lighter fluid is a strong solvent that has been known to eat away at wood finishes.

How Do You Remove Dried Adhesive?

The best way to remove dried adhesive is with Goo Gone. If you don’t have Goo Gone handy, warm soapy water will work to moisten the adhesive, then gently heat it up with a blow dryer and remove it with a dry clean cloth.

Does Nail Polish Remover Remove Sticker Residue?

Yes, nail polish remover is a strong solvent that will easily remove sticker residue. However, as noted above, you don’t want to use it on your pool cue because you risk having the finish eaten away.

What Can I Use to Get Super Glue Off my Pool Cue?

Look for products that contain nitromethane, which is a solvent for super glues. You may need to gently buff or scrape off some of the glue as well.

How Do I Keep My Pool Cue Shaft Clean?

Chalk, dirt, oils from your skin, and sweat will build upon your cue shaft over time. This can be annoying because it makes the shaft sticky and prevents a smooth stroke. 

Cue cleaners or burnishers work great to keep this everyday buildup off. Take care not to use heavy grade sandpaper or steel wool because they will sand the smooth finish from the shaft.

Never use excessive amounts of water or allow moisture to remain on the pool cue surface because this will warp the wood over time.

Microfiber towels are ideal for cleaning off the cue shaft in between uses.

Storing your pool cue in a cool, dry case will protect in-between uses from moisture, dust, and dirt as well as mishaps. Cases also keep your pool cue from warping.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to choose the right product to protect your pool cue’s surface. You may come across many recommendations over the web about using overly potent products like nail polish remover on your pool cue. Although these products are solvents, they are often too potent for wood finishes and will eat away at the finish on your cue.

Remember to use only small amounts of a safe product, don’t use abrasives, thoroughly dry and clean your cue after cleaning the adhesive off, and always read product labels to see if it specifically states that it is safe for wood.

You’ll keep your pool cue and your pool game looking sharp!

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